Daily Fantasy Golf – Frys.com Open 2014 – Preview, Picks, & Predictions – UPDATED

Can you believe it? The 2014-2015 golf season is about to begin. I love the short layoff because i love playing daily fantasy golf. I’m so excited. I really am. Up first on the season is the FRYS.COM OPEN.  Woo-Hoo!!

At this week’s Frys.com Open, most of the top names on tour are taking an extended vacation. So we have a cast and crew of some young guys looking to make a name for themselves, and some tour veterans looking for a nice payday to take home to their wives and kids.

This year, like the past 4, the FRYS.COM Open is played at Napa in California. It’s a beautiful 7,200 yard par 72. It’s never been played but it’s short, tree lined, with strategic bunkers, big greens and some water. We’re going for players that are accurate off the tee first and foremost.

Of the players that are locked up to play this year, obviously Jimmy Walker should be on the top of your list. he’s the defending champion and he played his heart out at the Ryder Cup. Matt Kuchar will also be making an appearance. He’s a must take.

Looking for his first PGA win, Graham Delaet will face one of the weaker fields in his PGA career. He wasn’t that consistent at the end of the year, but he finished strong with an 11th at the BMW after playing 7 tournaments in 8 weeks. He had a strong start last year and we think he’s well rested to contend this year.

Our favourite choice is Scott Brown, he has a nice skill set. His best skill is 26th in driving accuracy. For a guy who hits it 287, that’s pretty darn good. He’s a half decent putter and he was one of my favorite guys to play late in the second half of the season. We think he can win and we know he’ll be long odds or a tiny salary. We love dark horses.

We’ll be back with more picks and predictions as the week progress. Keep a look out for our season preview, and sleepers list.

If you like daily fantasy golf, we think you should play at DraftKIngs. It’s one of the best and we’ve had much success there. Create your lineup NOW!


Daily Fantasy Football – Quest For $1000 – Day 16 – DraftKings – UPDATED!

It was a high scoring week in football and our team did just that. It scored. With 1 night to go and 2 players still left, we’re already highly placed and in our opinion, it’s impossible for out tickets to lose. This is a common theme with our football tickets this year. With our 4 wins this week, it brings our grand total for the year to $23.90

We’re up 139%

Eventually we will start to take a little more risk, but for now, our chip and charge method in 50/50’s is doing what it was intended to do. We’re building our bankroll at a steady pace.

Because we like action and can’t wait until the weekend, we’re playing the monday-thursday game on DraftKings. Only a $1 50/50. We’re chipping and charging.

Make your DraftKings lineup right HERE! 

Here’s our Monday – Thursday Lineup. I used the Packers defense as a hedge, if Bridgewater has a letdown. Going into Green Bay isn’t easy, even if their defense stinks. UPDATE!!!!! With Bridgewater being a game time decision, we’re forced to change our lineup with the late swap on DraftKings. We’ve moved things around to accommodate Rodgers at qb, moving Mckinnon to RB and sitting out Cobb for Jennings.

Pos Player FPTS
QB Aaron Rodgers 0 swap out
RB Jamaal Charles DTD 31.8 lock
RB Jerick McKinnon P 0 swap out
WR Julian Edelman 6.3 lock
WR Greg Jennings 0 swap out
WR Jordy Nelson 0 swap out
TE Travis Kelce 23.3 lock
FLEX Stevan Ridley 2.8 lock
DST Packers 0 swap out

Make your DraftKings lineup right HERE! 

Daily Fantasy Football – Quest For $1000 – Day 15 – DraftKings – Week 4

It’s that time of week again for our Quest For $1000 in Daily Fantasy Sports. This week, it’s or daily fantasy football picks for DraftKings. Why DraftKings? We’re not a fan of the kicker on FanDuel. It’s too fluky. We like real hard stats that you can count on. That’s why we suggest making lineups on DRAFTKINGS. 

We took one last small stab at a baseball lineup earlier this week and ended up stacking the Tigers versus a horrible pitcher and somehow the pitcher threw a gem. It brought our total down a dollar to $19.30. We’re still up 93% and this week we’re going back to our regular daily fantasy football strategy. This week we’ll be playing 4 X $1 50/50’s.

We like using Warren Buffett principles in our selections and this week, we went hunting for value again. We like players whom rack up points without needing touchdowns. Since, DraftKings is a full point per reception, we look for opportunities. The more opportunities a player has, the more chances he has at contributing to a score sheet. We try to find players whom will achieve 2.6 points per $1000, as that’s the average that usually cashes in the last spot for a 50/50. We like players whom consistently do the same thing, week in and week out.

So lets get started. * this is our lineup as of today, but as we all know, things change from here to Sunday and we will update as we change. If you want our updates sent to you, sign up to our newsletter in the top corner or bottom corne of this page.

Colin Kaepernick

We flirted with Bridgewater and Bortles in this spot but eventually went with a surer thing at a higher price. Kaepernick just fills the score sheet. He gets rushing yards and this week he has a great opportunity to log a 300 yard passing game against the Eagles in one of the highest over/unders of the week. He’s been scoring 17.6 on average and hasn’t put up a big game yet. At his $7600 price tag, he’d need to score 19.7 points to earn his keep. Even if he doesn’t, his floor to us is set and he won’t screw you.

Donald Brown

Here is opportunity. We are not big fans of spending top dollars on your running back position, but we do like starters in good situations. Brown is in a great situation. Both the lead running back and goalline back are out, and Brown was given 35+ touches last week. Talk about opportunity. This team doesn’t have great wide receivers either, so Brown even caught 6 balls. Chargers play the Jags this week and we think he easily earns his $5200 salary.

Matt Asiata

Here we have a cheaper starting running back, with less upside in our opinion, but we still think he can get his 2.6 points per $1000 because of opportunity. His team will have Teddy Bridgewater play his first full game and the Falcons will be ready. Is their defense good? Not our concern. We think  he will be a safety net for Bridgewater and will be targeted with many dump offs. He’s had 15 and 18 touches in his two starts, but more importantly, 6 and 7 reception targets in each of those.

Jordy Nelson

He leads the league in targets. He’s currently the 6th most expensive wide receiver on the board, at $7200, after the whole team had a very down week. To us, this is a no brainer value play as Green Bay heads into Chicago in what should be a back and forth high scoring game. Nelson will get his targets and will be worth every penny we spent.

Julian Edelman

We’re going back to the well on Edelman, and we will all year, if his price remains the same. He’s sits in the top 15 in the league for targets and is Brady’s security blanket these days. If you haven’t watched the Patriots play this year, the offensive line is pretty brutal. They’re giving Brady little time to get the ball out of his hands and Edelman is the beneficiary of this.

Golden Tate

This was one of our two tough decisions on the week and we settled on Tate at $4700. The Lions didn’t light up the board last week like most thought, but this week, they’re playing the Jets. The Jets are strong against the run, but not the pass. They stink against the pass. Yes, Calvin Johnson will have a big game, he usually does, but the sure handed Tate will get his 7 targets too. 7 targets? That’s it? Yup. He’s been hauling in an average of 5.33 receptions on those targets for an average of 12.2 fantasy points a game. That’s exactly 2.6 points per game. His worst game has been 10 points. We like his floor. We believe he has potential to hit his 2.6 points without the need of a touchdown and that’s good enough for us.

Jimmy Graham

This was a close one because of our flex position. But we stuck with Jimmy Graham. He’s coming off a subpar week and we think the Saints will have a bounce back explosion. We are buying low on Graham in our opinion. Not much to add about the best tight end in the game.

Travis Kelce

Finding a cheap flex this week was tough. We ultimately landed on Kelce due to his increase in playing time. We’re hoping his increase in playing time occurs again but also turns into an increase in targets. Alex Smith doesn’t have much to throw to in KC, so we think, even with his regular 3 catches and 40 yards, it’s something we can live with. We think that’s his floor with plenty of upside.

Steelers Defense

For right now, we’re sticking with the Steelers, but this could change. They’re not the best defines in the world, but Tampa isn’t the best offense either. The quarterback situation is pretty terrible and playing on the road in Pittsburgh isn’t an easy game. I want to avoid getting minus points in this spot, and it’s hard to see the Tampa Bay offense putting up a ton of points. We hope Pittsburgh gets up early and forces Tampa to throw the ball for the whole second half. If so, this could be a really nice pick.


Ryder Cup 2014 – Fantasy Feud Picks & Tickets

The first Friday fourball pairings are out and there are many surprises. Europe has put its top 4 players together. A couple of super groups with Rose/Stenson and Sergio/Rory. Europe is hoping they sound like ‘Cream’, whereas the USA hope they play like ‘Audioslave’. If you didn’t get those references, sorry.

For the Fantasy Feud Tickets for daily fantasy sports, which you can make right here, we were looking for players that will could possibly play all 5 rounds, and minimum 4. On Fantasy Feud, it’s about winning holes. The more holes you play, the better your chances of accumulating points. Pretty simple theory we’re abiding by.

We also waited to find out whom was being paired with whom, and we liked the Stenson/Rose pairing enough to add Stenson to tickets, thinking it’s possible this duo plays every pairing together and doesn’t get pulled due to hot play. Bradley has an outside shot of playing all 5, but he’ll play 4 for sure. Here are the tickets. Spieth is our biggest question mark on playing 4, but we liked the fact that he’s playing in round 1. We expect Spieth to play 3 of the four pairings, but he may split for his final one from Reed on day 2.

Justin Rose 51.6
Rickie Fowler 40.5
Bubba Watson 39.4
Jordan Spieth 42.6
Keegan Bradley 38.3


Rickie Fowler 40.5
Bubba Watson 39.4
Justin Rose 51.6
Keegan Bradley 38.3
Henrik Stenson 44.6




Ryder Cup 2014 – Fantasy Feud Golf Picks & Strategy – UPDATED

It’s Ryder Cup time and the only place I know in the daily fantasy sports world conducting a Ryder Cup contest is one of my favourite daily fantasy sports sites, Fantasy Feud. I play most of my golf games over there and you should too. Their points system this week for the Ryder Cup is a little different, instead of by place, as per usual, a golfer will get 1 point for every hole they win. So as far as our strategy goes, we want players that will play in every matchup. The more opportunity, the more chances at winning holes. Pretty plain and simple. Cut and dry. Wash, rinse, repeat.

So whom do we roster? The last time Tom Watson was the Captain in 1993, Team USA won and 3 players played in every round. They were Fred Couples, Paul Azinger and Corey Pavin. They were ranked 5th, 6th, and 10th in the world at the time. In the top 10 for TEAM USA are Furyk (4) Watson (7) Kuchar (9) Fowler (10). Of these 4, I’m going with Fowler as my number 1, I did have Furyk here but rethought due to his age and playing every round. So I give Bubba and Kuchar a shot at playing all 5. My outside shots for playing all 5 are Spieth, he’s supposedly being paired with Kuchar. If they’re hot, I can see them playing every hole. My dark horse for all 5 is Keegan Bradley. He’s playing with Phil on 3 of the 4 for sure. I can see Phil sitting due to his age for the last round and Bradley being paired with the likes of Watson or Fowler. On Europe’s side, at the last Ryder Cup, only 2 players played in every round, Rory Mcilroy and Justin Rose. I don’t see any reason why these 2 shouldn’t have this opportunity again, plus there’s Sergio Garcia, whom also deserves the right to play every hole, currently 3rd in the world. It looks like the Euro’s might be employing a stars and scrubs strategy, so I’m going to avoid taking Bjorn, Gallacher, Westwood, and Donaldson as I don’t want a player on my team that will only play 3 0f the 5 rounds.

You have 5 players to roster and the dilemma comes in here. If you roster Mcilroy, you can only roster one of the other guys whom, in my opinion, have a possibility of playing every hole. So I think Rory Mcilory is a toss if you want to possibly roster 3 players that will play every hole.

So with that said, here are the players that I’ll be rostering:

Tier 1

Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia, Rickie Fowler, Rory Mcilroy. I will use a combination of all these guys as my top players on my tickets. Obviosuly if I have Rory, I can only roster 1 more of these guys, so I’ll use different combos.

Tier 2

Bubba Watson, Matt Kuchar, Jordan Spieth, Keegan Bradley. These guys all have a shot at playing every round but in my eyes are not guarantees. It all depends how they’re playing. But they will be playing 4.

Tier 3

Zach Johnson, Victor Dubuisson

Johnson played every round but 1 at the last Ryder Cup and made it in on his own accord. He’s also very very cheap. I want to avoid Captain’s picks for the most part in this section.

Dubuisson looks like he’ll be partnered with Graeme Mcdowell and I think it’s a great pairing. A great short game partnered with a great long game. It makes sense and I can see them playing 4 of the 5 rounds. Dubuisson is also cheap, which is what Tier 3 is all about.

Extreme Value Picks

The Extreme Value pick goes to Keegan Bradley, Bubba Watson and Jordan Spieth. Each are sub 200,000 in salary and 1 of these 3 in my opinion will play all 5 rounds.

Good luck to all!





Quest For $1000 – Day 14 – Daily Fantasy Baseball – DraftKings – UPDATED

The week in football isn’t finished yet, but we here at Best Daily Fantasy are pretty confident that every single one of  our tickets will cash, which is the second week in a row for that.  Our new total after all 4 wins, is $16.70 + $3.60 = $20.30

We’re up 100% from when we started and we look to keep that going tonight with some baseball. We’re only going to play 1 ticket tonight in a $1 50/50 . Our focus will be on stacking Tigers players against a rookie pitcher. I was only the fan of one top tier pitcher price in Carrasco, so I went looking for a cheapie whom strikes guys out. Tropeano is a rookie without much work, but he k’s and the Rangers lineup isn’t what it used to be. 5 innings and  4 K’s will be acceptable to me. Here’s my lineup. * We will update due to weather or lineup changes.

Updated: Castellanos in and Davis is out of our lineup.

Pos Player FPPG
P Carlos Carrasco P 10.7 swap out
P Nick Tropeano P 15.7 swap out
C Yadier Molina 6.0 swap out
1B Victor Martinez 9.2 swap out
2B Ian Kinsler 8.1 swap out
3B Josh Donaldson 8.5 swap out
SS Dee Gordon 8.6 swap out
OF Rajai Davis 7.0 swap out
OF Torii Hunter 7.5 swap out
OF Austin Jackson 6.6 swap out

RYDER CUP 2014 – Top 5 Fearless Predictions For Ryder Cup 2014

The Ryder Cup 2014 is almost upon us and here are Best Daily Fantasy’s Fearless Top 5 Ryder Cup Golf predictions.

1) It will be much closer than you think. This is golf. Anyone can play well or poorly on any given day. To proclaim Europe the winner already is just silly. You had many tired players at the end of the season and this time off will serve everyone well.

2) Rory Mcilroy won’t lead all players in points. If Tiger Woods has a career record of 13-17-3 at the Ryder Cup, what makes you so sure Rory Mcilory will automatically hoist the Cup as Europe’s MVP. For the most part, you’re only as good as how your partner is playing that day, and if he’s playing poorly, there’s nothing Rory can do about that.

3) Ian Poulter will finish dead last in points. Here’s a captain’s pick based on former Ryder Cup heroism. He deserves all the accolades for his past triumphs, but lets not mistake the past for the present. His best finishes in 2014 are 6th, 17th, 20th, 20th and 23rd on the regular PGA Tour. Besides Accenture Matchplay, his record on Nicklaus designed courses is a terrible 7/12 cuts made and no top 25’s. For the most part, he avoids playing on Nicklaus courses, which is not a good sign for the Gleaneagles Nicklaus design.

4) Stephen Gallacher will be Team Europe’s MVP. He’s the hometown boy with a stellar record at Gleneagles. He knows it like the back of his hand. His last 5 over the course have been a 2nd, 6th, 6th, 14th, and 10th. He’s a horse for the course.

5) Jim Furyk will be Team USA’s MVP.  Furyk has been playing top level golf all year and has an affinity for Nicklaus layouts, plus he’s a pretty good links style player too. He’s playing better than MIckelson and is the true veteran on this team. He’ll will this team on his back and into a fight.


Daily Fantasy Football – Quest For $1000 – Day 13 – DraftKings Picks -UPDATED

Just when you think you have the day won, another complete game derails you. I actually won’t blame the loss on the complete game. We had 2 players left on the night and all we needed was 1 single or run or rbi and they came up empty. We ended up losing by a sliver and our dollar went with it. Our new total is $16.70.

We’re now back and focusing on football for this week. We don’t play Thursday games as we like having our options open all the way to Sunday for possible lineup changes. This week we’re playing 4 x $1 50/50’s and really like our chances. Our week is all about finding depressed values.

UPDATE! Due to Vernon Davis being out and Arian Foster being out, my lineup has changed. I’m pasting below.

QB Matthew Stafford 24.2 swap out
RB Reggie Bush P 8.8 swap out
RB Khiry Robinson 5.5 swap out
WR Julian Edelman P 19.3 swap out
WR Jeremy Maclin 17.1 swap out
WR Wes Welker 0.0 swap out
TE Jimmy Graham 26.5 swap out
FLEX Alfred Blue 2.0 swap out
DST Bengals 10.0 swap out

Colin Kaepernick

I tried to find ways to get Brees in here but opted for Special K as these are 50/50’s and we’re looking for reliability. His price tag is $6600 and even when he has a bad week, he still puts up solid point totals because of his legs. At his price, he can easily score 3 points for every $1000 spent and that’s our target. He’s also facing a pass defense that’s not so hot, so I expect him to be able to damage every way this week.

Reggie Bush

Last week he faced a tough defense, this week, not so much. This game should be a shootout and even if he doesn’t score a touchdown, he’s the kind of player that catches balls and fills up score sheets. His price tag is $5000 and he can get 15 points with plenty of upside.

Jeremy Hill

This is our biggest wildcard of the week. If he gets 10 points for us, we’ll be thrilled. We do know that he’ll get more touches than week 1 but maybe not as many as week 2. With AJ Green a question mark, we’ll take our chances that he plays a good role in the game.

Julian Edelman

Edelman catches balls. Even without a TD, we can see him getting 18 points as one of Brady’s top 2 targets. We like the Patriots this week and think Edelman has a good shot at getting 3 points for every $1000.

Jeremy Maclin

This game is the highest point total on the board and Maclin will get his targets. So far this season, he’s only caught 8 balls but he’s had 21 targets. That’s a horrible %. If he starts catching those balls, he’s in for a solid week without needing a touchdown to pad his point totals. His price is low for being a teams #1 guy. We’ll take him at $6400.

Demaryius Thomas

His price is just too depressed not to take him. Even against Seattle, he put up a nice game in the Super Bowl. I think Seattle takes this one again and Denver ends up throwing the ball a ton to catch up. Just too cheap to pass up. If he doesn’t do a thing, we’re fine with that.

Jimmy Graham

He’ll be on our teams most weeks. He’s not the best value but I expect Brees and crew to roll at home. I’m taking him for his reliability and yes, he still has upside.

Dennis Pitta

For my flex, I’m going Tight End. Pitta had a down week last week and many of his balls were vultured by Daniels. This could be a common theme but I’ll take a player who’s on the field almost every single down. Steve Smith has had an abnormal amount of targets for a senior citizen and I think the targets will come back to Pitta this week. I’m looking for 9 targets with 5-6 catches and 50-60 yards. It was hard to find a sub $4500 that we could rely on to get points and for us, Pitta was this guy. He may not get the 3 points for every $1000 that we’re looking for, but he’ll be close.


We were looking for a value defense and we think we have it with the Dolphins. Here’s a team coming off a division loss and playing at home. They need a win and coming into town is a team that doesn’t put any scare into its opponents. The woeful KC Chiefs. With their best player banged up and a QB that isn’t a deep threat, I expect Miami to keep this game low scoring with the ability to throw a sack or 2 in there as well.

This team isn’t built to win a GPP, it’s meant to cash in 50/50’s. If I were building GPP’s, I’d most definitely have Drew Brees at the helm this week. Good Luck to all.

QB Colin Kaepernick 16.7 swap out
RB Reggie Bush P 8.8 swap out
RB Jeremy Hill 9.8 swap out
WR Julian Edelman 19.3 swap out
WR Jeremy Maclin 17.1 swap out
WR Demaryius Thomas 13.0 swap out
TE Jimmy Graham 26.5 swap out
FLEX Dennis Pitta 12.2 swap out
DST Dolphins 5.0 swap out

Daily Fantasy Baseball – Quest For $1000 – Day 13 – DraftKings – UPDATED

Last night we had another winner thanks to the stellar performance of Jake Arrieta. He carried us to a victory on his back. This brings our new total to $17.80. We started this with a lot of back and forth, wins and losses and we’re now on a nice streak.

We’re only going to play $1 tonight of our bankroll. It’s a 50/50 on DraftKings. We’ll be playing more lineups this weekend for football and I want the extra wiggle room in our bankroll just in case. Below is our lineup for tonight and I’ll update it if there are any roster changes. Good luck to all playing daily fantasy baseball. I hope you like our daily fantasy picks tonight. Pitching was expensive today so I went with some of the relative cheaper guys with some of the same potential. I found it hard to stack any team, so I just looked for lefty righty matchups today against mediocre or unproven pitching.

UPDATE – I’ve altered my lineup due to the REDS sitting all their stars. I’m taking Hendriks as a low cost with upside tonight and moving some stronger hitters into my lineup. The new roster is below the old one.

Pos Player FPPG
P F. Liriano P 17.0 swap out
P Jeff Samardzija P 17.6 swap out
C Caleb Joseph 4.9 swap out
1B Lucas Duda 7.4 swap out
2B Ben Zobrist 7.4 swap out
3B Josh Donaldson 8.5 swap out
SS A. Simmons 5.3 swap out
OF Adam Eaton 7.5 swap out
OF Jason Heyward 7.5 swap out
OF Austin Jackson 6.6 swap out



P Kyle Hendricks P 14.4 swap out
P F. Liriano P 17.0 swap out
C Yan Gomes 6.8 swap out
1B Lucas Duda 7.4 swap out
2B Neil Walker 7.7 swap out
3B Josh Donaldson 8.5 swap out
SS Jose Reyes 8.3 swap out
OF Adam Eaton 7.6 swap out
OF Jason Heyward 7.5 swap out
OF Austin Jackson 6.7 swap out

Daily Fantasy Football – How To Be The Warren Buffett Of Daily Fantasy Football

Warren Buffett is considered the world’s greatest value investor. He’s a contrarian. He loves things when you hate them and hates things when you love them. He believes in profiting from folly rather than investing in it. He doesn’t use an algorithm to make his investing decisions, like many of the hedge funds, he just uses his common sense. He’s old school. He’s a value investor and you should be too.

What is Value investing, you ask? According to Investopedia, Value Investing is the strategy of selecting stocks that trade for less than their intrinsic values. Value investors actively seek stocks of companies that they believe the market has undervalued. They believe the market overreacts to good and bad news, resulting in stock price movements that do not correspond with the company’s long-term fundamentals. The result is an opportunity for value investors to profit by buying when the price is deflated. The big problem for value investing is estimating intrinsic value. Remember, there is no “correct” intrinsic value. Two investors can be given the exact same information and place a different value on a company. For this reason, another central concept to value investing is that of “margin of safety”. This just means that you buy at a big enough discount to allow some room for error in your estimation of value.

So how do you determine intrinsic value when it comes to daily fantasy football? First, lets look at the winning point total of DraftKings Sunday Million, 231.64 points. This point total equals 4.6328 points per $1000 dollars spent. The final cashing spot was in the 145-150 point range, but for our purposes We’ll say it was 150 and 3 points per $1000 spent. When it comes to 50/50’s over the last two weeks, the average final cashing position in the tournaments I’ve been in, has been 125 points, but lets bump it up to 130 to be safe. This equals 2.6 points per $1000 to cash in a 50/50 tournament.

Now that we’ve determined how many points per $1000 spent our team needs to cash, we then need to find players whom have deflated values due to a poor performance the previous week/weeks, players whose values don’t reflect their future opportunity, and star players whom are fairly priced but pay a dividend every quarter. And by quarter, I mean 4 of the 16 games for the year. The last one might have thrown you for a loop, so let’s examine this as this is where things can get tricky.

What does it mean to have a fairly priced star player that sometimes pays a dividend? I thought we were talking about value? I answer this with a quote from Warren Buffett himself. “It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.” In football, not all positions are made equal. There’s scarcity. Jimmy Graham is a TIER 1 tight end, he’s usually in a league of his own, unless Gronkowski is healthy and Julian Thomas is still catching ton’s of TD’s. But after these three, there’s a drop off. The same can be said about the Top 10 Wide Receivers as well. It’s all about opportunity. Once a RB gets his touches, which for the Top 20-25 is guaranteed, the ball then needs to be distributed amongst more than 1 wide receiver or tight end on a team. The Top 10 receivers in the league are pretty much guaranteed to get a healthy dose of targets or opportunities during a game, while fringe number 1 starters and number 2 wideouts will generally have 1/2 to 3/4 of the opportunity. Due to this factor, when it comes to receiving positions, there are huge drop offs. So in the law in value investing, it’s better to take the star player at a fair value, knowing that you’ll get a guaranteed output and look for your value in other places. If your $7500 dollar Star Receiver is consistently getting 20 points every week and the $6500 2nd Option Receiver is ranging between 6 and 30, Warren Buffett would always choose the consistency.

If you’re asking, why not take a star quarterback or star running back at a fairly valued price? The answer is, you can. There’s only 1 Peyton Manning and rostering him usually gives your team a great chance of cashing. Value investing isn’t saying not to. What value investing is saying is that every quarterback and almost all starting running backs have the same opportunities. A quarterback will throw 20-35 times per game and a starting running back will get 15-25 touches per game. There’s more guaranteed opportunity with these positions. With more opportunity comes a better chance of finding value. That may come in the form of good match-ups vs. bad defenses, or backups taking over starting roles. For years, it didn’t matter the name of the Denver Running back, it was plug and play into the scheme and off they went. It’s easier to find more guaranteed value at these positions because they are more opportunistic than the receiving position. These positions create their own destiny.

After you’ve gone through this process, you’ve probably created a roster that according to your intrinsic value estimation equals, at worst, the mid range amount of points needed to cash in a tournament and 50/50. I like to create intrinsic value estimates without touchdowns included, as touchdowns for the most part are not guaranteed. I aim for my team to hit the low end of the points needed to cash without touchdowns. Creating consistent teams like these, keeps you profitable and also gives you upside to hit a big score.

If Warren Buffett played Daily Fantasy Football, he might not be the winner of GPP’s on a consistent basis, but he would be a consistent winner and being a consistent winner has made him one of the richest people in the world. Value investing is the Warren Buffet way. If it’s good enough for him, it should be good enough for you too.