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Quest For $1000 – Day 54 – Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets UPDATE!

Hi all! must be quick today as it’s wife appreciation night.

Last night we sucked. We still had a shot going into the last game remarkably but then Collison sucked and we lost all 3 tickets.

Tonight we try again, and we’ll be playing 6 x$1 50/50’s.

Here’s our lineup.

Lets go Meeks!


Teletonic IN. Faried OUT!

Pos Player FPPG  
PG Dennis Schroder 17.4 swap out
SG James Harden 48.6 swap out
SF Tobias Harris 34.0 swap out
PF Dirk Nowitzki 31.7 swap out
C Al Horford 28.8 swap out
G Jodie Meeks 0.0 swap out
F Kenneth Faried Q 22.9 swap out
UTIL Victor Oladipo 27.7 swap out


Quest For $1000 – Day 53 – Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets

We cleaned house in football on the weekend thanks to the trio of ODB, Jeremy Hill and Harry Douglas. We won all 10 of our tickets and that brings our quest total up to $60.60. We just sped through the 50 buck level, lets try and keep this going.

For our daily fantasy basketball picks tonight, we’re going to play 3 x $1 50/50’s and we feel good about everything so far. We expect there to be a lot of late changes, especially due to Dwayne Wade sistuation, so come back and check out updates.

Darren Collison – He’s coming off a bad game and should bounce back. Without Cousins still, he gets more opportunities to score. His value was very good for a consistent cash game player.

Bradley Beal – He is in a favorable matchup and his price isn’t high at all. He’s very consistent and we like that.

Williams – without Bosh and Mcroberts we think Williams benefits the most at his cheap price.

Dirk Nowitzki – Last time he played the Knicks, he lit them up. No reason to think he can’t do it again at a very reasonable price.

Marc Gasol – without Bogut playing, I couldn’t resist taking gasol in what might be more of an uptempo game.

Tim Hardaway Jr. – We neded another cheap guy and went with Hardaway. If Jr Smith doesn’t play, it’s all the better but he’s been getting minutes and minutes equal points.

Draymond Green – He’s also a good value and we couldn’t resist. He does more the score, so we like his ability for cash games.

Tyson Chandler – he won’t have 25 boards like he did last time against Knicks, but he will get the consistent rebounds we want. He’s a safe cash game play to us with upside of a repeat.

Pos Player FPPG  
PG Darren Collison 33.7 swap out
SG Bradley Beal 24.2 swap out
SF Shawne Williams 17.8 swap out
PF Dirk Nowitzki 31.7 swap out
C Marc Gasol 39.2 swap out
G Tim Hardaway Jr. 13.6 swap out
F Draymond Green 31.9 swap out
UTIL Tyson Chandler 31.3 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 51 – Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets

We apologize for our spotty updates lately, but we’ve had a perfect storm of events in the personal life. Wife in hospital and two relatives passing away. I’ll try not to be such an asshole today.

We won all three of our 50/50’s the other day, which brings us above the $50 mark for the first time to $51.00

Tonight we’re going to play 2 x $1 50/50’s on this very short slate

Irving IN – as Lebron OUt

Dellavedova IN

Ariza OUT

Beverly OUT


Pos Player FPPG  
PG R. Westbrook 42.8 swap out
SG Dion Waiters 16.7 swap out
SF Rudy Gay 38.2 swap out
PF Jason Thompson 16.6 swap out
C Reggie Evans 16.5 swap out
G Patrick Beverley 26.7 swap out
F Tristan Thompson 21.3 swap out
UTIL Trevor Ariza 29.3 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 50 – Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets – Update!

Before we get to daily fantasy basketball, let us recap the zaniness of football and last nights basketball. We were well on our way to cashing all our football tickets last night until Lacy got hurt and Starks picked up the yards that should have been his, and we ended up cashing 6 of our 10 tickets. In hindsight, we should have never switched off Newton, as I Ioathe Kaepernick. We would have cake walked to victory. Then, last night in basketball, we were also on track to sweep all our tickets, but the last game ended up going to overtime and we cashed 2 of our 3 tickets.

This brings our total to $48.60, down .20 cents from our last update. Tonight we’re going to play another 3 x $1 50/50’s.


sorry for late update. life happened and wasn’t able to get to computer after making late change.

Pos Player FPTS  
PG Cory Joseph 0 swap out
SG Courtney Lee 9 lock
SF Rudy Gay 0 swap out
PF Ed Davis 0 swap out
C Chris Bosh 0 swap out
G Darren Collison 0 swap out
F Zach Randolph 4.5 lock
UTIL Markieff Morris 0 swap out

Joseph – He’s starting as Parker is hurt.

Wade – High paced game against a team that was in overtime, should take advantage.

Gay – No Cousins again means the offence come through him.

Davis -He’s now starting and his numbers should increase.

Hill – Up against a team with no Cousins, he should have an easy time on the boards.

Collison – Like Gay, without Cousins, he needs to take more offensive responsibility.

Randolph – The Mavericks D isn’t that impressive and plays up tempo basketball. He should be solid on the boards for a high ceiling tonight.

Vasquez – He’s cheap enough to pay off his salary as a starter. He’s getting 25 fantasy points a game with Derozan out.

Pos Player FPPG  
PG Cory Joseph 16.9 swap out
SG Dwyane Wade 36.9 swap out
SF Rudy Gay 38.2 swap out
PF Ed Davis 20.3 swap out
C Jordan Hill 29.9 swap out
G Darren Collison 33.3 swap out
F Zach Randolph 33.7 swap out
UTIL Greivis Vasquez 19.2 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 49 – Daily Fantasy Basketball

We must be quick today as I’m playing nurse to my family still.

Our Football is still up in the air going into tonight so we cross our fingers. Go Lacy!

In unrelated Quest news, we won the draftkings dfs 12k for golf over the weekend. Our first golf win after coming close on many occasions.

Sidenote: I cut the tips of three of my fingers and typing this really really hurts.

We are playing 3 x $1 50/50’s tonight.

Pos Player FPPG  
PG Kyle Lowry 40.5 swap out
SG Rodney Stuckey 21.1 swap out
SF Rudy Gay 37.8 swap out
PF Mirza Teletovic 21.7 swap out
C J.J. Hickson 20.5 swap out
G Darren Collison 33.6 swap out
F Wilson Chandler 27.0 swap out
UTIL Greivis Vasquez 18.9 swap out


Quest For $1000 – Day 47 – Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets –

We had a family emergency here and I wasn’t able to get my picks up in time. But I still made the tickets. We’re playing 6 x $1 50/50’s after going 2 0f 6 last night.

I’ll have better total update tomorrow but must go back and tend to my wife.

Pos Player FPTS  
PG Jose Calderon 0 lock
SG Tyreke Evans 0 swap out
SF Harrison Barnes 0 swap out
PF A. Stoudemire 0 lock
C Omer Asik 0 swap out
G Damian Lillard 0 swap out
F Luke Babbitt 0 swap out
UTIL Stephen Curry 0 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 46 – Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets – UPDATE!!!

Last night the scoring was high and even if it wasn’t, our daily fantasy basketball picks just weren’t up to par. I blame my wife for ruining my concentration and people at work not letting me do my enough daily fantasy research. I hate them all!!!!!!!!

So we lost a couple bucks yesterday and our total went down to $44.80. Tonight we’re going to play 6 x $1 50/50’s and we’re gonna win!!


Carter Williams OUT. Rondo IN.

Harris OUT. Josh Smith IN.

Here’s our roster….

Carter Williams – Without Wroten to steal his minutes, he’s a triple double possibility every night. He fills up every category on the stat sheet and plays 30 plus minutes.

Jimmy Butler – His salary still hasn’t caught up to his production and he just does the same thing every game. He’s cash game player for us.

Rodney Hood – He’s starting tonight and he’s 3000 bucks. If he get 20 minutes, he should be able to reach value.

Pau Gasol – He’s lifting this team on his shoulders and playing monster minutes. Double Double. Cash game main stay.

Tyson Chandler – He was the safety play at centre to us. Doesn’t always need points to reach his value and rebounds like a fiend. He gets some assists, steals and blocks too.

Mo Williams – As long as he’s starting and his salary remains low, he’ll be on our roster or at least in consideration. If he plays 30 minutes, he’ll definitely hit his value.

Tobias Harris – This was the wild card in our selection today. We liked some cheaper guys but had all this money to spend, so we went up and took Harris. He’s only had less than 30 fantasy points in 2 of his last 10. That’s pretty good.

Greivis Vasquez – He’s starting and should reach his value and then some. Will be the most highly owned player tonight.

PG M. Carter-Wil… 33.8 swap out
SG Jimmy Butler 37.6 swap out
SF Rodney Hood 10.3 swap out
PF Pau Gasol 42.3 swap out
C Tyson Chandler 31.6 swap out
G Mo Williams 24.5 swap out
F Tobias Harris 34.5 swap out
UTIL Greivis Vasquez 18.4 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 45 – Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets

It’s Tuesday and we’re back for some daily fantasy basketball. I’m going to be quick today as I have an appointment. Yes, I have a life outside of this site. Not much, but some.

So last night football was played and we didn’t have the night we fully wanted but it still helped us cash 2 of our 5 $1 tickets. In our own personal tickets, the higher we went on dollar values to the 3 and 5 and 10 dollar range, the worse it got. We were 1 touchdown catch away from cashing everything, but it didn’t go our way. Any other week our total would have cashed everything. Thems the breaks. Side note. Ryan Tannehill is not good. He can’t throw the ball down field and Miami will go nowhere in the playoffs if they make it. To recap football, we lost $1.40 and from last nights basketball, we won .80 cents. This brings our total to $46.80


Tonight we play some basketball and 2 x $1 50/50’s

Vasquez – starts tonight and his price is low. high floor.

Williams – will come off the bench and play big minutes again. He’s got a high floor and his price doesn’t reflect his hot streak yet.

Gay – It looks like there will be no Cousins so he’ll shoulder a load. He fills up up all stats on the sheet.

Patterson – Another raptor as Johnson is questionable. If it holds, he’ll get big minutes to pay off his value.

Kaman – He comes off the bench and always produces. Tonight it’s against Denver who doesn’t defend the center well.

Jennings – In a high scoring affair at the Lakers? We’ll take it. Showed no rust in his first game back from injury.

Pau Gasol – He’s just playing really well and needs to carry the team with all their nagging injuries. Double Double guy and pretty consistent. Even at his high price he’s a good value.

Rondo – In a high over under and comes off 2 lackluster performances shooting. If he can score 10, he can have a great all around night.

PG Greivis Vasquez 17.7 swap out
SG Lou Williams 21.2 swap out
SF Rudy Gay 37.3 swap out
PF P. Patterson 19.8 swap out
C Chris Kaman 23.0 swap out
G Brandon Jennings 31.5 swap out
F Pau Gasol 41.5 swap out
UTIL Rajon Rondo 37.0 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 44 – Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets

What a wild and wacky weekend in daily fantasy football. Our quest picks are still up in the air and will come down to tonight’s Monday night battle. Go Mike Wallace! Any other week and I’d give us a victory already but the scoring this week was off a chart. Tonight will be interesting.

back to daily fantasy basketball. We won our 2 Friday matchups, this adds $1.60 to our total, giving us $47.40 overall, which is a new high for us. Tonight it’s a 4 game slate. We expect tons of overlap, so we’re only going to play 1 x $1 50/50

We already know that Duncan and Parker will not be playing, so this makes the possibility of a blow out in the Spurs game much smaller, and will also make many of their players highly owned.


Cory Joseph – He’s starting in place of Tony Parker and is only 3000 bucks.

Jamal Crawford – playing great basketball lately and is still cheap.

Kawhi Leonard – Must pick up the scoring slack without Parker and Duncan.

Boris Diaw – See above and add rebounds and assists.

Timofey Mozgov – Enes Kanter isn’t a great defender, so Mozgov should have a good day.

Michael Carter Williams – Without Wroten, he went off. There’s no Wroten tonight and without the Spurs big guns, this game should be closer.

Wilson Chandler – He was a safe play as he usually gets 25 points and doesn’t hover too much below it.

Ty Lawson – a double double threat every night. His assists are worth 1.5 points. His floor is around 33 points but like his upside in what should be a high scoring game.


Player FPPG  
PG Cory Joseph 14.8 swap out
SG Jamal Crawford 28.6 swap out
SF Kawhi Leonard 31.8 swap out
PF Boris Diaw 22.5 swap out
C Timofey Mozgov 23.5 swap out
G M. Carter-Wil… 32.3 swap out
F Wilson Chandler 25.4 swap out
UTIL Ty Lawson 37.1 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 43 B – Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks – DraftKings Tickets

Welcome to our daily fantasy basketball picks, Friday edition. I usually take the weekend off from adding Saturday and Sunday tickets to our quest and unless one of the new correspondents gets involved this weekend, I’ll only be updating for football.

So tonight, we are currently at $45.80 on our Quest For $1000, and we’ll be playing 2 x $1 50/50’s on this busy NBA evening.

So lets get to it shall we. I’ll do my best to make changes before games but I will be going to see the Book of Mormon tonight, so hopefully I can sneak out and do my business without my wife seeing.


Stephen Curry – Like in NBA JAM, Curry is on fire. His price for some reason hasn’t risen and he’s again in a very good matchup for himself. I feel we’re getting a discount by $1000 on him and we should take advantage while the discount is still there.

Courtney Lee – Even when he comes off the bench, he still puts up the points we need across all categories. He’s boring but he’s solid.

Corey Brewer – He’s pretty consistent and tonight he goes into Lakerland. So there is tons of upside here in what should be an extremely high scoring game.

Markieff Morris – Going up against a team that doesn’t defend big guys well at all and it’s also the highest over under of the night. If he gets 30 minutes, he should reach his value.

Jordan Hill – Very consistent this year and should be in a competitive game all the way to the end tonight. SHOULD. So a 30 plus minute game only means extra points as he gets some points, tons of rebounds and a block. Legit double double guy every night.


Kyle Lowry – He’s in a fast paced game and should be all over the stat sheet. He can be a triple double guy today. This should be an exciting game.

Boris Diaw – This pick scares me a little. Not because of his recent bad play, but because Demarcus Cousins will be out and it’s possible Rudy Gay and Collison are out too. This means Diaw may be pulled due to a blowout. If this games is competitive, I See Diaw having a bounce back to his regular stats and paying off his value.

Devin Harris – He’s starting in a very high over under game. Hopefully he stays on the court for 25 plus minutes. If so, he’ll pay off his value or at least come pretty close.


Pos Player FPPG
PG Stephen Curry 47.4 swap out
SG Courtney Lee 24.0 swap out
SF Corey Brewer 21.5 swap out
PF Markieff Morris 31.2 swap out
C Jordan Hill 31.6 swap out
G Kyle Lowry 37.5 swap out
F Boris Diaw 22.0 swap out
UTIL Devin Harris 19.5 swap out