Quest For $1000 – Day 43 B – Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks – DraftKings Tickets

Welcome to our daily fantasy basketball picks, Friday edition. I usually take the weekend off from adding Saturday and Sunday tickets to our quest and unless one of the new correspondents gets involved this weekend, I’ll only be updating for football.

So tonight, we are currently at $45.80 on our Quest For $1000, and we’ll be playing 2 x $1 50/50’s on this busy NBA evening.

So lets get to it shall we. I’ll do my best to make changes before games but I will be going to see the Book of Mormon tonight, so hopefully I can sneak out and do my business without my wife seeing.


Stephen Curry – Like in NBA JAM, Curry is on fire. His price for some reason hasn’t risen and he’s again in a very good matchup for himself. I feel we’re getting a discount by $1000 on him and we should take advantage while the discount is still there.

Courtney Lee – Even when he comes off the bench, he still puts up the points we need across all categories. He’s boring but he’s solid.

Corey Brewer – He’s pretty consistent and tonight he goes into Lakerland. So there is tons of upside here in what should be an extremely high scoring game.

Markieff Morris – Going up against a team that doesn’t defend big guys well at all and it’s also the highest over under of the night. If he gets 30 minutes, he should reach his value.

Jordan Hill – Very consistent this year and should be in a competitive game all the way to the end tonight. SHOULD. So a 30 plus minute game only means extra points as he gets some points, tons of rebounds and a block. Legit double double guy every night.


Kyle Lowry – He’s in a fast paced game and should be all over the stat sheet. He can be a triple double guy today. This should be an exciting game.

Boris Diaw – This pick scares me a little. Not because of his recent bad play, but because Demarcus Cousins will be out and it’s possible Rudy Gay and Collison are out too. This means Diaw may be pulled due to a blowout. If this games is competitive, I See Diaw having a bounce back to his regular stats and paying off his value.

Devin Harris – He’s starting in a very high over under game. Hopefully he stays on the court for 25 plus minutes. If so, he’ll pay off his value or at least come pretty close.


Pos Player FPPG
PG Stephen Curry 47.4 swap out
SG Courtney Lee 24.0 swap out
SF Corey Brewer 21.5 swap out
PF Markieff Morris 31.2 swap out
C Jordan Hill 31.6 swap out
G Kyle Lowry 37.5 swap out
F Boris Diaw 22.0 swap out
UTIL Devin Harris 19.5 swap out


Quest For $1000 – Day 43 – Daily Fantasy Football Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets – UPDATE!!!

Yesterday was too easy. I wish every daily fantasy football day was that easy. We didn’t sweat once. Thank you to the Detroit Lions. Also, thank you to everyone at work for all watching football and to my wife and kids, for not putting up a stink that I was out all night watching football.

Things I learned from yesterday. Colin Kaepernick really stinks. He has zero accuracy, makes bad decisions, and rarely looks off his initial targets. The 49ers aren’t going anywhere near the playoffs. Chicago is just bad. The Dallas defense is not good. I don’t think the game is that lopsided if they play again, but the defense needs some work.

Now back to the Quest! That small win brings our total to $45.80, and we will try and plug along for our first shot at the $50 range by Monday night. We will play 5 x $1 50/50’s this week.  Sidenote, with yesterday’s football win, our record on football cash game tickets this year is 10 of 13. Not bad.

As always, we usually change our team up until game time, so please come back for updates.



Mettenberger OUT. Matt Ryan IN! – It’s a hunch. He’s a 102 qb rating at home.

John Brown OUT! Mike Wallace IN. – Wanted exposure to poor Jets secondary

Chales Clay OUT! Matt Asiata IN. – Asiata will get start we here.

Dolphins D OUT. Colts D IN. – Just like the colts

Zach Mettenberger – I actually had Drew Stanton in this spot all week before I moved to Mettenberger. Why? Because he’s good. They have zero running game and they need to  pass the ball for a chance to win. The Houston Texans are not good against the pass and Mett threw for 299, 2 Td’s and 1 INT in their last meeting. We will gladly take that stat line one more time. IS there a downside? Yes. JJ Watt and the potential for fumbles and INT’s, but we know he’ll be throwing to hopefully negate those moments. Tennessee may have the Toughest schedule in the NFL, so facing the 5-6 Texans is a breath of fresh air.

Tre Mason – It’s his job in St. Louis. There is no sharing going on here and there will hopefully be no goal line vultures. He doesn’t get the pass catches like others, but it was hard to find cheap pass catching backs this week. We rarely pay up for backs at Best Daily Fantasy. So here’s a game against a bad run defense and bad overall team. The Rams will have a shot at scoring lots of points and Mason is their workhorse. He’s 4600. A good value.

Pierre Thomas – He’s healthy and last week he returned to stealing some of Ingrams carries and got a bunch of catches too. We’ll happily take his stat line from last week, however, we think he’ll have a bigger week. New Orleans will need to keep pace, so we think they’ll play from behind and need to throw more, which means he’ll be in the backfield due to his better blocking and pass catching ability. He’s a tremendous value in our opinion.

Josh Gordon – Many think he won’t have the same week as last because they’re playing a solid Buffalo D. He had 16 balls thrown his way. 16! We still think he’ll have 16 balls thrown at him this week. So in our opinion, nothing has changed.


AJ Green – This pick may change but we’re quite encouraged by the turnaround of the Bengals lately. AJ Green seems to be fully healthy now and acting like the AJ of old. They are facing a poor Tampa Pass defence, so there should be plenty of opportunity for AJ to have a big day.

John Brown – this pick could change as we’re still trying to figure out if Fitzgerald is playing, but if he’s not, Brown would be their number 1 receiver and should get at least 8 targets against a poor pass defence in Atlanta.

Rob Gronkowski – We could have gone Jimmy Graham here, but we’re  a little afraid of Graham, or at least how they are using him. In that case, we are paying up for the Gronk as he’ll be a in a shootout. But i’m also not that sure about this pick as well. To beat Green Bay, you should run the ball and slow down the game. That’s their weakness, Bellichek is no dummy and should employ this strategy. Keep Rodgers off the field and take chances when he is on it, to throw off his rhythm.

Charles Clay – Yes, a tight end in the flex spot. Which is why we’re thinking about possibly switching off the Gronk. We still don’t know if Clay is playing, but he’s up against the Jets who just stink against the Pass. We’re not sure who gets the targets in this offense as it’s inconsistent, but Clay is by far the cheapest option. We have also been thinking of using Jonathan Stewart in this spot as well.

Dolphins D – They are a solid defense up against a poor offense with quarterbacks that are poor decision makers. We like the upside potential. They were embarrassed by Denver last week and need to bounce back for any shot at the playoffs. They beat up on bad teams and the Jets may have already given up.


QB Z. Mettenberger 13.8 swap out
RB Tre Mason 9.9 swap out
RB Pierre Thomas P 12.8 swap out
WR John Brown P 11.1 swap out
WR Josh Gordon 23.0 swap out
WR A.J. Green 17.4 swap out
TE Rob Gronkowski 18.4 swap out
FLEX Charles Clay Q 8.6 swap out
DST Dolphins 10.6 swap out


Quest For $1000 – Day 42 – Daily Fantasy Football Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets – Thursday Only

Last night my tickets just got by in our cash games. The most frustrating part was that Barea should have played 20 plus minutes last night with team injuries and he only got 15 minutes on the floor, with an overtime. Outside of our Quest Tickets, I noticed that the higher dollar that I used with these tickets on my personal accounts, lets say I entered a $5 50/50, I had an 80% win rate. But in the low stakes that we played for the quest last night, we get bigger player pools and the tickets were able to stay on the right side of the bubble, barely.

That brings our total to $45.00 for the Quest For $1000. Today we’re going to play an only Thursday ticket and only 1 x $1 50/50 at that. It’s a short slate of games and I’m just looking for action. There will be heavy crossover today and who knows what will happen.

My strategy for today is mostly based on the team I like most. I believe the LIONS must put up a statement game and get everyone on their team rolling. They get the Bears in town and on paper, the Lions should have a feast. I’m not going to over think things. I’m just throwing most of the Lions on my team.

Lions – Stafford, Bell, Johnson, Tate, LIONS D

Demarco Murray – The offensive line on Dallas is the best. He doesn’t get touched until he’s at least 2 yards passed the line of scrimmage. He catches balls and scores TD’s.

Jordan Matthews – Has great chemistry with Sanchez. In my opinion, he becomes their number 1 receiver and Maclin is a top number 2.

M. Bennett – None of the tight ends are attractive. If Cutler is under pressure, he’ll need an underneath safety valve and we think that’s Bennett.

Vernon Davis – It’s all we could afford at the Flex spot. I think Kaepernick needs to use his legs today for the win. I don’t see his wideouts doing much, which means Vernon Davis must try and do something. It’s a safety valve day.

Pos Player FPPG  
QB Matthew Stafford 16.8 swap out
RB Joique Bell 10.7 swap out
RB DeMarco Murray 24.6 swap out
WR Calvin Johnson P 15.0 swap out
WR Jordan Matthews P 14.1 swap out
WR Golden Tate 19.3 swap out
TE Vernon Davis 5.9 swap out
FLEX M. Bennett 14.1 swap out
DST Lions 8.1 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 41 – Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets – UPDATE

It was quite stressful in the last 30 minutes before first tip off yesterday, with all the new injury reports. Sometimes i feel like cancelling my tickets because trying to process everything that’s going on is overwhelming and you don’t want to make rash decisions. I’m going to try and be more prepared earlier in the day when it comes to knowing all possibilities, so when shifts do happen, I’m able to be on the ball. It’s tough with a family and getting the needed bathroom time to update my roster as well as updates for you guys as well.

Many players are members of rotogrinders but I think you should also be members at LUDAWGS. In the forum section, under basketball, a member there, beautifully lays out all the injury possibilities and the possible players that will get extra minutes. It’s very well done and I suggest everyone makes it a daily habit. You’ll be more prepared when it comes to the last 30 minutes of changes and you’ll also be familiar with the players salary so you’ll have a decent idea of what fits.

Now back to last night. We won. Most of the guys played well and our tickets finished in the top 20%. This brings our total back up to $43.40. Tonight we’re going to play 2 x $1 50/50’s.

I don’t have time for little blurbs on guys at the moment as I need to get to an appointment.

But Shumpert will benefit from no Anthony and I think Stoudemire is pretty consistent and ill get some extra minutes to try and shoulder the scoring load.

Casspi played well yesterday and is still super cheap.

Lou Williams is hot and I needed to fill that spot with my remaining 4900 bucks. He does a lot in his 20 minutes. If somehow he gets 25 plus, he’ll have a great night.

Cousins and Harden will both benefit from their other top scorers being injured. I think the same applies to Ariza. he hasn’t had a great game yet with Howard gone, so in my belief, he’s due.

Brewer is quietly very consistent while getting his starter minutes due to injury


Since Jameer Nelson is out, we are taking out Lou Williams and Putting in JJ Barea. He’ll be first guard off the bench and if there is a blow up, he’ll still get to play. When he gets 20 plus minutes he performs.

Barea IN Williams OUT.

This left us with 1100 extra bucks and we upgraded to Demar Derozan from Trevor Ariza. He hasn’t shot well lately and we took him the other day thinking was due, he played ok as he gets to the free throw line, but one of these days all his shots will fall. We are hoping today.

Derozan IN Ariza OUT

Lineup below!

PG J.J. Barea 18.2 swap out
SG Iman Shumpert 24.1 swap out
SF Omri Casspi 13.9 swap out
PF A. Stoudemire 24.6 swap out
C DeMarcus Cousins 46.0 swap out
G James Harden 47.9 swap out
F Corey Brewer 20.5 swap out
UTIL DeMar DeRozan 32.4 swap out


Quest For $1000 – Day 40 – Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets – UPDATE

It was quite an interesting night in daily fantasy basketball for us. We were cruising to victory in everything and then all of a sudden, all our guys stopped collecting points.  We still scrounged together 1 win in our 4 attempts, and we’ll take that as a consolation.

So before we do the math on our new total, lets also recap our week in daily fantasy football. At the last second, we made changes but also halved our dollar values too. The good news is, we won all our tickets. The bad news, it was for half of the initial bet. So when we add our football winnings, that’s $4 plus $36.80, which equals $40.80. Now minus $2.20 from yesterday and we’re at $38.60.

Also, for football, we’ve won 9 of the 12 weeks.

We’ve been shuffling back and forth here for a little between 35 and 45 bucks and we’re hoping to get a sustained streak. Tonight we’re going to play 6 x $1 50/50’s.


Mario Chalmers – with Wade out, Mario Chalmers has picked up the slack and is pretty much a must play. He’s hit his value almost every single night since he’s started. He’ll be very highly owned.

Jimmy Butler – If Rose doesn’t play the back to back, Butler will be an even better play. He fills up the score sheet and even if he doesn’t hit his value, he always comes pretty darn close.

Draymond Green – He just contributes. If he doesn’t score, he finds other stat categories to fill. He’s hit his value in 6 of his last 10 games. 2 of the games he missed on were blowouts and he got pulled.

Pao Gasol – He’s playing hurt but he’s also the strongest player on this team. A double double threat every night and he needs to help shoulder the load with Rose and Gibson out again.

Chris Bosh – This was a tough one. I bounced around from Cousins to Gortat to Drummond and back to Bosh. With Wade out, I think he just needs to find a way to lift the team on his shoulders. He has a tough matchup, however, Bogut usually guards guys down low. Bosh is a true PF and can shoot, so hopefully he can cause some havoc around the perimeter.

DJ Augustin – No Jennings means DJ gets the start. We think he’ll hit value with starter minutes. He will be very highly owned, possibly the highest.

Omri Casspi – With Rudy Gay not playing, we needed another cheap option and we landed on Casspi. Every time he got to play over 20 minutes, he made his value. We think it happens tonight too.

Klay Thompson – He’s much taller than any of the guys guarding him tonight which is why Miami gives up the most points to SG’s in the league. We think he’ll have tons of open looks as he’ll be able to make his own shot. We can see him having a huge night.

Bosh Out. Cousins IN.

Green OUT Monroe IN

Daymond Green OUT. Mirotic IN


Pos Player FPPG  
PG Mario Chalmers 27.9 swap out
SG Jimmy Butler 37.0 swap out
SF Draymond Green 30.8 swap out
PF Pau Gasol 41.2 swap out
C Chris Bosh 39.8 swap out
G D.J. Augustin 17.0 swap out
F Omri Casspi 13.9 swap out
UTIL Klay Thompson 36.0 swap out


Road To The Kentucky Derby 2015- Delta Downs Jackpot Recap

This is our first post on the Road To The Kentucky Derby and all the Triple Crown races, which include the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes. We’re big fans of trying to figure out the Kentucky Derby at Best Daily Fantasy Site and we’ll be shadowing every prep up until the big day and then all the way to the last leg of the triple crown.

Delta Downs Jackpot 2014

Mike Smith kept Ocho Ocho Ocho inside on the final turn to beat D. Wayne Lukas-trained favorite Mr. Z by a neck Saturday in the Delta Downs $1 Million Jackpot.

Undefeated Ocho Ocho Ocho, trained by James Cassidy, ran 1 1/16 miles in 1:45.47 and had a Beyer Speed Figure of 90.

The top four finishers in the Grade III race earn points in the Kentucky Derby series. Ocho Ocho Ocho gained 10 points, second-place Mr. Z 4 points, third-place Far Right 2 points and fourth-place Saratoga Heater 1 point. Ocho Ocho Ocho who is the son of 2007 Derby winner Street Sense, is now in a third-place tie with four other horses in the Derby Series standings.

The Jackpot, now in its 12th year, has helped propel nine horses to the Kentucky Derby, including three in 2012. A record total of $5.2 million was bet on the 11-race program at Delta Downs, which includes wagers from simulcast locations across North America, track spokesman Don Stevens said.

Far Right’s jockey, Corey Lanerie, contested the finish, saying Smith had committed jockey’s interference, but after a brief inquiry, the finish stood.

Ocho Ocho Ocho won his third race since Oct. 14. Mr. Z entered as the favorite, but Ocho Ocho Ocho pulled from the middle of the pack to capture the race.

It was the horse’s first race over a mile, having raced six-and-a-half furlongs in his last win, at Santa Anita. It marked the first time a Jackpot winner was racing more than a mile for the first time.


The 90 was a nice beyer number for the winner in his first try at the 1 1/16 distance. However, he had a perfect trip. He saved ground the whole way and then battled down the stretch with Mr. Z.

Mr. Z had all the opportunity to pass Ocho Ocho Ocho and just hung.

Far Right was making some moves before he went for a hole that didn’t exist and checked. He lost around 3-4 lengths on that move and would have been right there at the end for a possible win.

So where does this lead us. Mr. Z came 5th in the Breeders Cup Juvenile and was part of a group that set ridiculously fast fractions before they all faded. He sat off the early fractions here, which were on the quick end of the spectrum and was still not able to come through with a convincing win.

Ocho Ocho Ocho didn’t wow us, but he’s still pretty green and learning. He’ll have ample opportunity to step up in the next few months and improve. He does have the pedigree to win the Kentucky Derby as his sire was Street Sense.

We’re not taking Far Right very seriously as we don’t think he has the pedigree on the Sire side, even though he has some Seattle Slew from his mother.

Come back for our next report as we’ll be recapping the Breeder’s Cup Juvenile 2014.


Quest For $1000 – Day 39 – Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets

We usually take the weekends off for all sports, except football sunday touchups and golf, as we love golf. But we are back with our daily fantasy  basketball picks for Monday and some extra notes on top of that.

First, did anyone check out our new correspondents picks from Friday? BRANDENBERGER may be really weird, and his reasonings for picking players may be quite unusual with little real insight, but his tournament lineup on Friday came in 13th of 4500 in the DK 100K. At one point it was in 1st place. I may have employed a true idiot savant.

Second, at the last minute, we made some changes in football, to our roster and also for the amounts we played. We were really struggling with our TE and FLEX selections. We also lowered the amounts we were playing due to the indecision. We still have 2 guys to go tonight and we should cash everything as long as there are no duds. But you never know. We were quite disappointed that Trent Richardson was on the losing end of the time split, even after his counterpart fumbled the ball. The TD was a saving grace. Jordy Nelson was a disappointment but he wasn’t a complete bust. Besides that, everyone else did their job, even Theo Riddick.

Third, I’m a fantastic person. I’m so fetch.

Fourth, tonight we’re going to play 4 x $1 50/50’s as our total is currently at $36.80. We think tonight will be very high scoring due to all the injuries and value plays available. The toughest thing about the night is finding the big name player that will earn his value in our opinion.

So here we go.


Jose Calderon – Being a Raptor Fan, I am familiar with Jose. Can’t play defense, but he can put up points, get assists and doesn’t turn the ball over that much. He’s the cheapest on the board and he should be able to get 6 points, 4 assists, 2 rebounds and a steal. That’s all we need.

Jimmy Butler – His price is still right and if Rose and Gasol don’t play tonight, he becomes a main option. He continues to exceed all expectations and until he doesn’t, he’ll be in our lineups.

Trevor Ariza – No Howard and no Jones. He will need to step up offensively as well as add some help on the boards. He’s coming off a bad game and we like the bounce back.

Nikola MIrotic – No Gibson, No Gasol. This guy will play. He may not come close to his stats from last game,  but we’ll take half that production and still be happy.

Nikola Vucevic – The Cavs haven’t been great against big men this year and Vucevic is one of the most stable expensive players on the board. He also has upside potential.  We think he makes Varajos life miserable.

Chris Paul – We needed to spend money on a top salary player and we landed on Chris Paul. He rarely throws up a dud and he’s going up against one of the worst teams in the league against the point guard.

KOSTAS PAPANIKOLAOU – Due to injuries, he will get his minutes. This means some rebounds and inconsistent point totals. Even with only 8 points last game, he still managed 24 fantasy points and more than earned his keep.

Demar Derozan – At first we were on Joakim Noah, but we didn’t want to roster so many Bulls, so we moved to Derozan. Why? Because he’s mega due. I use mega, like when Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage combined to form quite the tag team. THE MEGA POWERS! It was that mega. Well tonight, Derozan will be in an uptempo game and we see a very high floor and also the ability to just go off.  He’s that due in our opinion. MEGA DUE!


PG Jose Calderon 15.3 swap out
SG Jimmy Butler 36.9 swap out
SF Trevor Ariza 28.7 swap out
PF Nikola Mirotic 13.2 swap out
C Nikola Vucevic 41.6 swap out
G Chris Paul 44.6 swap out
F K. Papanikolaou 19.1 swap out
UTIL DeMar DeRozan 32.6 swap out


BrandenBerger’s Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks – DraftKings Tournament Adventures

It is I, BrandenBerger, ready to make my first ever Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks. My mummy  said to me, BrandenBerger, you played so many fantastic games on all of your adventures, with the Dwarves and the Rabbit People and even those swimming games with the Mermaids, so why can’t you have adventures with Basketball People? My mummy is so convincing sometimes, and she also prepares some of the most delicious curryvorst. I love my curryvorst and my mummy so much.

When researching my Basketball People today, I dreamt I’d be like them, 7 feet tall, like the Giants from the Timoric Seas, except dunking balls, instead of throwing squids at sharp Glaciers. Those Giants from the Timoric Sea are such jokers.

I cannot believe I got side tracked like that, talking about my old adventures. They were just so fun and I love telling fun stories. I hope the stories about these basketball people are just as fun.

John Wall – I heard he once killed a Piranha Tiger just by staring at it, at least this is what the rest of the Wizards tell me. Wizards are so crazy sometimes.

Gerald Green – It turns out that Gerald Green and I both have travelled to the far lands of Gyuna Grace to help the Gracians fend off the evil forces of the Poomers. What a coincidence? I wonder if he knows my mummy. If he starts tonight, I hear he has tremendous potential for a big big game. Like Giants from the Timoric Seas big.

Kawhi Leonard – Kawhi is so funny all the time and according to my sources in the basketball people world, he has a high degree of variance. And from my studies, I hear this is good for tournaments.

Zach Randolph – Have you seen Mr. Randolph? He is so cute. I just want to pinch his cheeks. I, Brandenberger, have never seen a cuter basketball person than Mr. Randolph. He will probably be playing all game because his whole team got sick, probably the Veradeen Flu. That means I’ll get to see his cute face all night. Sometimes I’m sooooooooooo lucky.

Jonas Valanciunas – On my adventures, I’ve encountered many animals and creatures that were not loved by their fellow friends. The Gruntmaker. The Carbon Colon. And many more. Jonas was crying to me last night, I made him talk to my mummy as she’s great at making people feel so much better. He knows he can have big games but it hasn’t happened yet. I held him in my arms and I know this to be true too. Then he farted and we all laughed like little female gerbils.

Mo Williams – Everyone on his team fell victim to the Gordmanian Curse. I found bits and pieces of them from a Voodoo Ceremony nearby. Now all the backups are playing. They’re dealing with very dark black magic here and for a little while, their powers should be very strong, but eventually, they’ll come back to earth.

Anthony Bennett – Read above as I’m too afraid to type it again. My mummy says if I type it again, then I may get cursed, then someone will replace me. I don’t ever want anyone to replace me. There is only one BrandenBerger and he lives in Cologne, Germany with his Mummy.

Josh Smith – He called me crying the other day and I was in the middle of doing lunges with my Elf trainer, Babork. We train in the art of fireworks, fencing and astral travel. Josh told me of his recent troubles and I told him of a Snobit Player from the Moon of Andra. Josh was so inspired by my story, he said he was going to bounce back tonight and he sent me a plate of cookies as a thank you. What a very nice guy!

I hope you all liked my tournament picks for tonights basketball. I, Brandenberger will be back another day with more adventures and more of my mummy. Now off for my curryvorst!

Pos Player FPPG
PG John Wall 43.1 swap out
SG Gerald Green 21.4 swap out
SF Kawhi Leonard 31.5 swap out
PF Zach Randolph 36.0 swap out
C J. Valanciunas 23.9 swap out
G Mo Williams 19.2 swap out
F Anthony Bennett 13.0 swap out
UTIL Josh Smith 30.7 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 38 – Daily Fantasy Football Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets – UPDATE

The other night in basketball was horrific to say the least. It may be the worst ticket I’ve ever created. If someone were to tell me that James Harden would only have 13 shot attempts on a night when Dwight Howard had the night off, I would have called you a genius. You thought I was going to say crazy but that would be too cliche. Wait until you meet our new correspondent, BrandenBerger. Some may say that he’s a mentally handicapped 10 year old. I tend to agree, but enough about that half wit, lets get on to some daily fantasy football picks.

Our picks last week were quite lackluster. Jimmy Graham put up quite the stinker and immediately put us behind the 8 ball. Cliche! Some people think it was because he was hurt, but I watched the game and they just weren’t tossing him the ball. We thought our money was going to be saved by the DraftKIngs glitch, but alas, our money was not refunded, nor did we ask for a refund. We lost fair and square.

This brings our total to $36.80 and we intend to double up this week on our football so it will be 10 x $1 50/50’s.

Here’s Our Lineup.


Orton IN Kaepernick OUT.

Jimmy Graham IN. Martellus Bennett OUT.

Theo Riddick IN. Sammy Watkins OUT.

49ers OUT. Philidelphia IN

Colin Kaepernick – We’ve rostered him twice before and he’s 50/50 on his performance. He’s had 3 weeks straight of sub par performances and there’s no reason to believe that he’ll improve. However, we feel his downside is the 12 points from the other week and he always has a chance of adding more to your squad with his legs. He has zero rushing td’s this year and we think he’s due. In his price range, it’s hard to make a case for any other qb. We like Kyle Orton but don’t want to take he and Watkins in a 50/50, just in case. So we stick with Kaepernick, for now.

Rashad Jennings – We like Jennings because he gets rushes and catch attempts. It provides a high ceiling for his price and he has the ability to get TD’s too. The last time we took him, he got hurt. If that happens again, he’ll be banished from our lineups forever and like in Harry Potter, he will be forever known as He Who Must Not Be Named.

Trent Richardson – We like him because we think he’ll get double the catch targets with Bradshaw hurt. Is he good? No. Can he achieve his value without the need of a TD? Yes. Can he get a TD? Yes. Can he get 5 catches for 40 yards? Yes. Can he rush for 50 yards on 17 carries? Yes. We’ll take it. On another note, we were thinking about taking Mccoy but stopped because he’s never done us proud this year in any way. If Sproles came in and stole td’s from him, we’d just be livid over here. Like throw my kids through the tv screen livid, then throw the tv, with them in it, through the window, which would then hopefully crash through the windshield of my Dodge Viper below. I would then get in that Dodge Viper, drive to the Grand Canyon, jump out the door at the last second, and watch it plummet down to my wife, who went there on her alone vacation, and consume her in what can only be described as a being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Keenan Allen – He’s being getting tons of targets and catching lots of balls. None of them are deep balls, so he’s the safe guy underneath. For his price, we’ll take 6 catches for 80 yards and be very happy with it. Can he throw in a TD? He’s due.

TY Hilton – He’s had 2 horrid weeks in a row. What are the odds of 3? It’s possible, but not likely. We hope the JAGS put up a fight, so TY will be needed in all 4 quarters.

Jordy Nelson – The team is just on fire and we stick with Jordy Nelson as always. If other guys swipe his targets or catches or td’s, so be it. We go with their top dog.

Martellus Bennett – He’s severely underpriced and going up against a horrible pass defense. Is there a chance he doesn’t get many targets? Yes. But we’re only looking for 4-5 catches from him this week. Even if he puts up a clunker, which is a very good chance, it won’t hurt us that match due to his low price. We usually pay up for either Graham or Gronk, but something is stopping us this week. This pick could change and if it does, it will drastically alter our picks.

Sammy Watkins – Big fan of the situation. Passing teams have field days against the Jets and then there’s the added plus of this game moving indoors. We’d love to start Orton too, but we need to spread the risk, just in case. The second time I’ve used the ‘just in case’ in this post. I need a better vocabulary.


The defense is playing like they must carry the whole team at the moment. They’re getting sacks and causing turnovers. They’re up against RG3 this week and that should turn into a bunch of sack opportunities. This is an interesting game from the perspective of RG3. If he doesn’t perform, the bust calls will get louder. He has tons of pressure on him and I think this defense feels it, then buries him. Like what happens to a human after a Dodge Viper falls from the Grand Canyon right on top of you. Hood ornament first.


QB Colin Kaepernick 17.7 swap out
RB Rashad Jennings 14.4 swap out
RB Trent Richardson P 10.3 swap out
WR Keenan Allen 11.8 swap out
WR T.Y. Hilton 18.6 swap out
WR Jordy Nelson 22.9 swap out
TE M. Bennett 14.7 swap out
FLEX Sammy Watkins P 14.9 swap out
DST 49ers 8.0 swap out

Top Rookies To Breakthrough On The PGA Tour For The 2015 Season

We’ve written articles on our favourite rookies for the 2015 season on the PGA Tour before, but that was before the fall season. Now that we’ve seen all of these guys play, we’ve got a better handle on who will be the breakout rookies for the 2015 PGA TOUR GOLF season.

Brooks Koepka

He’s the real deal. Finished 8th and 4th in his only two official PGA starts as a carrying card member. Then wins the Turkish Airlines Open, the 2nd last event of the year in Europe. He murders the ball off the tee and has a serious putting stroke. He’ll be a threat in every tournament he’s in and he’s only 24 years old.

Tony Finau

We didn’t know that much about Tony Finau before the start of the fall season and then he showed us why he was in the top 10 on the tour last year. In his first five starts, he had four top 14 finishes and two top 7’s. He hits it a ton, he’s a good ball striker, and he’s a better than average putter. He may not win on Tour this year, but he’ll be around many leaderboards.

Carlos Ortiz

In his first four tournaments on the PGA Tour, Ortiz made every single cut with two top 20’s and a top 10. When you look at his stats, you can see that it was all putter. He drove it pretty long but he stunk with his accuracy and his greens in regulation. If he can keep those putting stats going and get his GIR under control, Ortiz has a great shot at winning on the PGA Tour in 2015. He missed tons of cuts on the tour last year, but when he did make them, half of them were top 10’s and 3 were wins. He may not be consistent, but he can win.

Blayne Barber

He was a cut machine on the tour last year and we see him having some ups and downs this year on the PGA Tour. He’s solid putter and that will always give him a shot, no matter the course. He already has two 9th place finishes and even though we don’t think he’ll win on tour this year, we think he’ll put in a few more top 10 performances. Think Scott Brown.

Justin Thomas

He’s only 21 years old and has a heck of shot at winning on the PGA Tour this year. He’s made 3 of his first 5 cuts with a 4th place at the Sanderson Farms. He’s had some nice invite finishes over the years at tournaments like The Memorial, The Travellers, and The Farmers Insurance. This kid is good and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he’s a less consistent version of Jordan Spieth this year.