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Quest For $1000 – Day 55 – Daily Fantasy Football Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets – UPDATE

Last night we got burned in the Orlando game and the high flying down the court was more like a half court offense. Basketball is getting the better of us lately, luckily, our favorite thing, daily fantasy football has arrived.

It’s quite an interesting week as we love so many quarterbacks and defenses. As always we will probably be changing things when we get more info on injuries etc.

So here we go for week 16 in the NFL. 10 x $1 50/50’s


Pos Player FPPG  
QB Drew Brees 22.7 swap out
RB Tre Mason 11.8 swap out
RB Pierre Thomas 11.9 swap out
WR Donte Moncrief 6.8 swap out
WR Jordy Nelson 21.8 swap out
WR Roddy White P 15.6 swap out
TE Rob Gronkowski 18.6 swap out
FLEX Steve Smith Sr. 14.7 swap out
DST Seahawks 7.9 swap out

Matthew Stafford – He is in an optimal situation, indoors would be better, but the weather is going to be nice according to my sources. This defense is bad and the whole team is in disarray. My biggest fear is Jimmy Clausen, the backup on Chicago. I fear turnovers for touchdowns and Stafford won’t even have to throw the ball. The Qb I like that is cheaper is Joe Flacco. I think it’s a good spot against a bad pass D, but also, they have a bum QBing and I also fear the Defensive TD’s. If I were to spend higher, it would be on Tom Brady.

Fred Jackson – I’m still waiting to hear info on CJ Spiller involvement this week, but here’s an optimal game for Jackson to not just get catches but rushing yards. He’s a very high floor and this week I think he has a high ceiling against a terrible run defense in Oakland. Buffalo believes in themselves. They will play hard.

Tre Mason – I don’t understand why expert prognosticators don’t have Mason ranked way higher. This guy has faced tough run defenses all year. Arizona, Denver, San Fran, Seattle, Washington.  Alll ranked in the top 10 and some he’s played twice. Some he’s played well against, others not. When he’s played bad ones, he’s played well. He’s now the only guy in that backfield and he’s facing a GIANTS run defense that’s atrocious. This is optimal in every way and his price is dirt cheap. Also, it’s not like they throw the ball well.  As far as game flow, I think the St. Louis Defense will dictate everything. There will be turnovers created and great field position for Mason to do a lot of damage. He’s so cheap for a guy that will carry at least 20 times. If I lose on him, so be it. I made the right decision.

Calvin Johnson – I don’t normally play a receiver and a wideout but how can you not play Calvin versus the Bears. He destroyed them on Thanksgiving and the Bears have actually gotten worse. I wish his price was cheaper, but I I can’t have my cake and eat it too.

Harry Douglas – I’m going back to the well with this guy. His price has come up but if Jones doesn’t play again, he’s in another optimal situation against New Orleans indoors. This is a huge game and there’s no reason to expect a dud. This will be a shootout. If Jones plays, this pick will change.

Steve Smith Sr. – First, his price has come down to a mere 4100. So i think he’ll be able to reach his value. Second, I think Steve Smith Sr. is in for a big game. Before I get to the Houston pass defense. Lets discuss the Houston Offense. They have 3rd or 4th stringer starting, so they will be all over trying to run the ball. If I’m Baltimore, I don’t want Houston to be in the game from the get go. I would abandon the run and just pass into a way below average pass defense. Why let them hang around by making this a running game on both sides. They give up many big plays in the air and are average at sacking the QB. He may not get the targets of Torrey Smith, but he’ll get some deep shots on Sunday.

Rob Gronkowski – I wanted to take other players but I stuck with Gronk. He’s in a greta situation as always and he’ll get his catches, and yards with some upside.

Donte Moncrief – As of now it’s Moncrief, as It looks like TY Hilton might not be playing. If so, he’d be a starter and will get tons of targets. NO TY. NO BRAINER. But this could change and so would this pick.

RAVENS D – I wanted to take the Seahawks but I needed to save some money. This could be a field day against a 4th string QB. Shutout and everything else is on the table. Others to consider would be Detroit against Clausen.

QB Matthew Stafford 17.7 swap out
RB Fred Jackson 13.5 swap out
RB Tre Mason 11.8 swap out
WR Harry Douglas Q 11.0 swap out
WR Calvin Johnson Q 18.4 swap out
WR Steve Smith Sr. 14.7 swap out
TE Rob Gronkowski 18.6 swap out
FLEX Donte Moncrief 6.8 swap out
DST Ravens 9.5 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 52 – Daily Fantasy Football Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets – UPDATE 2!

I did a whole write up and it didn’t save. So for now, I’ll just post my current lineup and say that it will probably change. We found there to be lots of value this week, so we went with a balanced squad, all with upside potential.

We won both our daily basketball tickets the other night and our new quest total is at $52.60

This week we’re doing 10 x $1  50/50’s.

Also a note, we will not be doing basketball tonight as we won’t have the time needed before the game to concentrate on all the switches. If you do not have that time, we suggest not playing.


Pos Player FPPG  
QB Mark Sanchez 18.4 swap out
RB Justin Forsett 17.7 swap out
RB Jeremy Hill 12.2 swap out
WR O. Beckham Jr. 21.5 swap out
WR Harry Douglas P 9.3 swap out
WR DeAndre Hopkins 16.9 swap out
TE Delanie Walker 12.3 swap out
FLEX Fred Jackson 13.6 swap out
DST Seahawks 7.8 swap out


Mark Sanchez- we moved him in when we paid more attention to the over under. it’s high! We just felt he was safer than Anderson with some upside. Dallas offence didn’t come to play last time, this time they should, and there should be more passing.

Harry Douglas – it looks more and more like no julio jones. they’ll need to plat catchup in this high over under so Douglas could get upwards of 10 targets.

Deandre Hopkins – We were on Evans and dead against Hopkins. What changed? it doesn’t look like andre johnson’s going to play. this should add 3-5 more targets hopkins way.

delanie walker – he had 10 targets last game and theres no reason to think he won’t get the same this week.

fred jackson – he has a high floor in a game where they should be playing from behind. it could also be windy, so short passes will rule. the packers d isn’t great either, especially running. 100 all purposes yards looks pretty good.

Pos Player FPPG  
QB Mark Sanchez 18.4 swap out
RB Justin Forsett 17.7 swap out
RB Jeremy Hill 12.2 swap out
WR O. Beckham Jr. 21.5 swap out
WR Harry Douglas P 9.3 swap out
WR DeAndre Hopkins 16.9 swap out
TE Delanie Walker 12.3 swap out
FLEX Fred Jackson 13.6 swap out
DST Ravens 8.5 swap out


Derek Anderson – He’s the cheapest qb available and going up against a poor defense at home. He’s a serviceable backup on a team that still has a chance to make the playoffs. He performed well the first time he played them this year and his floor is high due to his low price.

Justin Forsett – Baltimore needs a win and to do so,they need to run the ball. This is a dream matchup against a poor Jaguars run D. I think he’s an elite runner at a discounted price.

Chris Johnson – We needed to save some money, so we took Johnson. He’s in a split time situation but we think he’s the more explosive of the 2 against a really bad run defense in Titanland. Here’s a game the Jets can win and they can do it by running. Both rib’s may be in for big days.

TY Hilton – He had a huge day the last time these 2 teams hooked up. Also, we think Andrew Luck will want to get back on the train and throw throw throw after last week. He’s not cheap but he’s also not as expensive of some other guys. We also thought about taking Jordy Nelson here, but opted for the player against the worse defense.

Mike Evans – Last week, the Carolina defense looked good and we have no idea where that came from because they’re not. They are middle of the road at best. We think Evans is at a nice discount to the big receivers this week with big upside potential. We thought about taking both Eagle receivers here as they are also dirt cheap but if you look at the last game against Dallas, they really ran ran ran.

Roddy White – Here’s some exposure to what should be a shoot out. Julio Jones is a game time decision and we actually hope he plays. Before the last two weeks, White had been getting a lot of attention, so we think that could swing back to White and we’d love the Julio Jones decoy. He could have a big day. We thought about Deandre Hopkins here, but like the Eagles, the last time Houston played the Colts, it was run run run, even when they were far behind.

Martellus Bennett – Without Marshall, he gets tons of targets.  It’s as simple as that. Many will be back on Jimmy Graham, but even before the last 2 games, we were noticing he was only getting garbage time catches. So we’re not to sure that a rebound is imminent. We also thought about Delanie Walker but we thought Bennett was more of a sure thing and with upside.

Jeremy Hill – He was really cheap and supposedly he’ll be used more than Bernard this week. Cleveland played well against the Colts last week because the Colts can’t run the ball well and that’s big weakness for the Browns. So here’s a team that can run and Hill will be a big benefactor. If the Bengals want pressure off Dalton, the balance must be there.

Baltimore D – They are playing Jacksonville at home. That’s all. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Pos Player FPPG  
QB Derek Anderson 6.8 swap out
RB Justin Forsett 17.7 swap out
RB Chris Johnson P 8.2 swap out
WR Mike Evans 18.3 swap out
WR T.Y. Hilton P 20.7 swap out
WR Roddy White P 15.3 swap out
TE M. Bennett 15.6 swap out
FLEX Jeremy Hill 12.2 swap out
DST Ravens 8.5 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 48 – Daily Fantasy Football Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets – UPDATE 2!!

What a day at the household. Just got back from hospital. Wife had complications from a spinal tap. I won’t be mean to her today. She gets a reprieve from me being a complete jerk.

Now back to our Quest! over the last two days we went 2/6 and 6/6 last night. We just squeezed in on all our tickets last night. This brings our total to $47.20. This week for football, we will play 10 x $1 50/50’s.

As always, are picks change all the way up to gamete so come back to check. Some of our players already are game timers so we’ll see what happens.

Update 2!!!

Newton OUT! Kaepernick IN. – decided on the safety of less turnovers here with a 13 point floor. He won’t have an easier game all year.

Stedman Bailey OUT. Stepfan Taylor IN. – he’s starting for the cards against one of the worst run defences. He’ll get 15 touches, so he has all the opportunity to get 9 points. We aren’t asking much. 40 yards rushing and 3 catches for 20 yards.

White OUT. Beckham JR. IN – we couldn’t rely on the health of White, so we went with Beckham, whom has a high floor. We trust him.

Kenny Still OUT. Mike Wallace IN – we wanted 1 of the 2 Dolphins receivers and opted for the cheaper one so we could save money, with same high floor.

Broncos D OUT. Lions D IN. – most of these moves were made so we could get this defense in our lineup. They won’t be able to run, so they must pass. This could be a big game.

QB Colin Kaepernick 16.3 swap out
RB Eddie Lacy 17.1 swap out
RB Stepfan Taylor 4.7 swap out
WR O. Beckham Jr. 19.9 swap out
WR Josh Gordon 18.8 swap out
WR Mike Wallace P 13.6 swap out
TE Delanie Walker 12.8 swap out
FLEX Jonathan Stewart 9.7 swap out
DST Lions 8.1 swap out


Cam Newton IN. Hoyer OUT. – He didn’t excel the last time they played and he still had 14 fantasy points. They’ll be passing and he’ll be running. It may not be pretty, but he can still hit value with an ugly game. It’s indoors and the bad saints D.

Andre Wiiliam OUT. Jonathan Stewart IN. – He’s cheap and has full duties against a bad defense. We’re looking for catches here as they will be playing from behind in all likelihood.

Kenny Stills IN. Odell Beckham OUT – We needed a cheaper option and he’s in a game with optimal conditions to succeed. My biggest fear here is they run run run with Ingram. I still my switch out of this spot.

Roddy White IN. Jarvis Landry OUT. – This pick is also a possible change as we’re not sure about Whites health, but we do know that they’ll need to pass to keep up with GB and he’s a much cheaper option than Jones with the same upside.

Pos Player FPPG  
QB Cam Newton 17.6 swap out
RB Eddie Lacy 17.1 swap out
RB Jonathan Stewart 9.7 swap out
WR Josh Gordon 18.8 swap out
WR Kenny Stills 12.4 swap out
WR Roddy White Q 15.5 swap out
TE Delanie Walker 12.8 swap out
FLEX Stedman Bailey 6.3 swap out
DST Broncos 6.2 swap out

Brian Hoyer – They must score to keep up in this game, so he’ll be passing the ball. This pick may change as we fear the Manziel, but Davis is out which makes things easier. The colts give up points.

Eddie Lacy – Here’s a game where you want exposure. We think Green Bay kills here are Lacy runs wild against a very poor run defense.

Andre Williams – It doesn’t look like Jennings is playing, so Williams will have a great shot at one of the worst run defences in the league.

Josh Gordon – It doesn’t matter who is QB, Gordon will see tons of targets Sunday.

Odell Beckham – This pick could change, but right now, we like his consistency with targets and he’s a fair price. The Giants will put up points on Sunday.

Jarvis Landry – Miami will need to pass to win and Landry is Tannehill’s sweetheart. They have great repoire and he’ll see tons of targets.

Delanie Walker – There are injuries in the Tennessee WR Core, so Walker will see some extra targets. He’ll also be facing the leagues worst team at defending the tight end. We like his chances for a big day.

Stedman Bailey – He’s facing a Redskins team that’s been getting torched by receivers and he seems to be the apple of Hill’s eye.

Broncos D – The Bills will need to play catchup in this game so I think Orton could throw a bunch of Interceptions. They average close to 3 sacks and an interception a game. If they can keep the score low, they will pay off handsomely.

Pos Player FPPG  
QB Brian Hoyer 13.8 swap out
RB Eddie Lacy 17.1 swap out
RB Andre Williams 7.4 swap out
WR O. Beckham Jr. 19.9 swap out
WR Josh Gordon 18.8 swap out
WR Jarvis Landry 11.3 swap out
TE Delanie Walker 12.8 swap out
FLEX Stedman Bailey 6.3 swap out
DST Broncos 6.2 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 43 – Daily Fantasy Football Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets – UPDATE!!!

Yesterday was too easy. I wish every daily fantasy football day was that easy. We didn’t sweat once. Thank you to the Detroit Lions. Also, thank you to everyone at work for all watching football and to my wife and kids, for not putting up a stink that I was out all night watching football.

Things I learned from yesterday. Colin Kaepernick really stinks. He has zero accuracy, makes bad decisions, and rarely looks off his initial targets. The 49ers aren’t going anywhere near the playoffs. Chicago is just bad. The Dallas defense is not good. I don’t think the game is that lopsided if they play again, but the defense needs some work.

Now back to the Quest! That small win brings our total to $45.80, and we will try and plug along for our first shot at the $50 range by Monday night. We will play 5 x $1 50/50’s this week.  Sidenote, with yesterday’s football win, our record on football cash game tickets this year is 10 of 13. Not bad.

As always, we usually change our team up until game time, so please come back for updates.



Mettenberger OUT. Matt Ryan IN! – It’s a hunch. He’s a 102 qb rating at home.

John Brown OUT! Mike Wallace IN. – Wanted exposure to poor Jets secondary

Chales Clay OUT! Matt Asiata IN. – Asiata will get start we here.

Dolphins D OUT. Colts D IN. – Just like the colts

Zach Mettenberger – I actually had Drew Stanton in this spot all week before I moved to Mettenberger. Why? Because he’s good. They have zero running game and they need to  pass the ball for a chance to win. The Houston Texans are not good against the pass and Mett threw for 299, 2 Td’s and 1 INT in their last meeting. We will gladly take that stat line one more time. IS there a downside? Yes. JJ Watt and the potential for fumbles and INT’s, but we know he’ll be throwing to hopefully negate those moments. Tennessee may have the Toughest schedule in the NFL, so facing the 5-6 Texans is a breath of fresh air.

Tre Mason – It’s his job in St. Louis. There is no sharing going on here and there will hopefully be no goal line vultures. He doesn’t get the pass catches like others, but it was hard to find cheap pass catching backs this week. We rarely pay up for backs at Best Daily Fantasy. So here’s a game against a bad run defense and bad overall team. The Rams will have a shot at scoring lots of points and Mason is their workhorse. He’s 4600. A good value.

Pierre Thomas – He’s healthy and last week he returned to stealing some of Ingrams carries and got a bunch of catches too. We’ll happily take his stat line from last week, however, we think he’ll have a bigger week. New Orleans will need to keep pace, so we think they’ll play from behind and need to throw more, which means he’ll be in the backfield due to his better blocking and pass catching ability. He’s a tremendous value in our opinion.

Josh Gordon – Many think he won’t have the same week as last because they’re playing a solid Buffalo D. He had 16 balls thrown his way. 16! We still think he’ll have 16 balls thrown at him this week. So in our opinion, nothing has changed.


AJ Green – This pick may change but we’re quite encouraged by the turnaround of the Bengals lately. AJ Green seems to be fully healthy now and acting like the AJ of old. They are facing a poor Tampa Pass defence, so there should be plenty of opportunity for AJ to have a big day.

John Brown – this pick could change as we’re still trying to figure out if Fitzgerald is playing, but if he’s not, Brown would be their number 1 receiver and should get at least 8 targets against a poor pass defence in Atlanta.

Rob Gronkowski – We could have gone Jimmy Graham here, but we’re  a little afraid of Graham, or at least how they are using him. In that case, we are paying up for the Gronk as he’ll be a in a shootout. But i’m also not that sure about this pick as well. To beat Green Bay, you should run the ball and slow down the game. That’s their weakness, Bellichek is no dummy and should employ this strategy. Keep Rodgers off the field and take chances when he is on it, to throw off his rhythm.

Charles Clay – Yes, a tight end in the flex spot. Which is why we’re thinking about possibly switching off the Gronk. We still don’t know if Clay is playing, but he’s up against the Jets who just stink against the Pass. We’re not sure who gets the targets in this offense as it’s inconsistent, but Clay is by far the cheapest option. We have also been thinking of using Jonathan Stewart in this spot as well.

Dolphins D – They are a solid defense up against a poor offense with quarterbacks that are poor decision makers. We like the upside potential. They were embarrassed by Denver last week and need to bounce back for any shot at the playoffs. They beat up on bad teams and the Jets may have already given up.


QB Z. Mettenberger 13.8 swap out
RB Tre Mason 9.9 swap out
RB Pierre Thomas P 12.8 swap out
WR John Brown P 11.1 swap out
WR Josh Gordon 23.0 swap out
WR A.J. Green 17.4 swap out
TE Rob Gronkowski 18.4 swap out
FLEX Charles Clay Q 8.6 swap out
DST Dolphins 10.6 swap out


Quest For $1000 – Day 42 – Daily Fantasy Football Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets – Thursday Only

Last night my tickets just got by in our cash games. The most frustrating part was that Barea should have played 20 plus minutes last night with team injuries and he only got 15 minutes on the floor, with an overtime. Outside of our Quest Tickets, I noticed that the higher dollar that I used with these tickets on my personal accounts, lets say I entered a $5 50/50, I had an 80% win rate. But in the low stakes that we played for the quest last night, we get bigger player pools and the tickets were able to stay on the right side of the bubble, barely.

That brings our total to $45.00 for the Quest For $1000. Today we’re going to play an only Thursday ticket and only 1 x $1 50/50 at that. It’s a short slate of games and I’m just looking for action. There will be heavy crossover today and who knows what will happen.

My strategy for today is mostly based on the team I like most. I believe the LIONS must put up a statement game and get everyone on their team rolling. They get the Bears in town and on paper, the Lions should have a feast. I’m not going to over think things. I’m just throwing most of the Lions on my team.

Lions – Stafford, Bell, Johnson, Tate, LIONS D

Demarco Murray – The offensive line on Dallas is the best. He doesn’t get touched until he’s at least 2 yards passed the line of scrimmage. He catches balls and scores TD’s.

Jordan Matthews – Has great chemistry with Sanchez. In my opinion, he becomes their number 1 receiver and Maclin is a top number 2.

M. Bennett – None of the tight ends are attractive. If Cutler is under pressure, he’ll need an underneath safety valve and we think that’s Bennett.

Vernon Davis – It’s all we could afford at the Flex spot. I think Kaepernick needs to use his legs today for the win. I don’t see his wideouts doing much, which means Vernon Davis must try and do something. It’s a safety valve day.

Pos Player FPPG  
QB Matthew Stafford 16.8 swap out
RB Joique Bell 10.7 swap out
RB DeMarco Murray 24.6 swap out
WR Calvin Johnson P 15.0 swap out
WR Jordan Matthews P 14.1 swap out
WR Golden Tate 19.3 swap out
TE Vernon Davis 5.9 swap out
FLEX M. Bennett 14.1 swap out
DST Lions 8.1 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 38 – Daily Fantasy Football Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Tickets – UPDATE

The other night in basketball was horrific to say the least. It may be the worst ticket I’ve ever created. If someone were to tell me that James Harden would only have 13 shot attempts on a night when Dwight Howard had the night off, I would have called you a genius. You thought I was going to say crazy but that would be too cliche. Wait until you meet our new correspondent, BrandenBerger. Some may say that he’s a mentally handicapped 10 year old. I tend to agree, but enough about that half wit, lets get on to some daily fantasy football picks.

Our picks last week were quite lackluster. Jimmy Graham put up quite the stinker and immediately put us behind the 8 ball. Cliche! Some people think it was because he was hurt, but I watched the game and they just weren’t tossing him the ball. We thought our money was going to be saved by the DraftKIngs glitch, but alas, our money was not refunded, nor did we ask for a refund. We lost fair and square.

This brings our total to $36.80 and we intend to double up this week on our football so it will be 10 x $1 50/50’s.

Here’s Our Lineup.


Orton IN Kaepernick OUT.

Jimmy Graham IN. Martellus Bennett OUT.

Theo Riddick IN. Sammy Watkins OUT.

49ers OUT. Philidelphia IN

Colin Kaepernick – We’ve rostered him twice before and he’s 50/50 on his performance. He’s had 3 weeks straight of sub par performances and there’s no reason to believe that he’ll improve. However, we feel his downside is the 12 points from the other week and he always has a chance of adding more to your squad with his legs. He has zero rushing td’s this year and we think he’s due. In his price range, it’s hard to make a case for any other qb. We like Kyle Orton but don’t want to take he and Watkins in a 50/50, just in case. So we stick with Kaepernick, for now.

Rashad Jennings – We like Jennings because he gets rushes and catch attempts. It provides a high ceiling for his price and he has the ability to get TD’s too. The last time we took him, he got hurt. If that happens again, he’ll be banished from our lineups forever and like in Harry Potter, he will be forever known as He Who Must Not Be Named.

Trent Richardson – We like him because we think he’ll get double the catch targets with Bradshaw hurt. Is he good? No. Can he achieve his value without the need of a TD? Yes. Can he get a TD? Yes. Can he get 5 catches for 40 yards? Yes. Can he rush for 50 yards on 17 carries? Yes. We’ll take it. On another note, we were thinking about taking Mccoy but stopped because he’s never done us proud this year in any way. If Sproles came in and stole td’s from him, we’d just be livid over here. Like throw my kids through the tv screen livid, then throw the tv, with them in it, through the window, which would then hopefully crash through the windshield of my Dodge Viper below. I would then get in that Dodge Viper, drive to the Grand Canyon, jump out the door at the last second, and watch it plummet down to my wife, who went there on her alone vacation, and consume her in what can only be described as a being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Keenan Allen – He’s being getting tons of targets and catching lots of balls. None of them are deep balls, so he’s the safe guy underneath. For his price, we’ll take 6 catches for 80 yards and be very happy with it. Can he throw in a TD? He’s due.

TY Hilton – He’s had 2 horrid weeks in a row. What are the odds of 3? It’s possible, but not likely. We hope the JAGS put up a fight, so TY will be needed in all 4 quarters.

Jordy Nelson – The team is just on fire and we stick with Jordy Nelson as always. If other guys swipe his targets or catches or td’s, so be it. We go with their top dog.

Martellus Bennett – He’s severely underpriced and going up against a horrible pass defense. Is there a chance he doesn’t get many targets? Yes. But we’re only looking for 4-5 catches from him this week. Even if he puts up a clunker, which is a very good chance, it won’t hurt us that match due to his low price. We usually pay up for either Graham or Gronk, but something is stopping us this week. This pick could change and if it does, it will drastically alter our picks.

Sammy Watkins – Big fan of the situation. Passing teams have field days against the Jets and then there’s the added plus of this game moving indoors. We’d love to start Orton too, but we need to spread the risk, just in case. The second time I’ve used the ‘just in case’ in this post. I need a better vocabulary.


The defense is playing like they must carry the whole team at the moment. They’re getting sacks and causing turnovers. They’re up against RG3 this week and that should turn into a bunch of sack opportunities. This is an interesting game from the perspective of RG3. If he doesn’t perform, the bust calls will get louder. He has tons of pressure on him and I think this defense feels it, then buries him. Like what happens to a human after a Dodge Viper falls from the Grand Canyon right on top of you. Hood ornament first.


QB Colin Kaepernick 17.7 swap out
RB Rashad Jennings 14.4 swap out
RB Trent Richardson P 10.3 swap out
WR Keenan Allen 11.8 swap out
WR T.Y. Hilton 18.6 swap out
WR Jordy Nelson 22.9 swap out
TE M. Bennett 14.7 swap out
FLEX Sammy Watkins P 14.9 swap out
DST 49ers 8.0 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 32 A – Daily Fantasy Football Picks – DraftKings Tickets -UPDATE

Our picks crushed it last week in daily fantasy football.. CRUSHED! Our cash game tickets came close to top prizes in some single entry tournaments too. For football this year, we’ve won 8 of our 10 weeks and after those losses we doubled up to recoup from the week before. To say we’re having a profitable 1st year iis an understatement.

We’re up to $43.40 on our Quest For $1000 and this week we’re going to lower our stakes back to 5 x $1 50/50’s. To explain, after we double up from a losing week, we don’t increase our amount played, we actually decrease it. We’ll increase incrementally, the larger our bankroll gets.

Let us get onto our picks before my wife makes me do household chores or my kids ask me for money or for toys or whatever they do that annoys me.


Alfred Blue IN. Rivera OUT.

Browns Defense IN. Pittsburgh OUT!

Andy Dalton – Can you believe I just recommended Andy Dalton. I was just ripping  on him the other day, and the day before that, and the day before that one too. The thing about daily fantasy is, have a short memory, or at least consider every player before you say no. With Andy, he’s 5600 bucks. This means, if he throws 300 yards, he almost earned his 3 points per 1000 spent. That’s without throwing a touchdown. New Orleans defense gives up 260 per game. He’s got 2 healthy receivers and a great running back to take pressure off. They need to bounce back big. 300 yards isn’t out of the question. We like Warren Buffet. His theory is buy’em when everyone else hates’em. He’d buy Dalton and we are too.

Jeremy Hill – If this was a tournament, we wouldn’t use Hill, but it’s not. He can run, he can catch, he can score. We needed to pay up for receivers, so Hill is a nice consolation prize at RB in our opinion. 70 yards rushing. 3 catches for 40 yards. We’ll take that. A TD would be a bonus.

Shane Vereen – We wanted exposure to the Patriots game with such a high over/under. It’s Vereens job there and  he can fill up the score sheet in a bunch of different ways. 70 yards rushing. 5 catches for 60 yards. This should be quite the affair and he’ll have a big impact on this game as the Colts corners are ferocious.


Antonio Brown – The Steelers were embarrassed last week and they need to make a comeback statement. Brown didn’t get 100 yards and he fumbled twice. We think he’ll be plenty motivated to have a big game. He’s the goods and his price dropped a ton.

Jordy Nelson – He took us to the promised land last week and we’re not going to guess which WR will get the ball more. We just give it to Jordy. He’s their number 1. If he puts up a stinker and Dovantae Adams creeps in again, so be it. We’re sticking with Nelson. Everyone thinks this will be a game. Personally, I think GB kills them.  That Eagles Secondary stinks.

Keenan Allen – He’s been getting 10 plus targets for the last few weeks. He’s had some solid weeks and an unspectacular one too. That dud was one the whole team laid though. We think he has an 11 point floor. 5 catches for 60 yards this week. He’s going up against a middle of the road pass defense and we like his chances for a big game.

Jimmy Graham – You’re either taking Graham or Gronk this week. We didn’t have enough money for Gronk so we went with the next best thing. The Bengals have a bend but don’t break defense and they’ve been breaking a lot. He’ll rack up the catches and yards.

Pierre Garcon – In all likelihood, this pick will change. He doesn’t fit our beliefs as a high floor kinda guy. But for this spot at the moment, we’re waiting for something to emerge by Sunday. We also have thought about having Trent Richardson here and may lean that way as well for his guarantee points catching, with upside potential running and for TD’s.

STEELERS D – We like the Steelers because of the bounce back factor. We think everyone on that team is pissed off. Look out Titans. The Titans can’t run or pass the ball well. They give up close to 3 sacks per game,  turn the ball over twice a game and only score 16 points a game. We’ll take that.

Keep coming back for updates…..


Keenan Allen OUT. Julio Jones IN.

Julio Jones – He’s in a high over/under game against a team that got ripped or over 300 yards last week in the air. It could have been more. The Panthers are on a short week as well. Jones racks up the targets and we think he’ll finally hit pay dirt this week. He’s due.

Jeremy Hill OUT. Theo Riddick IN.

Theo Riddick – He’s dirt cheap and it looks like Reggie Bush isn’t playing. He’s now the pass catching back all to himself again. In his 2 weeks in that role, he put up impressive totals of 5 for 75 and 8 for 74. This week he’s facing a tough run defence and I don’t think that matters. It’s not his game. In fact, it helps him. He’ll be on the field more for passing downs against a weak pass defense. We think he gets the 9 fantasy points we need from him with a tiny bit of upside if he scores a TD. His downside is 6 fantasy points.

Pierre Garcon OUT. Mychal Rivera IN.

Mychal Rivera – Rivera is really cheap. He’s going up against a team that defends the TE well, only giving up 3 catches for 30 yards a week. It’s not to say they haven’t been burned by TE’s, they have. They also haven’t faced the greatest TE’s as well. But we’re going for a cheap play in this spot that can possibly earn his value without a TD. Even at the 3 catches for 30 yards, he gets 6 fantasy points and all we need is 9. Does he have massive upside? No. But you never know how this game will play out. He could get those garbage minute catches like he did last week. He’s an ultra cheap play that won’t kill us if he throws up a dud.

NOTE: Many people will be taking Kelvin Benjamin as he’s cheap and going up against the worst pass Defense in Atlanta. We took him last week and he rewarded us with 2 tds. They were garbage td’s and he didn’t deserve the stats he got. He gets targets but not a lot of catches. Sometimes he goes missing. We would have taken him again, but we couldn’t find a player that we liked to replace any of our other low cost options with our savings. So instead we spent the money on Jones, whom has a higher floor and has the ability to outperform him in the same game.


Pos Player FPPG  
QB Andy Dalton 15.3 swap out
RB Theo Riddick 11.3 swap out
RB Shane Vereen 12.3 swap out
WR Julio Jones 11.5 swap out
WR Antonio Brown 25.3 swap out
WR Jordy Nelson 22.8 swap out
TE Jimmy Graham 17.7 swap out
FLEX Mychal Rivera 12.1 swap out
DST Steelers 7.0 swap out




Quest For $1000 – Day 28 – Daily Fantasy Football Picks – DraftKings Tickets – UPDATE! SECOND UPDATE!

Before we begin with our daily fantasy football picks for week 10, we just want to tell you that we will not be doing any basketball today, due to the small schedule. We’re not fans of these days, so we’ll fight again tomorrow.

Now back to our Quest for $1000. Last night, even with Kevin Love throwing up quite the stinker, we managed to win both our entries, lifting our bankroll to $33.40. Up 334% Moving forward, we will probably be staying away from Cavs players. Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians.

Last week, we lost on Football (we blame Andre Johnson), we’re now 7 wins and 2 losses on Football this year. So this week we will be doubling up to recoup our losses. We’ll be play 10 x $1 50/50’s. There’s some soft pricing on DraftKings this week and we hope to take advantage.

Remember, this is our opening roster. Usually we’ll be tinkering with it over the next few days, so come back to see what you could be missing. Fear of missing out? I know I have it.



I can’t believe we’re doing this, but we’re using Mark Sanchez. Yes, I know what I wrote below, but I checked his stat history and it wasn’t bad. His completion percentage stinks but as long as he has attempts, we’re cool. The Chip Kelly Offense won’t change. It will be quick and he’ll have his offensive line back to protect him. We feel, even if he only gets 1 TD, that he could still earn his keep with the low salary. So yes, Mark Sanchez is in.

Andre Ellington is out. Ronnie Hillman is in. We realized we had to take off our love glasses for a second and say that Ellington is fairly priced. So our up side is limited. We like the Hillman situation this week and chose to go with him instead of our first love.

We moved Benjamin into our wr slot, and removed Brandon Marshall. We just don’t know whom will get the ball there. 4 solid options. So we chose Justin Forsett for our FLEX. He can catch the ball out of the backfield and he’s the guy in Baltimore. They’re playing a crappy Titans team we think he can achieve the 15 points we need from him. We think he’ll have at least 80 yards rushing and 1 catch. So his floor is 9 points to us.

Owen Daniels OUT. Jimmy Graham IN. It’s the highest over/under of the week and it look like Patrick Willis isn’t playing. This will open up Jimmy Graham to have a massive game, in our opinion. When a tight, like Jimmy or Gronk, has optimal conditions, you pay up for him as the drop off below is steep. His price tag isn’t as high as the 8000 from opening day, so I think he’s a good deal.

Dallas D out. Ravens D IN. We like defences at home and we’re not fans of the Titans offence or it’s rookie QB.  It’s a slightly above average D versus a well below average offence. We’ll take it.


We didn’t like what the Denver Offensive Coordinator said about touches with Hillman and Ball. So we are moving Hillman Out. Forsett into his RB spot, Moving Out on the Ravens and slotting in the LIONS D. Now we can afford Dez Bryant with Romo officially playing.

Pos Player FPPG  
QB Mark Sanchez 14.6 swap out
RB Justin Forsett 15.0 swap out
RB LeSean McCoy 12.8 swap out
WR Kelvin Benjamin 14.5 swap out
WR Julio Jones 19.1 swap out
WR Jordy Nelson 21.1 swap out
TE Jimmy Graham P 16.2 swap out
FLEX Dez Bryant 17.3 swap out
DST Lions 9.4 swap out
Pos Player FPPG  
QB Mark Sanchez 14.6 swap out
RB Ronnie Hillman 16.2 swap out
RB LeSean McCoy 12.8 swap out
WR Kelvin Benjamin 14.5 swap out
WR Julio Jones 19.1 swap out
WR Jordy Nelson 21.1 swap out
TE Jimmy Graham P 16.2 swap out
FLEX Justin Forsett 15.0 swap out
DST Ravens 7.9 swap out

Our Lineup is Below!!!!!

Matt Ryan – He played Tampa earlier in the year and threw 250 plus yards with 3 TD’s. They’ve had the week off to game plan and it’s hard to see a complete stinker being put up, so we believe he has a high floor at a good price.

Andre Ellington – We’re big Ellington fans because he doesn’t need to score td’s to get his value. This week his price was higher and we wanted to take a cheaper back, but we just love his catching ability, so we stuck with him.

Lesean Mccoy – He’s still cheap and we think he’ll be a much needed assist to Mark Sanchez for the quick dump off. Many people love mark Sanchez this week as a value play. To us, he’s still Mark Sanchez. Geno Smith was given his job. Does anyone remember this? So we’ll take Mccoy as a friendly dump off machine. Plus, the offensive line is getting healthier. This bodes well for him this week.

Julio Jones – He’ll get his targets like usual and he could be in for a big game. His price is too low to not take him. I expect him to be 40% owned.

Brandon Marshall – I took Marshall because he was also too cheap in the highest over under of the week. I may move from him, which will make me change many other things, but he won’t need a TD to achieve his 3 points per thousand that we look for. The thing that scares me with him, like with some others, there are 4 guys on this team that share catches. Even if they all get their looks, it’s something that’s not working with this team. They keep losing. Something has to change and part of me doesn’t want to be around for it. This may be a value trap.

Jordy Nelson – He’s also in the highest scoring game of the week. He gets tons of targets, but in his last game, he put up quite the dud. Did it scare me? Yes. Why? Because Dovontae Adams looked good and added another dimension to the offence. Does this mean his targets on a week to week basis will be hard to figure out? It’s possible. Am I over thinking it? Probably.

Owen Daniels – Even though he has so many fantasy points, I’m not a Julius Thomas fan. He barely gets any targets and if he doesn’t catch a TD, he stinks. So he was out. I would not fault anyone for taking Jimmy Graham, but it also seems like Brees is spreading the ball around like never before and that kinda scares me too. So we went with Owen Daniels because he was so cheap. At his 3300 buck price tag, he can easily get the points he needs without a TD as they play the lowly Titans.


Kelvin Benjamin – He’s our flex this week as he’s pretty cheap for a number 1 wide receiver. He’s got a good matchup against a weak Eagles secondary and can also get his 3 points per thousand without a TD. Last week was just atrocious, 2 catches for 18 yards, but he did have 10 targets. We’ll take it and we’re sure 30% of others will too.

Cowboys D – They are playing the Jags. It’s the safest pick we could make. The Jags.

We may move to Calvin Johnson or Dez Bryant but we’re still waiting for more information on them or their team situations.


Pos Player FPPG  
QB Matt Ryan 19.4 swap out
RB Andre Ellington Q 18.0 swap out
RB LeSean McCoy Q 12.8 swap out
WR Julio Jones 19.1 swap out
WR Brandon Marshall 13.1 swap out
WR Jordy Nelson 21.1 swap out
TE Owen Daniels 10.5 swap out
FLEX Kelvin Benjamin 14.5 swap out
DST Cowboys 6.4


Quest For $1000 – Day 23 A – Daily Fantasy Football Picks – Week 9 – DraftKings Cash Game Ticket – UPDATE! UPDATE 2!

Two Quest For $1000 Posts in the same day? Yes. We are truly amazing over here at Best Daily Fantasy Site. It’s our daily fantasy football picks cash game ticket for DraftKings. We’re winners now in 7 of our 8 cash game weeks on DraftKings and we look to keep that going. This week, we’ll be playing 6 x $1 50/50’s.

Before we continue, lets just say that last week was crazy. The amount of scoring from top players was off a chart and this week, the salaries have gone through the roof on the Receiver front. With many quality receivers on a bye or playing on Thursday, it was slim pickings ate Receiver this week and creating a stacked roster was near impossible. Our roster could change as we do tweak it constantly, all the way up to game time and it’s very likely it will happen again. Right now, we’re under the assumption that Aj Green and Giovani Bernard will not be playing this week, so our current roster reflects that, but this and many other things could change by Sunday, so keep on coming back and we’ll keep you posted.

Our daily fantasy football picks for DraftKings are below.


Colin Kaepernick

He’s playing the Rams at home and they are the team he vandalized earlier in the year on his way to his highest point total. He has a very high floor and for $7000, we’ll take him with little downside.

Le’Veon Bell

Initially we had Marshawn Lynch here, and we think most will, but we really don’t like how Lynch doesn’t catch many balls. Bell is still underpriced and is just too reliable. Imagine if he actually gets a touchdown.  He;s our favourite daily fantasy football player this year.

Andre Ellington

Le’veon Bell Lite. He runs and catches so many balls that he quickly pays for himself without the need of a touchdown.  At 5900, he’s a steal in our opinion. A very high floor with upside.

Andre Johnson

This is our 3rd week in a row with Andre Johnson in our lineup. He does the same thing every week and we’re just fine with that. We expect the same old this week with some upside against a horrible defence. One of these weeks he’ll get 100 yards or a TD, so this week could be that week, but it’s not needed. he up against some bad cornerbacks this week.

Steve Smith Sr.

He’s been quiet the last 2 weeks even though he’s still been getting targets. This week he faces a lousy secondary in Pittsburgh. He should get back to the 6 catch range as he’s getting 9-10 targets and have the ability to get 100 yards and a td. He’s a high floor with a high ceiling this week.

Mohamed Sanu

This pick is dependent on the health of AJ Green. If Green isn’t playing, Sanu will get all the targets once again and he’s playing an atrocious Jacksonville defence. Even Andy Dalton can’t screw this one up? He’ll have plenty of chance to pick up catches/yards and like the others, might not need a touchdown to earn his keep.

Julius Thomas

We did everything to try and fit Gronkowski into this spot but couldn’t figure out a way to get all the other pieces we liked. It’s a tough week. So we took Julius Thomas in a high over under. He hasn’t been getting tons of target s and is touch down dependent, however, New England stink against tight Ends, and we think this gives him a chance to double his targets this week. This is our riskiest play in our opinion.

Jeremy Hill

Like Sanu, Hill will remain here as long as we think or know that Giovani Bernard is not playing. He’s facing Jacksonville and should get all running back duties, including pass catching which he does quite well. At $4000, he has a high floor with the potential of having a monster day.


They’re averaging over 3 sacks and 1. turnovers a game. Can Colt Mccoy play brilliantly twice in a row? He’s Colt Mccoy? We don’t think so. We like them to get us between 6-10 fantasy points this week.

UPDATE!! with AJ Green playing, we removed Sanu from our lineup. We switched him to Reuben Randle. He’s getting targets and the Giants game is a big over/under 50.5. Vegas thinks points will be scored and the Giants will need to Pass to catch up.

With that change, we then wanted to somehow get Gronk into our lineup, so we moved off Le’veon Bell (which really made us upset because we love him) and moved to Ronnie Hillman. The weather isn’t looking so hot in Foxboro and it will be some running and short passing. In the history of these matches, Bellichek chose to stop Manning and let the running game run wild. So we think Hillman will have a good chance at a big day. The thing we want most are few catches and we think, due to the weather, this should easily happen. Some nice little dump offs. He can earn his value without a td. It’s also the highest over under of the week, so he has tremendous upside.

Then we switched off Julius Thomas and moved to Gronkowski. We aren’t fans of the Thomas downside, even though he’s cheap. We just wanted the tried and true Gronkowski. He’ll be a security blanket all day for Brady and we know he’ll get his targets.

We’ve switched our defence from the Vikings to the Chiefs. They do a good job at getting to the Qb and this week they’re going up against a team in real disarray. The Qb position is in shambles and they could feast on this. We like a few sacks here, and if Vick is playing, multiple fumble recovery opportunities.

UPDATE 2! Vontae Davis is playing, so we’re of Randle. We are moving AJ Green into that spot as he’s healthy with a good matchup. To make room for this, we moved off Hillman to Lesean Mccoy. They have the capability of the same game. Same upside and downside. Then we also moved off the Chiefs, which made us sad, but it was a must to get the receiver we wanted. So now we’re on the Browns at home versus the lowly Buccaneers. Not a bad consolation prize.

Pos Player FPPG
QB Colin Kaepernick 19.4 swap out
RB Andre Ellington P 17.3 swap out
RB LeSean McCoy 12.3 swap out
WR A.J. Green Q 16.5 swap out
WR Andre Johnson P 13.1 swap out
WR Steve Smith Sr. 17.9 swap out
TE Rob Gronkowski 18.0 swap out
FLEX Jeremy Hill 9.1 swap out
DST Browns 7.6 swap out


Pos Player FPPG  
QB Colin Kaepernick 19.4 swap out
RB Andre Ellington P 17.3 swap out
RB Ronnie Hillman P 14.4 swap out
WR Andre Johnson P 13.1 swap out
WR Rueben Randle 11.2 swap out
WR Steve Smith Sr. 17.9 swap out
TE Rob Gronkowski 18.0 swap out
FLEX Jeremy Hill 9.1 swap out
DST Chiefs 8.0 swap out


Pos Player FPPG  
QB Colin Kaepernick 19.4 swap out
RB Le’Veon Bell 21.1 swap out
RB Andre Ellington Q 17.3 swap out
WR Andre Johnson Q 13.1 swap out
WR Mohamed Sanu 17.7 swap out
WR Steve Smith Sr. 17.9 swap out
TE Julius Thomas 17.1 swap out
FLEX Jeremy Hill 9.1 swap out
DST Vikings 8.6 swap out



Daily Fantasy Football Picks – DraftKings Cash Game Lineup – NFL Week 8 Football Locks

We’re 6 wins in 7 weeks for our cash game lineups for DraftKings and our only loss was due to 2 injuries. We’ve been fiddling with our daily fantasy football picks all week, but we’re now satisfied with our team.

If you like our picks. Create your own roster on DraftKings. Win Big Money NOW!

Carson Palmer

We think this is a high scoring affair and would rather have the QB at home, plus, Carson Palmer seems to do the same thing every week. We’d rather have a guy who does that. We also like that his main running back is more of a receiving back who can bust big plays.

Le’veon Bell

Pittsburgh has a tough game here but the amount of touches Bell gets, even when they are down is still impressive. His price is too low to be ignored for us cash game and 50/50 players. He’ll get 4 catches minimum and is the key to this whole football game. If Pittsburgh wants to win, they need to slow this game down, and that means slowly plodding on the ground. He gets 12 points minimum in our opinion, so we’ll take that floor. He doesn’t need a TD to achieve 19 points, as he fills the scoresheet. We like him here.

Dez Bryant

We looked at both he and Brown, and thought their floors were relatively the same. Bryant has an easier defence to play against and was $1100 dollars cheaper. We felt like saving money to spend on other high floor players but with higher ceilings with these savings.

Mohamed Sanu OUT. MacLin IN.

We’re using Maclin because of how many targets he gets week in and week out. Last week was an anomaly and we think he gets back to a minimum 5 catches. We think that game will be high scoring so they’ll need to pass the ball a whole lot.

Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson seems to do the same thing every week and we like that a lot on this site. We also think that he has upside this week against the Titans. So we’ll take his guaranteed points.

Travaris Cadet

He’s $3000. I was just going to leave it at that but I’ll continue. No Pierre Thomas for 2-3 weeks, and New Orleans is going into the highest over under of the week. With Thomas going down last week, Cadet came in and caught 6 balls for 51 yards. He was in on all the passing downs and should be this week as well. We’re not looking for high upside with this pick, we’re just looking to get 9 points and we think he can do that without getting a touchdown. In our minds, worst case scenario he gets 2 catches for 20 yards and underperforms by 5 points. That’s something we can live with here.

Jordy Nelson

This one will be short. He gets targets and is the highest over/under of the week. He should be on everyones roster this week.

Rob Gronkowski

He healthy and racking up catches and yards. He’s playing a below average pass defence and is clearly the number one target in New England. We pay up for Tight Ends as the drop off is too big for the low end guys. He’s got a high floor and that’s good enough for us.


The Browns are at Home to the Raiders, and after last weeks train wreck, they really need a good showing at home. It’s not that we love the Browns, we just hate the Raiders.

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