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Quest For $1000 – Day 24 – Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks – DraftKings Picks

Our 3rd night of basketball and we finished in the top 20% in all our pools. We thank the heavens we didn’t have Russell Westbrook. Heartbreaking for OKC fans. But for us in daily fantasy basketball and for our picks, it was a big break. We didn’t have to worry about our night after that as he was very highly owned.

Our bankroll increased to $35.30, UP 353% from the start. Lets keep it rolling tonight. We are play another 3 x $1 50/50’s.

Remember, our picks are for cash games and cash games only. We look for value and high floors.


Derrick Rose – He had a ho hum first game and his price reflects a guy that has little upside but we think he presents a high floor and has the ability to sprinkle everywhere in the boxscore for some upsidde with more minutes played.

Eric Bledsoe – will be in a fast paced game and he’s their main man. Great price. High floor. Can get a double double. Game one could have been bigger if not for double technical.

CJ Miles –  Low salary and takes tons of shots. If he sinks any today it will be a monster day. High floor for his price with huge upside.

Luis Scola – Had a solid first game and his price remains low. There is no true number one guy for scoring on this team and we think he will continue to get shots. With an uptick in minutes, he could continue to fill up the  score sheet.

Deandre Jordan – Great Price. Look for a bounce back game. High Floor due to rebounds and blocks.

Tony Parker – this game should be a high scoring affair and he should be on the court for most of the game. Good price for a high floor player with big upside if he gets hot.

Tim Duncan – Mr. Reliable. This game will be faced paced and he should benefit with more rebound opportunities.

Ed Davis – The Lakers are lost and Ed Davis will get his chance to play as he is great off the bench. He’s like the JYD. His price is low enough to accept a bad game from him, but we think the Lakers will enjoy a guy that plays as hard as he does.

Pos Player FPPG  
PG Derrick Rose 26.8 swap out
SG Eric Bledsoe 38.0 swap out
SF C.J. Miles 19.8 swap out
PF Luis Scola 22.5 swap out
C DeAndre Jordan 23.0 swap out
G Tony Parker 32.8 swap out
F Tim Duncan 38.3 swap out
UTIL Ed Davis 31.1 swap out


Quest For $1000 – Day 14 – Daily Fantasy Baseball – DraftKings – UPDATED

The week in football isn’t finished yet, but we here at Best Daily Fantasy are pretty confident that every single one of  our tickets will cash, which is the second week in a row for that.  Our new total after all 4 wins, is $16.70 + $3.60 = $20.30

We’re up 100% from when we started and we look to keep that going tonight with some baseball. We’re only going to play 1 ticket tonight in a $1 50/50 . Our focus will be on stacking Tigers players against a rookie pitcher. I was only the fan of one top tier pitcher price in Carrasco, so I went looking for a cheapie whom strikes guys out. Tropeano is a rookie without much work, but he k’s and the Rangers lineup isn’t what it used to be. 5 innings and  4 K’s will be acceptable to me. Here’s my lineup. * We will update due to weather or lineup changes.

Updated: Castellanos in and Davis is out of our lineup.

Pos Player FPPG
P Carlos Carrasco P 10.7 swap out
P Nick Tropeano P 15.7 swap out
C Yadier Molina 6.0 swap out
1B Victor Martinez 9.2 swap out
2B Ian Kinsler 8.1 swap out
3B Josh Donaldson 8.5 swap out
SS Dee Gordon 8.6 swap out
OF Rajai Davis 7.0 swap out
OF Torii Hunter 7.5 swap out
OF Austin Jackson 6.6 swap out

Daily Fantasy Baseball – Quest For $1000 – Day 13 – DraftKings – UPDATED

Last night we had another winner thanks to the stellar performance of Jake Arrieta. He carried us to a victory on his back. This brings our new total to $17.80. We started this with a lot of back and forth, wins and losses and we’re now on a nice streak.

We’re only going to play $1 tonight of our bankroll. It’s a 50/50 on DraftKings. We’ll be playing more lineups this weekend for football and I want the extra wiggle room in our bankroll just in case. Below is our lineup for tonight and I’ll update it if there are any roster changes. Good luck to all playing daily fantasy baseball. I hope you like our daily fantasy picks tonight. Pitching was expensive today so I went with some of the relative cheaper guys with some of the same potential. I found it hard to stack any team, so I just looked for lefty righty matchups today against mediocre or unproven pitching.

UPDATE – I’ve altered my lineup due to the REDS sitting all their stars. I’m taking Hendriks as a low cost with upside tonight and moving some stronger hitters into my lineup. The new roster is below the old one.

Pos Player FPPG
P F. Liriano P 17.0 swap out
P Jeff Samardzija P 17.6 swap out
C Caleb Joseph 4.9 swap out
1B Lucas Duda 7.4 swap out
2B Ben Zobrist 7.4 swap out
3B Josh Donaldson 8.5 swap out
SS A. Simmons 5.3 swap out
OF Adam Eaton 7.5 swap out
OF Jason Heyward 7.5 swap out
OF Austin Jackson 6.6 swap out



P Kyle Hendricks P 14.4 swap out
P F. Liriano P 17.0 swap out
C Yan Gomes 6.8 swap out
1B Lucas Duda 7.4 swap out
2B Neil Walker 7.7 swap out
3B Josh Donaldson 8.5 swap out
SS Jose Reyes 8.3 swap out
OF Adam Eaton 7.6 swap out
OF Jason Heyward 7.5 swap out
OF Austin Jackson 6.7 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 12 – DraftKings

Last night was a doozy in baseball for our tickets. We were sitting mighty comfortably all night in our 50/50’s and triple up when the evil Andrew Cashner threw a complete game shutout. We would have been fine with the regular shutout but the extra complete game points, bumped our triple up ticket out of the money. Curse HIM! We had an outside shot at a Matt Shoemaker complete game but the Angels pulled him after 95 pitches. We still won our 2 50/50’s and ended up with an 80 cent profit on the night. Our new total on the quest is $17.70

UP 77% from when we started. Pretty good so far.

Tonight we are going back to baseball on DraftKings and we’re only going to play 1 50/50 ticket tonight. It’s not due to my confidence, it’s due to the fact that I’m not feeling well. Sometimes I get too involved when I have a good chunk of the bankroll down and tonight I feel the need to save my energy. So I’ll only play on $1. The lineup is below. If there are any changes I will post them before game time.

Pos Player FPPG
P Jake Arrieta P 19.1 swap out
P Scott Kazmir P 17.2 swap out
C Miguel Montero 6.4 swap out
1B Brandon Moss 7.3 swap out
2B Neil Walker 7.7 swap out
3B Josh Donaldson 8.5 swap out
SS Hanley Ramirez 7.8 swap out
OF Coco Crisp 7.6 swap out
OF Alex Gordon 7.6 swap out
OF Yasiel Puig 8.2 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 11 – DraftKings

It was a tale of 2 weekends for our questing. On one hand, our golf picks weren’t so hot. On a normal week, having 3 of the top 4 finishers would be fine, but in a field of 29 players, not so much. You had to call your 3 cheap players correctly and we did not. Besides Tringale, none of our other cheap players came to play.

On the brightside, with one night left to go, our football tickets were lights out. It’s an impossibility that we get knocked out of any our positions as we still have 1 player to go and we are sitting far ahead of our opponents in our head to heads as they are drawing dead with no one left to play, and we have the possibility of finishing 1st in our triple up as only 1 team ahead of us has a player going tonight.

It’s safe to say that with all our ticket action that our new total is $16.90.  We started the weekend with $15.50. I haven’t been playing a lot of baseball lately but I’m ready to take a shot tonight. We’re ponying up $3 tonight over 3 contests. 2x $1 50/50’s and 1 x triple up. My lineup for DraftKings daily fantasy baseball is below. I didn’t take an elite pitcher and opted for 2 solid guys so I could load up on the Rockies game. My roster will change if anyone is not in the lineup and I will post an update. I took Shoemaker because his last 2 starts only yielded 2k’s each and I think he’s due for a 6 or 7 K performance. I’m also expecting the same rebound from Mchugh, whose been a terrific pitcher this season.

P Collin McHugh P 20.1 swap out
P Matt Shoemaker P 15.8 swap out
C Brayan Pena 4.3 swap out
1B Billy Butler 6.0 swap out
2B Dee Gordon 8.5 swap out
3B Nick Castellanos 6.1 swap out
SS Hanley Ramirez 7.7 swap out
OF Charlie Blackmon 7.8 swap out
OF Corey Dickerson 7.8 swap out
OF Matt Kemp 7.7 swap out

Daily Fantasy Baseball – FanDuel Lineup – September 5th 2014

It’s been a long day at the office so far and I feel like i’ve done nothing. Maybe it’s because I haven’t done anything but think all day. Does anyone else have those days? I’ve been concentrating on my football and golf so much lately that I haven’t had time to do baseball properly. Daily Fantasy Baseball is a beast of a thing that one must really take the proper time to do properly. If you don’t , you’re giving your money away.

Today, in my thinking, I did my days research and filled out my lineup on FanDuel.

On a side note, I think i’m depressed because my golf teams had such a poor day one. I’m looking on the bright side as they all make the cut here and there should be some low scoring today to get me back in it. Still, I think I may be a manic depressive. Thoughts?

Here’s my lineup for FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball. The very best in daily fantasy baseball. FanDuel!! Love those guys.


C Miguel Montero 2400
1B Miguel Cabrera 4500
2B Robinson Cano 3100
3B Adrian Beltre 3100
SS Erick Aybar 2900
OF Mike Trout 5000
OF Alex Rios 2600
OF Nelson Cruz 3300
P Ian Kennedy 8100


Quest To Make $1000 – Day 7

Last night we won 1 of 3 again and won back $1.90 which brings our total to $11.20 after 6 days.

Tonight we are going to play 2 50/50’s on Draftkings with this lineup. If anything changes i’ll update. I’m going to a concert tonight so if I’m unsure about starters I may just cancel tonights action and reconvene for tomorrow.

P Chris Archer P 17.2 swap out
P Jacob Degrom P 25.8 swap out
C Buster Posey 6.5 swap out
1B Chris Carter 7.8 swap out
2B Adam Rosales 5.7 swap out
3B Trevor Plouffe 7.3 swap out
SS K. Negron 6.0 swap out
OF Michael Choice 4.2 swap out
OF Sam Fuld 6.2 swap out
OF Matt Joyce 6.0

Quest To Make $1000 – Day 6

We had some problems last night over at Fantasy Feud as our money got refunded juts before game time but I was able to quickly make 2 more $1 dollar tickets on DraftKings. I wasn’t able to update the site on the fly as I was over at my friends place for dinner and that would’ve been rude.

So after our tickets were purchased last night, our bankroll was at $10.30.

We were winning all the 50/50’s right up until the last at bat of the evening. Buster Posey knocked out a 2 run homer and we ended up winning 1 of 3. This is why I like to split up tickets as we could have easily lost all three if it went on 1 ticket. I’m sure you’re saying that it could also happen the other way, however, psychologically, I have a better time dealing with it this way.

After last night  we have $10.30 + $1.90 = $12.20

I’m playing 3 $1 dollar games tonight, all at FanDuel. $12.20 – $3.00 = $9.20


Collin McHugh
Derek Norris
Kennys Vargas
Brian Dozier
Adrian Beltre
Daniel Santana
Michael Brantley
Chris Carter
Dexter Fowler

Daily Fantasy Sports Bankroll – Quest To Make $1000 – Day 6

It was close last night, and that was with many of our players hitting home runs, Buster Posey even had 2 and we had 3 solid pitching performances, and a stellar one from Bumgarner. That was a horrible run on sentence. My apologies. But we won. $9.30 + $4.00 = $13.30

Tonight we’re going to up our entries to $3.20 and split them amongst 2 sites. We will stick with Fantasy Feud and I’ll also add a Draft Kings. Here are the preliminary tickets before weather and lineup changes. I will alter as more information comes my way.

Daily Fantasy Golf
Daily Fantasy Golf

Fantasy Feud

C Derek Norris 3.1
1B Edwin Encarnacion 4.8
2B Dee Gordon 3.8
3B Lonnie Chisenhall 3.2
SS Zach Walters 2.0
OF Yasiel Puig 4.1
OF Scott Van Slyke 2.2
OF Jose Bautista 4.5
UTIL Jayson Werth 4.1
UTIL Josh Donaldson 4.4
SP Clayton Kershaw 11.0
SP Yovani Gallardo 5.4
SP Tim Hudson 5.5


P Yovani Gallardo P 14.6 swap out
P Hector Santiago P 11.4 swap out
C Derek Norris 6.2 swap out
1B E. Encarnacion 9.4 swap out
2B Dee Gordon 8.6 swap out
3B Josh Donaldson 8.7 swap out
SS Jose Reyes 8.5 swap out
OF Carlos Gomez 9.4 swap out
OF Yasiel Puig 8.5 swap out
OF Scott Van Slyke 4.8 swap out