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Daily Fantasy Baseball Tuesday Night Recap

Hi all, last night I took a stab at a big tournament to qualify for the 3.3 million dollar Atlantis Tournament. My strategy with all my tickets is to play a tournament and then offset it with a 50/50.

I didn’t cash in the big tourney but I finished in the right half of my 50/50.

My biggest disappointment was Ellsbury and Vogt. Whenever you pay for a high priced player, he better come through and Ellsbury didn’t. If I could do it all over again, I’d still take him. When it comes to Vogt, every other guy on the team got some points last night but Vogt did nothing. Both guys were in favorable lefty/righty situations against awful pitchers. All their teammates did well. That’s the way it crumbles sometimes. I hedged myself in a way with the 50/50 and shrugged my shoulders. We’ll get’em tomorrow.

Top 10 Wishlist Wins For The 2014 -2015 PGA Tour Season

Top 10 Wishlist Wins For The 2014 -2015 PGA Tour Season

1- Steve Stricker winning a major championship
2- Phil Mickelson winning the U.S. Open
3- Jarrod Lyle winning anything
4- Eric Compton winning anything
5- David Duval winning anything
6- Mike Weir winning the Canadian Open…I’m Canadian, what can i say?
7- Tiger winning any major, but if i had to get particular and wishful, it’s right out of the gate, at the Masters, in a final round epic duel vs Rory or Phil.
8- Sergio Garcia getting a green jacket like his heroes Seve and Jose Maria
9- John Daly winning anything …God bless John Daly.
10-Derek Gillespie. Who? What? He’s Canadian…I’m such a homer…. with world class talent who was derailed by injuries from an accident. He is still great and would love to see him win a event …if he even gets in a field. He needs help.
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How To Play Fantasy Football

First, for newbies, the best thing to do to test the waters is to join a free fantasy football contest. You can find those at and, just to name a few. I’m a big fan of Yahoo.

On these sites, you pick players based on a salary cap and try to accumulate the most points based on a mathematical formula (7points for a rushing TD, 3 points for a passing TD, etc.).

In these contests you compete against thousands of other users and only the top few scores win a prize. You must also play by a standard set of rules.

For more advanced users, some contests offer the lure of bigger prize money but charge an entry fee.  The entry fee is typically between $15 to $60. These contests offer opportunities to win money and prizes for weekly standings, finishing first in a randomly assigned division and for the overall season.

Joining other isn’t the only way, you can also create a league to play against your friends in. You can choose your own rules and categories – with hundreds of options to choose from. And on the Internet, you can have a web site build a homepage for your league and keep track of the stats and standings for free.

There are three different styles of leagues to chose from: points, Categorical and Head-to-head points. Most fantasy football leagues play in a head-to-head format with a 14- or 15-game schedule and then a playoff system with a final championship game. (Many leagues don’t like to play their super bowl on the last week of the season when many superstars are benched to rest for the playoffs).

In the head-to-head points format, a team earns points for what each player does in the league’s categories (for example: 6 points for a rushing touchdown, 3 points for a passing touchdown, 1 point for every 25 yards rushing). The point totals are then added together for a final score. Between the two teams playing on that week’s schedule, the team with the higher point total is the winner.

Points earned in head-to-head points leagues are based on touchdowns, yards and bonus scoring. Most leagues award six points for every touchdown scored rushing or receiving with three points for a passing touchdown. The points are reduced for passing touchdowns since quarterbacks typically throw twice as many touchdowns as other position players score during a season. (However other leagues like to keep all touchdowns at six points for simplicity).

Yardage totals are based on each players’ rushing, receiving or passing totals in each game such as 1 point for every 25 yards rushing or 50 yards passing. Bonus points are based on achieving certain benchmarks during a game such as bonus points for a 100-yard rushing game, a 300-yard passing game, or extra points for a 50-yard touchdown score or a 50-yard field goal.

A traditional head-to-head points league has the following scoring system: 6 points for every rushing or receiving touchdown, 3 points for every passing touchdown, 1 point for every 25 yards rushing, 1 point for every 50 yards passing, 3 points for a field goal, one point for an extra point, 2 points for safety, 2 points for an interception, 1 point for a sack and 6 points for a defensive touchdown.

Leagues where touchdowns comprise most of the scoring are often referred to as “touchdown leagues” while leagues were passing, rushing and receiving yardage comprise the majority of the points are referred to as “yardage” leagues.

The Categorical scoring method is the traditional fantasy baseball format which is also often called “Rotisserie” scoring. It can also be used in football. In each category, you receive a unit every time one of your players contributes to that event in the game. For example, if your player throws a touchdown pass, your passing touchdowns category is increased by 1. Then your total team’s passing touchdowns are compared to all other teams in the league then points are awarded.

The number of points a team receives in each category depends on the number of teams in the league. If there are 12 teams in the league, the team with the best stats for a category receives 12 points. If your team had the most total passing touchdowns based on the example above your team would receive 12 points. The team with the second best stats receives 11 and so on until the worst team receives 1 point. Points in all categories are totaled for each team to determine the team’s standing in the league.

The Points style is similar to the head-to-head points style format. The only difference is that there is no schedule. Whoever posts the most total points wins the league, regardless of where they stand in each individual category.

Your league will also need to decide how many players to draft and start on your team. Traditional standard is to start one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, one kicker and one team defense.

Some leagues prefer to start two quarterbacks or three wide receivers so that leagues have to go deeper in the talent pool. Other leagues don’t like forcing teams to start a tight end, since there are so few of them that catch the ball regularly. Instead, these leagues often start three or four receivers with owners able to use a wide receiver or tight end in these slots.

Another roster decision your league will need to make is how your league configures the use of defenses and special teams. Many leagues will elect not to use any defensive players or points at all. Most leagues elect to use a “team” for a defense (so that one fantasy team has the “oakland” defense).

Scoring is based on turnovers and defensive touchdowns or based on points or yards allowed. Scoring formats for team defenses that favor points for touchdowns and turnovers and sacks often don’t reward the best defensive unit – rather the unit that’s on the field the longest. Yet another method is for league to draft individual defensive players with points awarded for such categories as sacks, interceptions, tackles, fumble recoveries and touchdowns.

Special teams are another area to iron out before the season starts. What happens when a player scores on a punt return? Some leagues give credit just to the individual player. Other leagues give credit for special team touchdowns to the team defenses. Other leagues pick separate “team special teams” (such as “Denver”) in addition to team or individual defenses.

Using “team” or individual quarterbacks and kickers is another debate. Some leagues like to use “team” quarterbacks, so that if you draft the Carolina Panthers quarterbacks, you get Cam Newton and all his backups. Since quarterback is the most productive offensive position, teams like to prevent one key injury from ruining a team’s fantasy season.

Many leagues also like to use team kickers since it’s hard to keep track of all the kickers’ names with many last second cuts and signings in training camp. The theory here is that most fantasy leagues don’t like to follow kickers, just the teams they play for.

Most leagues also allow for a reserve list of to seven to ten players for a total roster size of 15 to 20 players. With each team having a bye during the NFL season, each fantasy team will need plenty of reserves during the course of the year.

Once you have decided the format, there are a few other decisions you need to make.

Someone from your group of friends will have to serve as the commissioner to settle disputes, enter the league’s information on your web site and work to resolve other issues. Having an organized commissioner and a format to settle disputes (maybe a league vote) is very important to keeping things fun. You would be surprised how even the most mild-mannered owner can get hostile over a dispute in the rules.

Your league will also need to decide how to choose its players. Most buddy leagues like to have their selection process in person, on a conference call or in a live online draft room. Half the fun in these drafts is the ability to mock your friends’ picks and talk trash.

There are two formats to most roster selection processes: an auction or a pure draft.

The pure draft format works much like the NFL or NBA draft, with teams drawing their pick number out of a hat. The order is then usually reversed in the even number rounds, so that the team that has the top pick also has the last pick of the second round. The draft continues until every team has all their active and reserve roster spots filled.

Most fantasy football leagues are based on the draft format and the rankings you will find in most fantasy football magazines are based on a draft (as oppposed to an auction).

The other selection process is an auction, where teams are allocated a salary cap to chose their players. This is the format used by most fantasy baseball leagues.

Using the auction format allows for a myriad of variations that can get quite complicated – and add flavor to your league.

You can use the prices paid for your players in the auction as a reference point for keeping players for the next season, for example. These are called Keeper leagues.

Before the season gets under way, you will also need to determine a process for conducting transactions. First, you will need to determine a deadline for making roster moves (most leagues have weekly deadlines, but with the Internet many have daily transactions).

Second, your league needs to determine the process by which teams can pick up undrafted players (free agents). Among the common ways to determine priority for selecting free agents is reverse order of standings, a free agent budget and first-come, first-served.

The free agent budget seems to be gaining as the favorite of most leagues because the one person in your league watching ESPN all day doesn’t always get the first free agent. The teams at the top have a shot to get the one free agent they need to win.

Once you’ve defined the setup of your league and drafted players, you are ready to roll.

Two words of advice as you move forward.

First, make sure there is a method to keep everyone interested all season long.

A system where teams can keep players for next year keeps the last-place teams interested as they try to improve their teams for next season. A prize for a second-half winner or a penalty for the team that finishes last is another option. When teams that fall out of the race lose interest and don’t turn in lineups, it often makes it too easy for the top teams to win games.

This is the problem that plagues many free contests and leagues where random people meet online. When half the league isn’t participating come Week 12, the league isn’t as much fun. Keeping everyone active and interested makes it more fun for everyone.

Most of important of all, it’s best to keep it as simple as possible.

Have Fun!

Top 100 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

Here’s the Top 100 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names. Hope you like them!

Team Name Player(s) referenced
Dark N’ Lean Green Machine A.J. Green

Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood Aaron Rodgers

Quit Playing with your Peter Son! Adrian Peterson

Bardshaw-Shank Redemption Ahmad Bradshaw

Tickle Me Al-Mo Alfred Morris

The Luckness Monsters Andrew Luck

The Boldin the beautiful Anquan Boldin

Foster’s AustrARIAN for beer Arian Foster

A Mingo ate my Brady Barkevious Mingo / Tom Brady

Ben there raped that Ben Roethlisberger

You Sankeyd my Battleship Bishop Sankey

Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles Blake Bortles

Weeden Wayne Bowe Brandon Weeden / Reggie Wayne / Dwayne Bowe

Drill ‘er then Spill ‘er C.J. Spiller

Megatron’s Johnson Calvin Johnson

Wham! Bam! Thank you Cam! Cam Newton

Hyde your kids Hyde your wife Carlos Hyde

Carson don’t Palmer ass Carson Palmer

Henne Given Sunday Chad Henne

You Kaepernick the future Colin Kaepernick

Surprise Mother Fluker! D.J. Fluker

Morning Woodhead Danny Woodhead

Revis and Butthead Darrelle Revis

Sproles Royce Darren Sproles

De more de maryius Demaryius Thomas

I Pitta the fool Dennis Pitta

Final Dez-tination Dez Bryant

Dez-ed and Confused Dez Bryant

Teach me how to Dougie Doug Martin

Breesus, King of the Drews Drew Brees

Taste the Dwaynebowe Dwayne Bowe

Dickson your rear Ed Dickson

Lacy underwear makes my Dix bigger Eddie Lacy / Ha-Ha Clinton Dix

Erect Dicker Eric Decker

Multiple Goregasms Frank Gore

Geno 911! Geno Smith

The Knights who say giovanNI Giovanni Bernard

Golden Taint Golden Tate

HaHa Monica Loves Clinton Dix HaHa Clinton Dix

1.21 JJWatts J.J. Watt

Turn down for Watt J.J. Watt

I’m gonna Jacquizz all over yo’ Tates Jacquizz Rodgers / Ben Tate

Insane Clowney Posse Jadeveon Clowney

Gotta Catch Jamaal Jamaal Charles

Harb Gore Porn Jim Harbaugh / Frank Gore

InstaJimmyGraham Jimmy Graham

Flacc Jacket Joe Flacco

Manziel in distress Johnny Manziel

Ladies and Edelman Julian Edelman

Julio Think you are? Julio Jones

Brain injuries make me Seau Junior Seau

Orton hears a Who Kyle Orton

Backfields and McCoys LeSean McCoy

Not my Forte Matt Forte

Corn on the Schaub Matt Schaub

Stafford Infection Matthew Stafford

InGorious Staffords Matthew Stafford / Frank Gore

What would Jones-Drew Maurice Jones-Drew

I have Crabs and VD Michael Crabtree / Vernon Davis

Michael Sam-I-Am Michael Sam

Its Mike Vick in a box Michael Vick

Suck a Ditka Mike Ditka

Mikel row your boat Leshoure Mikel LeShoure

Montee Wrecking Ball Montee Ball

Suh Girls, One Cup Ndamukong Suh

Putting the Percy on a Pedestal Percy Harvin

May God have Percy on your Goal Percy Harvin

Cry Me a Rivers Philip Rivers

Plaxidental Discharge Plaxico Burress

Slob on my Cobb Randall Cobb

Mendenhally Rasharded Rashard Mendenhall

Beats by Ray Ray Rice

Its Wayning Men Reggie Wayne

I’m gonna make it Wayne Reggie Wayne

Coopers Klux Klan Riley Cooper

Gronk if your horny Rob Gronkowski

Gronk if you love Breesus Rob Gronkowski / Drew Brees

ABC, Easy as RG3 Robert Griffin III

White Jacquizz from my Harry Jones Roddy White / Jacquizz Rodgers / Harry Douglas / Julio Jones – All Falcons

Every day I’m Russell’n Russell Wilson

Russel & Bowe Russell Wilson / Dwayne Bowe

Tannesaurus Rex Ryan Tannehill

Inglorious Bradfords Sam Bradford

Elementary my dear Watkins Sammy Watkins

Don’t Pull a Hammy Watkins! Sammy Watkins

Breaston Plants Steve Breaston

Hali of Fame Tamba Hali

Troubled Bridgewaters Teddy Bridgewater

I have a few Pryors Terelle Pryor

Tebows before Hoes Tim Tebow

Munchen on Bundchen Tom Brady

Brady Gaga Tom Brady

Romophobic Tony Romo

The Neverending Torrey Torrey Smith

My Richardson is pitching a Trent Trent Richardson

Pardon Me Eiferted Tyler Eifert

Cruz Control Victor Cruz

Wilfork on the first date Vince Wilfork

Welker Texas Ranger Wes Welker

It Ertz when Eifert Zach Ertz / Tyler Eifert

Golf Jokes – Best Golf Jokes – Golf Jokes

Everyone loves a good golf joke. Here’s a list of the best golf jokes we could find.

The schoolteacher was taking her first golfing lesson. “Is the word spelt p-u-t or p-u-t-t?” she asked the instructor. “P-u-t-t is correct,” he replied. “Put means to place a thing where you want it. Putt means merely a vain attempt to do the same thing.”

What do you call 1,000 golfers lined up on a pebble beach holding hands?

Pebble Beach Golf Links.

Why do golfers always carry two pairs of trousers with them ?
Just in case they had a hole in one.

Where can you find 100 doctors all at the same place on any given day?
“A golf course!!”

Two golfers were sitting at the 19th hole discussing their games this year when one says to the other,
” My game is so bad this year I had to have my ball retriever regripped !”

Whats the difference between a bad golfer and a bad skydiver?
A bad golfer goes: WHACK…”Damn”! A bad Skydiver goes: “Damn”!…WHACK.

How many golfers does it take to change a light bulb? FORE!

Q: What’s the problem with my golf game?
A: You’re standing too close to the ball … after you’ve hit it.

My golf game is so bad I had to have my ball retriever regripped.

Q: When is the course too wet to play golf?
A: When your golf cart capsizes.

The higher a golfer’s handicap, the more likely he is to try to tell you what you’re doing wrong.

Golf balls are like eggs. They’re white, they are sold by the dozen, and a week later you have to buy more.

Golfer: “I’d move heaven and earth to break 100 on this course.”
Caddie: “Try heaven. You’ve already moved most of the earth.”

Did you hear about the golfer who got shot yesterday?
Yes, they said it was a hole in Juan.

Did you hear about the golfer who got shot yesterday?
Yes, they said it was a hole in Juan.

The only difference between driving in golf and driving a car is that when you drive a car you don’t want to hit anything.

My uncle, who has golfed all his life, has his own definition of the word G.O.L.F.: Getting Old and Living Fine!

Two long time golfers were standing over looking the river. One golfer looked to the other and said, “Look at those idiots fishin’ in the rain.”

What are the four worst words you could hear during a game of golf?
It’s still your turn!

Did you hear about the player who spent so much time in the bunker he got mail addressed to Hitler?

A golfer has one advantage over a fisherman.
He doesn’t have to produce anything to prove his story.

“Your trouble is that you’re not addressing the ball correctly.”
“Yeah, well I’ve been polite to the bloody thing for long enough.”

Q: What is the difference between a lost golf ball and the G-spot?
A: A man will spend 5 minutes looking for the lost golf ball

Q: What do you call a blonde golfer with an IQ of 125?
A: A foursome

What do golf and sex have in common?
They’re two things you can enjoy even if you’re bad at both of them.

“What is a handicapped golfer?”
“One who plays with his boss,” came the reply.


What Golf Tournament Is It This Week? PGA Golf Tournament Schedule


Oct. 7-13 Open
CordeValle Golf Club, San Martin, Calif.
Oct. 14-20 Shriners Hospitals for Children Open
TPC Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nev.
Oct. 21-27 CIMB Classic
Kuala Lumpur G&CC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Oct. 28-Nov. 3 WGC-HSBC Champions
Sheshan International GC, Shanghai, China
Nov. 4-10 The McGladrey Classic
Sea Island Resort, St. Simons Island, Ga.
Nov. 11-17 OHL Classic at Mayakoba
El Camaleon GC at Mayakoba Resort,
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
*Nov. 18-24 World Cup of Golf
Royal Melbourne GC, Victoria, Australia
*Dec. 5-8 World Challenge
Sherwood CC, Thousand Oaks, Calif.
*Dec. 13-15 Franklin Templeton Shootout
Tiburon GC, Naples, Fla.
Dec. 30-Jan. 6
Hyundai Tournament of Champions (Monday finish)
Kapalua Resort (Plantation), Kapalua, Hawaii
Jan. 6-12 Sony Open in Hawaii
Waialae CC, Honolulu, Hawaii
Jan. 13-19 Humana Challenge
PGA West; La Quinta CC, La Quinta, Calif.
Jan. 20-26 Farmers Insurance Open
Torrey Pines (South, North), San Diego
Jan. 27-Feb. 2 Waste Management Phoenix Open
TPC Scottsdale, Scottsdale, Ariz.
Feb. 3-9 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am
Pebble Beach GL, Pebble Beach, Calif.
Feb. 10-16 Northern Trust Open
Riviera CC, Pacific Palisades, Calif.
Feb. 17-23 WGC-Accenture Match Play Champ.
The Golf Club at Dove Mountain, Marana, Ariz.
Feb. 24-March 2 The Honda Classic
PGA National, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
March 3-9 WGC-Cadillac Championship
Trump National Doral (Blue Monster), Doral, Fla.C
March 3-9 Puerto Rico Open
Trump International GC, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
March 10-16 Valspar Championship
Innisbrook Resort, Palm Harbor, Fla.
March 17-23 Arnold Palmer Invitational
Bay Hill GC & Lodge, Orlando, Fla.
March 24-30 Valero Texas Open
TPC San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas
March 31-April 6 Shell Houston Open
Redstone GC, Humble, Texas
April 7-13 Masters Tournament
Augusta National GC, Augusta, Ga.
April 14-20 RBC Heritage
Harbour Town GL, Hilton Head Island, S.C.
April 21-27 Zurich Classic
TPC Louisiana, New Orleans, La.
April 28-May 4 Wells Fargo Championship
Quail Hollow Club, Charlotte, N.C.
May 5-11 The Players Championship
TPC Sawgrass (Stadium Course), Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.
May 12-18 HP Byron Nelson Championship
Four Seasons Resort, Irving, Texas
May 19-25 Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial
Colonial CC, Fort Worth, Texas
May 26-June 1 The Memorial Tournament
Muirfield Village GC, Dublin, Ohio
June 2-8 FedEx St. Jude Classic
TPC Southwind, Memphis, Tenn.
June 9-15 U.S. Open
Pinehurst No. 2, Pinehurst, N.C.
June 16-22 Travelers Championship
TPC River Highlands, Cromwell, Conn.
June 23-29 AT&T National
Congressional CC, Bethesda, Md.
June 30-July 6 The Greenbrier Classic
The Greenbrier Resort (The Old White TPC)
July 7-13 John Deere Classic
TPC Deere Run, Silvis, Ill.
July 14-20 The Open Championship
 Royal Liverpool, Hoylake, U.K.
July 21-27 RBC Canadian Open
The Royal Montreal GC, Ile-Bizard, Quebec
July 28-Aug. 3 WGC-Bridgestone Invitational
Firestone CC (South), Akron, Ohio
July 28-Aug. 3 Reno-Tahoe Open
Montreux G&CC, Reno, Nev.
Aug. 4-10 PGA Championship
Valhalla GC, Louisville, Ky.
Aug. 11-17 Wyndham Championship
Sedgefield CC, Greensboro, N.C.
Aug. 18-24 The Barclays
Ridgewood CC, Paramus, N.J.
Aug. 25-Sept. 1 Deutsche Bank Championship (Monday finish)
TPC Boston, Norton, Mass.
Sept. 1-7 BMW Championship
Cherry Hills CC, Cherry Hills Village, Colo.
Sept. 8-14 Tour Championship by Coca-Cola
East Lake GC, Atlanta, Ga.

Pro Golfers Names – Pro Golfer Names


United States Tommy Aaron 1937–
United States Pat Abbott 1912–1984
South Africa Warren Abery 1973–
Spain Francisco Abreu 1943–
United States Brad Adamonis 1973–
United States Blake Adams 1975–
Scotland Jimmy Adams 1910–1986
United States Sam Adams 1946–
Wales Paul Affleck 1966–
United States Joe Affrunti 1981–
Chile Felipe Aguilar 1974–
United States Jim Ahern 1949–
Finland Antti Ahokas 1985–
South Africa Thomas Aiken 1983–
Japan Yurio Akitomi 1950–
United States Jim Albus 1940–
United States Buddy Alexander 1953–
United States Skip Alexander 1918–1987
New Zealand Steven Alker 1971–
Scotland Jack Allan 18??–1898
Australia Stephen Allan 1973–
South Africa Fulton Allem 1957–
United States Michael Allen 1959–
Australia Robert Allenby 1971–
United States Buddy Allin 1944–2007
England Percy Alliss 1897–1975
England Peter Alliss HoF 1931–
Chile Benjamín Alvarado 1985–
Argentina Rubén Alvarez 1961–
Colombia Jesús Amaya 1969–
Trinidad and Tobago Canada Stephen Ames 1964–
Japan Masaru Amono 1942–2006
South Korea An Byeong-hun 1991–
United States Chris Anderson 1970–
Scotland Jamie Anderson 1842–1905
Canada Jerry Anderson 1955–
United States Mark Anderson 1986–
Scotland Australia P.C. Anderson 1871–1955
Scotland United States Willie Anderson HoF 1879–1910
Sweden Fredrik Andersson Hed 1972–
United States Billy Andrade 1964–
Japan Isao Aoki HoF 1942–
Japan Motomasa Aoki 1950–
Thailand Kiradech Aphibarnrat 1989–
Australia Stuart Appleby 1971–
United States Alex Aragon 1979–
Japan Kikuo Arai 1943–
United States George Archer 1939–2005
England Phillip Archer 1972–
Philippines Ben Arda 1929–2006
United States Connor Arendell 1990–
United States Ryan Armour 1976–
Scotland United States Tommy Armour HoF 1894–1968
United States Tommy Armour III 1959–
United States Wally Armstrong 1945–
Australia Scott Arnold 1985–
India Arjun Atwal 1973–
United States Emlyn Aubrey 1964–
Scotland Laurie Auchterlonie 1868–1948
Scotland William Auchterlonie 1872–1963
United States Mike Austin 1910–2005
United States Woody Austin 1964–
Sweden Johan Axgren 1975–
United States Eric Axley 1974–
United States Dugan Aycock 1908–2001
Burma Mya Aye 19??–
United States Paul Azinger 1960–


Sweden Joakim Bäckström 1978–
Australia Richard Backwell 1963–
Australia Aaron Baddeley 1981–
South Korea Bae Sang-moon 1986–
Scotland Ross Bain 1975–
South Africa Hugh Baiocchi 1946–
United States Briny Baird 1972–
United States Butch Baird 1936–
United States Chris Baker 1986–
England Peter Baker 1967–
Australia Ian Baker-Finch 1960–
Canada Al Balding 1924–2006
England Matthew Baldwin 1986–
Scotland Leslie Balfour-Melville 1854–1937
Wales United States Errie Ball 1910–2014
England John Ball HoF 1861–1940
Australia Ted Ball 1939–1995
Spain Seve Ballesteros HoF 1957–2011
Scotland Harry Bannerman 1942–
United States Jerry Barber 1916–1994
United States Miller Barber 1931–2013
United States Rich Barcelo 1975–
Scotland Canada James A. Barclay 1923–2011
England Benn Barham 1976–
United States Craig Barlow 1972–
Scotland Brian Barnes 1945–
England Jim Barnes HoF 1886–1966
Australia Kurt Barnes 1981–
United States Ricky Barnes 1981–
United States John Barnum 1911–1996
Canada Dave Barr 1952–
United States Todd Barranger 1968–
United States Herman Barron 1909–1978
Canada Chris Baryla 1982–
South Africa Christiaan Basson 1982–
Canada United States Ahmad Bateman 1961–
United States Brian Bateman 1973–
United States Ben Bates 1961–
United States Pat Bates 1969–
United States Rex Baxter 1936–
United States George Bayer 1925–2003
United States Andy Bean 1953–
United States Frank Beard 1939–
Wales Sion Bebb 1968–
United States Chip Beck 1956–
Australia Darren Beck 1978–
United States Cameron Beckman 1970–
United States Rich Beem 1970–
United States Notah Begay III 1972–
United States Russell Beiersdorf 1965–
South Africa Oliver Bekker 1984–
United States Charlie Beljan 1984–
United States Brad Bell 1961–
United States Deane Beman HoF 1938–
England Maurice Bembridge 1945–
United States John Benda 1947–
United States Jim Benepe 1963–
United States Brad Benjamin 1986–
England Stephen Bennett 1959–
England Warren Bennett 1971–
England Seve Benson 1986–
Argentina Jorge Berendt 1965–
United States David Berganio, Jr. 1969–
United States Shane Bertsch 1970–
Argentina Enrique Bertolino 1912–
Netherlands Wil Besseling 1985–
United States Al Besselink 1922–
United States Bob Betley 1940–
United States Matt Bettencourt 1975–
India Gaganjeet Bhullar 1988–
England John Bickerton 1969–
United States Don Bies 1937–
England Germany Gary Birch Jr 1978–
Denmark Thomas Bjørn 1971–
Norway Henrik Bjørnstad 1979–
United States Ronnie Black 1958–
United States Woody Blackburn 1951–
United States Phil Blackmar 1957–
United States Jay Don Blake 1958–
United States Homero Blancas 1938–
United States Kris Blanks 1972–
South Africa John Bland 1945–
England Richard Bland 1973–
Sweden Jonas Blixt 1984–
Australia Rohan Blizard 1984–
United States Jason Bohn 1973–
United States Justin Bolli 1976–
United States Tommy Bolt HoF 1918–2008
England Michael Bonallack HoF 1934–
Wales Liam Bond 1970–
Republic of Ireland Hugh Boyle 1936–
United States Eric Booker 1963–
Thailand Boonchu Ruangkit * 1956–
United States Jim Booros 1951–
United States Guy Boros 1964–
United States Julius Boros HoF 1920–1994
Spain Diego Borrego 1972–
Norway Knut Børsheim 1987–
Switzerland André Bossert 1963–
South Africa Desvonde Botes 1974–
Australia Marcus Both 1979–
South Africa Michiel Bothma 1973–
England Steven Bottomley 1965–
France Grégory Bourdy 1982–
England Ken Bousfield 1919–2000
United States Craig Bowden 1968–
Australia Steven Bowditch 1983–
England Richard Boxall 1961–
United States Bob Boyd 1955–2011
England Gary Boyd 1986–
France Auguste Boyer 1908–????
United States Frank Boynton c.1936–
United States Keegan Bradley 1986–
United States Michael Bradley 1966–
Republic of Ireland Harry Bradshaw 1913–1990
United States Mike Brady 1887–1972
Scotland James Braid HoF 1870–1950
United States Joseph Bramlett 1988–
Scotland Gordon Brand, Jnr 1958–
England Gordon J. Brand 1955–
United States Mike Brannan 1955–2013
United States David Branshaw 1969–
United States Jeff Brehaut 1963–
United States Gay Brewer 1932–2007
South Africa Sid Brews 1899–1972
Austria Markus Brier 1968–
United States Danny Briggs 1960–
United States D. J. Brigman 1976–
Sweden Kalle Brink 1975–
United States Mike Brisky 1965–
United States Bill Britton 1955–
South Africa Tienie Britz 1945–
England Paul Broadhurst 1965–
Sweden Kristoffer Broberg 1986–
United States John Brodie 1935–
United States Mark Brooks 1961–
United States Al Brosch 1911–1975
United States Billy Ray Brown 1963–
Scotland David Brown 18??–1930
Scotland Eric Brown 1925–1986
Scotland Ken Brown 1957–
New Zealand Mark Brown 1975–
United States Pete Brown 1935–
United States Scott Brown 1983–
United States Olin Browne 1959–
United States Greg Bruckner 1959–
United States Bart Bryant 1962–
United States Brad Bryant 1954–
Australia Andrew Buckle 1982–
United States Jace Bugg 1976–2003
United States Jason Buha 1975–
South Africa Hendrik Buhrmann 1963–
United States Johnny Bulla 1914–2003
United States Billy Burke 1902–1972
Canada Cam Burke 1987–
United States Jack Burke, Jr. HoF 1923–
United States Walter Burkemo 1918–1986
United States Bob Burns 1968–
United States George Burns 1949–
Scotland Jack Burns 18??–????
Northern Ireland Raymond Burns 1973–
United States George H. W. Bush HoF 1924–
England Dick Burton 1907–1974
United States Rodney Butcher 1970–
England Peter Butler 1932–
England Andrew Butterfield 1972–
United States Eben Byers 1880–1932
United States Bob Byman 1955–
United States Jonathan Byrd 1978–
United States Sammy Byrd 1906–1981
United States Curt Byrum 1958–
United States Tom Byrum 1960–

*Thai, so sorted by first name.


Argentina Ángel Cabrera 1969–
Spain Rafael Cabrera-Bello 1984–
England Stuart Cage 1973–
United States John Paul Cain 1936–
Zimbabwe Ryan Cairns 1984–
United States Mark Calcavecchia 1960–
United States Rex Caldwell 1950–
Italy Giuseppe Calì 1952–
France François Calmels 1981–
Jamaica Delroy Cambridge 1949–
United States Chad Campbell 1974–
Australia Chris Campbell 1975–
United States Joe Campbell 1935–
New Zealand Michael Campbell 1969–
United States William C. Campbell HoF 1923–2013
Spain Jorge Campillo 1986–
Argentina Ariel Cañete 1975–
Spain Alejandro Cañizares 1983–
Spain José Maria Cañizares 1947–
Italy Emanuele Canonica 1971–
Argentina José Cantero 1959–
United States Patrick Cantlay 1992–
Argentina Miguel Carballo 1979–
Argentina Horacio Carbonetti 1947–
Argentina Luis Carbonetti 1953–
Sweden Johan Carlsson 1986–
Sweden Magnus A. Carlsson 1980–
United States Mark Carnevale 1960–
Republic of Ireland Joe Carr HoF 1922–2004
Canada Donald Carrick 1906–1997
England David Carter 1972–
United States Jim Carter 1961–
United States Tom Carter 1968–
England Paul Casey 1977–
United States Billy Casper HoF 1931–
United States Roberto Castro 1985–
United States Bud Cauley 1990–
Zimbabwe Marc Cayeux 1978–
England Alex Caygill 1940–
Germany Alex Čejka 1970–
Argentina Antonio Cerdá 1921–2010
United States Ron Cerrudo 1945–
France Christian Cévaër 1970–
Australia Greg Chalmers 1973–
United States Brandel Chamblee 1962–
Taiwan Chan Yih-shin 1977–
Fiji Dinesh Chand 1972–
England Andrew Chandler 1953–
Thailand Chapchai Nirat * 1983–
United States Dick Chapman 1911–1978
England Roger Chapman 1959–
United States Kevin Chappell 1986–
Zimbabwe Tongoona Charamba 1982–
New Zealand Bob Charles HoF 1936–
Thailand Chawalit Plaphol * 1974–
United States Barry Cheesman 1959–
Taiwan Chen Chien-chin 1940–
Taiwan Tze-Chung Chen 1958–
Taiwan Tze-Ming Chen 1952–
United States Don Cherry 1924–
Malaysia Danny Chia 1979–
Thailand Chinnarat Phadungsil * 1988–
United States Frank Chirkinian HoF 1926–2011
South Korea Cho Min-gyu 1988–
South Korea Choi Ho-sung 1973–
United States Jay Choi 1983–
South Korea K. J. Choi 1970–
Sweden Daniel Chopra 1973–
India Shiv Chowrasia 1978–
England Gary Christian 1971–
United States Michael Christie 1969–2004
United States David Chung 1990–
United States Stewart Cink 1973–
United States Henry Ciuci 1903–1986
United States Brian Claar 1959–
South Africa J. G. Claassen 1991–
United States Bobby Clampett 1960–
United States Clarence Clark 1907–1974
England Clive Clark 1945–
England Gary Clark 1971–
England Howard Clark 1954–
United States Jimmy Clark c.1922–
United States Michael Clark II 1969–
South Africa Tim Clark 1975–
Northern Ireland Darren Clarke 1968–
United States Paul Claxton 1968–
United States Will Claxton 1981–
England Russell Claydon 1965–
Australia Michael Clayton 1957–
United States Keith Clearwater 1959–
United States Lennie Clements 1957–
Argentina José Cóceres 1963–
United States Russ Cochran 1958–
United States Charles Coe 1923–2001
South Africa George Coetzee 1986–
United States Jim Colbert 1941–
South Africa Bobby Cole 1948–
Australia Gavin Coles 1968–
England Neil Coles HoF 1934–
England Robert Coles 1972–
United States Bill Collins 1928–2006
United States Chad Collins 1978–
United States Wil Collins 1978–
Italy Federico Colombo 1987–
Belgium Nicolas Colsaerts 1982–
Scotland Andrew Coltart 1970–
England Archie Compston 1893–1962
United States Erik Compton 1979–
United States Charles Congdon 1909–1965
United States Tim Conley 1958–
United States Michael Connell 1975–
United States Frank Conner 1946–
Australia Steven Conran 1966–
United States Charles Coody 1937–
United States Buddy Cook 1926–
United States Jeff Cook 1961–
United States John Cook 1957–
England Derrick Cooper 1955–
United States Harry Cooper HoF 1904–2000
United States Pete Cooper 1914–1993
United States Fred Corcoran HoF 1905–1977
United States Jeff Coston 1955–
United States Keoke Cotner 1971–
England Henry Cotton HoF 1907–1987
United States Chris Couch 1973–
Republic of Ireland Richie Coughlan 1974–
United States Fred Couples HoF 1959–
United States Chuck Courtney 1940–
Canada Gary Cowan 1938–
United States P. J. Cowan 1967–
United States Kris Cox 1973–
Wales Simon Cox 1952–
United States Wiffy Cox 1896–1969
United States Rick Cramer 1960–
Australia Bruce Crampton 1935–
United States Ben Crane 1976–
England Leonard Crawley 1903–1981
United States Tom Creavy 1911–1979
Australia Eric Cremin 1914–1973
United States Ben Crenshaw HoF 1952–
Italy Marco Crespi 1978–
United States Bing Crosby HoF 1904–1977
United States Nathaniel Crosby 1961–
Scotland United States Bobby Cruickshank 1894–1975
Australia Nick Cullen 1984–
United States Mike Cunning 1958–
United States Buster Cupit 1927–
United States Jacky Cupit 1938–
United States Rod Curl 1943–
United States Jon Curran 1987–
England Paul Curry 1961–
United States Ben Curtis 1977–

*Thai, so sorted by first name.


France Marcel Dallemagne ????–????
United States Joe Daley 1960–
United States Rick Dalpos 1957–
Northern Ireland Fred Daly 1911–1990
United States John Daly 1966–
United States Robert Damron 1972–
Sweden Jens Dantorp 1989–
Republic of Ireland Eamonn Darcy 1952–
England Bernard Darwin HoF 1876–1961
Brazil Adilson da Silva 1972–
Italy Baldovino Dassù 1952–
Wales Rhys Davies 1985–
England Brian Davis 1974–
England Mark Davis 1964–
Australia Rodger Davis 1951–
England Stuart Davis 1973–
United States Johnny Dawson 1902–1986
United States Marco Dawson 1963–
England Peter Dawson 1950–
United States Glen Day 1965–
Australia Jason Day 1987–
Canada Bryan DeCorso 1971–
Wales Craig Defoy 1947–
Japan Eitaro Deguchi 1948–
South Africa Louis de Jager 1987–
Zimbabwe Brendon de Jonge 1980–
Canada Graham DeLaet 1982–
France Sébastien Delagrange 1974–
France François Delamontagne 1979–
Spain Carlos del Moral 1985–
United States Jay Delsing 1960–
Spain Eduardo de la Riva 1982–
Argentina Fidel de Luca 1922–2007
United States Jimmy Demaret HoF 1910–1983
United States Todd Demsey 1972–
England Daniel Denison 1985–
United States Clark Dennis 1966–
United States Jim Dent 1939–
Netherlands Robert-Jan Derksen 1974–
Argentina Roberto De Vicenzo HoF 1923–
Netherlands Floris de Vries 1989–
New Zealand Paul Devenport 1966–
Australia Bruce Devlin 1937–
United States Joseph Dey HoF 1907–1991
United States Bubba Dickerson 1981–
United States Gardner Dickinson 1927–1998
United States Bob Dickson 1944–
United States Leo Diegel HoF 1899–1951
United States Terry Diehl 1949–
Germany Tobias Dier 1976–
United States Terry Dill 1939–
United States Chris DiMarco 1968–
Brazil Priscillo Diniz 1948–
England Robert Dinwiddie 1982–
England David Dixon 1977–
Scotland Chris Doak 1977–
Wales Stephen Dodd 1966–
Namibia Trevor Dodds 1959–
United States Leonard Dodson 1912–1997
Australia Andrew Dodt 1986–
United States Art Doering 1915–1988
England Luke Donald 1977–
United States Mike Donald 1955–
Wales Jamie Donaldson 1975–
Belgium Flory Van Donck 1912–1992
United States Ed Dougherty 1947–
England Nick Dougherty 1982–
United States Dave Douglas 1918–1978
Scotland Findlay Douglas 1874–1959
United States Dale Douglass 1936–
United States John Dowdall 1960–
United States Allen Doyle 1948–
Scotland Jim Draper 1925–2006
Australia Scott Draper 1974–
Wales Bradley Dredge 1973–
Northern Ireland Norman Drew 1932–
United States James Driscoll 1977–
Scotland Ross Drummond 1956–
Scotland Scott Drummond 1974–
Scotland David Drysdale 1975–
France Édouard Dubois 1989–
France Victor Dubuisson 1990–
United States Bob Duden 1920–1995
United States Ed Dudley 1901–1963
United States Jason Dufner 1977–
United States Ken Duke 1969–
United States Doug Dunakey 1963–
Northern Ireland Alan Dunbar 1990–
Scotland George Duncan 1883–1964
Australia Bill Dunk 1938–
United States George Dunlap 1908–2003
United States Scott Dunlap 1963–
United States Joe Durant 1964–
England Denis Durnian 1950–
United States Olin Dutra 1901–1983
United States Bob Duval 1946–
United States David Duval 1971–
United States Pete Dye HoF 1925–
England Simon Dyson 1977–


South Africa Bryce Easton 1987–
United States Bob Eastwood 1946–
United States R. W. Eaks 1952–
England Paul Eales 1963–
England Syd Easterbrook 1905–1975
Argentina Rafael Echenique 1980–
Sweden Johan Edfors 1975–
England James Douglas Edgar 1884–1921
Japan Seiji Ebihara 1949–
Sweden Pelle Edberg 1978–
Sweden Dennis Edlund 1965–
France Olivier Edmond 1970–
France Pascal Edmond 1971–
United States Danny Edwards 1951–
United States David Edwards 1956–
United States Joel Edwards 1961–
Wales Nigel Edwards c.1968–
United States Chandler Egan 1884–1936
United States Walter Egan 1881–1971
United States David Eger 1952–
United States Bill Eggers 1932–1994
United States Dave Eichelberger 1943–
United States Dwight D. Eisenhower HoF 1890–1969
United States Brad Elder 1975–
United States Lee Elder 1934–
Sweden Mattias Eliasson 1975–
Australia Steve Elkington 1962–
United States John Elliott 1963–
United States John Ellis 1979–
United States Wes Ellis 1932–1984
South Africa Ernie Els HoF 1969–
England Jamie Elson 1981–
England Pip Elson 1954–
Spain Nacho Elvira 1987–
England Gary Emerson 1963–
Chile Guillermo Encina 1951–
United States Harris English 1989–
United States Jason Enloe 1974–
United States John Erickson 1964–
Sweden Klas Eriksson 1971–
Sweden Martin Erlandsson 1974–
United States Derek Ernst 1990–
United States Randy Erskine 1948–
United States Abe Espinosa 1889–1980
United States Al Espinosa 1891–1957
United States Bob Estes 1966–
United States Jim Estes 1964–
Argentina Joaquín Estévez 1984–
United States Chick Evans HoF 1890–1979
Wales Duncan Evans 1959–
England Gary Evans 1969–
United States Matt Every 1983–
Canada Bill Ezinicki 1924–2012


United States Brad Fabel 1955–
Sweden Jens Fahrbring 1984–
United States Don Fairfield c.1930–
England Nick Faldo HoF 1957–
Scotland John Fallon 1913–
United States Johnny Farrell 1901–1988
France Marc Farry 1959–
Sweden Niclas Fasth 1972–
United States Derek Fathauer 1986–
England Max Faulkner 1916–2005
Dominican Republic Eugenio Faxas 1924–1999
United States Brad Faxon 1961–
United States George Fazio 1912–1986
Northern Ireland United States David Feherty 1958–
United States Rick Fehr 1962–
Australia Kim Felton 1975–
United States Keith Fergus 1954–
Scotland Bob Ferguson 1848–1915
Argentina Miguel Fernández 1962–
Argentina Sebastián Fernández 1973–
Argentina Vicente Fernandez 1946–
Spain Gonzalo Fernández-Castaño 1980–
Scotland Willie Fernie 1857–1924
United States Jim Ferree 1931–
England Kenneth Ferrie 1978–
Australia United States Jim Ferrier 1915–1986
United States Mike Fetchick 1922–2012
United States Forrest Fezler 1949–
South Africa Darren Fichardt 1975–
England Richard Finch 1977–
United States Dow Finsterwald 1929–
United States Ed Fiori 1953–
United States John Fischer 1912–1984
United States Todd Fischer 1969–
England Oliver Fisher 1988–
England Ross Fisher 1980–
South Africa Trevor Fisher Jnr 1979–
England Matthew Fitzpatrick 1994–
United States Pat Fitzsimons 1950–
Australia Nick Flanagan 1984–
United States John Flannery 1962–
United States Jack Fleck 1921–2014
United States Marty Fleckman 1944–
England Tommy Fleetwood 1991–
United States Bruce Fleisher 1948–
United States Steve Flesch 1967–
Canada Pat Fletcher 1916–1985
England Maurice Flitcroft 1929–2007
Sweden Oscar Florén 1984–
United States Martin Flores 1982–
United States Raymond Floyd HoF 1942–
United States Kevin Foley 1987–
United States Jerry Foltz 1962–
England Charlie Ford 1985–
United States Doug Ford HoF 1922–
France Julien Foret 1982–
Sweden Anders Forsbrand 1961–
United States Dan Forsman 1958–
Scotland Alastair Forsyth 1976–
England Mark Foster 1975–
United States John Fought 1954–
Scotland United States James Foulis 1870–1928
United States Jim Foulis 1903–1969
South Africa John Fourie 1939–
Australia Peter Fowler 1959–
United States Rickie Fowler 1988–
United States Steven Fox 1991–
Paraguay Ángel Franco 1958–
Paraguay Carlos Franco 1965–
Canada Brent Franklin 1966–
Australia Marcus Fraser 1978–
Mexico Oscar Fraustro 1982–
United States Harrison Frazar 1971–
United States Robin Freeman 1959–
United States Emmet French 1886–19??
Paraguay Raúl Fretes 1965–
United States Bob Friend 1963–
United States Steve Friesen 1977–
Canada Brad Fritsch 1977–
Germany Florian Fritsch 1985–
South Africa Dylan Frittelli 1990–
South Africa David Frost 1959–
United States Bob Fry 1922–1993
England Ed Fryatt 1971–
United States Tadd Fujikawa 1991–
Japan Saburo Fujiki 1955–
Japan Yoshinori Fujimoto 1989–
Japan Toyokazu Fujishima 1981–
Japan Hiroyuki Fujita 1969–
Japan Keiichiro Fukabori 1968–
Japan Yoshimitsu Fukuzawa 1963–
Sweden Pierre Fulke 1971–
Japan Yasuhiro Funatogawa 1955–
United States Fred Funk 1956–
United States Rod Funseth 1933–1985
United States Ed Furgol 1917–1997
United States Marty Furgol 1916–2005
United States Jim Furyk 1970–


Italy Lorenzo Gagli 1985–
England George Gadd 1890–1957
United States Tommy Gainey 1975–
Australia Terry Gale 1946–
Scotland Bernard Gallacher 1949–
Scotland Stephen Gallacher 1974–
United States Jeff Gallagher 1964–
United States Jim Gallagher, Jr. 1961–
Scotland John Gallagher 1981–
Spain Ángel Gallardo 1943–
United States Robert Gamez 1968–
England Chris Gane 1974–
India Rahil Gangjee 1978–
United States Stephen Gangluff 1975–
France Jean Garaïalde 1934–
England Ian Garbutt 1972–
Spain Sergio García 1980–
Spain Jordi García Pinto 1990–
Australia Scott Gardiner 1976–
United States Buddy Gardner 1955–
United States Robert A. Gardner 1890–1956
England John Garner 1947–
United States Tom Garner 1961–
United States Bill Garrett 1940–2010
Spain Antonio Garrido 1944–
Spain German Garrido 1948–
Spain Ignacio Garrido 1972–
United States Robert Garrigus 1977–
United States Bobby Gates 1985–
Australia Daniel Gaunt 1978–
United States Brian Gay 1971–
England Adam Gee 1980–
United States Al Geiberger 1937–
United States Brent Geiberger 1968–
United States James Gentle 1904–1986
Australia Corey Gerrard 1985–
India Gaurav Ghei 1968–
United States Vic Ghezzi 1910–1976
United States Fred Gibson 1947–
United States Kelly Gibson 1964–
Canada Rick Gibson 1961–
United States Brendan Gielow 1987–
United States Gibby Gilbert 1941–
United States Larry Gilbert 1942–1998
United States Bob Gilder 1950–
United States Vinny Giles 1943–
England David Gilford 1965–
Canada Derek Gillespie 1978–
United States Nick Gilliam 1978–
United States Tom Gillis 1968–
Singapore Samson Gimson 1964–
Australia Stewart Ginn 1949–
United States Harry Givan 1911–1999
United States Bill Glasson 1960–
United States Todd Gleaton 1968–
Australia David Gleeson 1978–
United States Lucas Glover 1979–
United States Randy Glover 1941–
United States Bob Goalby 1929–
England Luke Goddard 1988–
United States Matt Gogel 1971–
Australia Mathew Goggin 1974–
United States Willie Goggin c.1907–
Japan Hiroshi Gohda 1964–
United States Aaron Goldberg 1985–
United States Johnny Golden 1896–1936
England Philip Golding 1962–
Argentina Fabián Gómez 1978–
United States Jaime Gomez 1967–
Argentina Rafael Gómez 1967–
France Jean-Baptiste Gonnet 1982–
United States Andres Gonzales 1983–
United States Ernie Gonzalez 1961–
Brazil Jaime Gonzalez 1954–
Argentina Ricardo González 1969–
Argentina Rodolfo González 1967–
United States Mike Goodes 1956–
United States Johnny Goodman 1909–1970
South Africa Retief Goosen 1969–
United States Scott Gordon 1981–
United States Jason Gore 1974–
United States David Gossett 1979–
United States Steve Gotsche 1961–
United States Jeff Gove 1971–
Australia Paul Gow 1970–
Argentina Estanislao Goya 1988–
United States Paul Goydos 1964–
South Africa Branden Grace 1988–
Australia Wayne Grady 1957–
United States Herb Graffis HoF 1893–1989
Australia David Graham 1946–
United States Lou Graham 1938–
Finland Joonas Granberg 1986–
Republic of Ireland Stephen Grant 1977–
Italy Ugo Grappasonni 1922–1999
United States Hubert Green HoF 1946–
United States Jimmy Green 1969–
United States Ken Green 1958–
Australia Nathan Green 1975–
Australia Richard Green 1971–
United States Bert Greene 1944–
United States Bobby Greenwood 1938–
England Malcolm Gregson 1943–
Australia Matthew Griffin 1983–
England David Griffiths 1980–
Argentina Emiliano Grillo 1992–
United States Mike Grob 1964–
United States Gary Groh 1944–
Sweden Mathias Grönberg 1970–
United States Jack Grout 1910–1989
China Guan Tianlang 1998–
France Julien Guerrier 1985–
United States Jesse P. Guilford 1895–1962
United States Ralph Guldahl HoF 1911–1987
United States Scott Gump 1965–
Germany Christoph Günther 1975–
Sweden Peter Gustafsson 1976–
United States Jon Gustin 1932–1994
United States Luke Guthrie 1990–
United States Scott Gutschewski 1976–
Scotland William Guy 1966–
Argentina Miguel Guzmán 1961–


United States Bill Haas 1982–
United States Fred Haas 1916–2004
United States Hunter Haas 1976–
United States Jay Haas 1953–
United States Jerry Haas 1963–
Denmark Mark Haastrup 1984–
Scotland United States Clarence Hackney 1894–1941
United States Chesson Hadley 1987–
Canada Adam Hadwin 1987–
Sweden Joakim Haeggman 1969–
Japan Yutaka Hagawa 1957–
Norway Morten Hagen 1974–
United States Walter Hagen HoF 1892–1969
Sweden Anders Haglund 1964–
United States James Hahn 1981–
South Africa Anton Haig 1986–
England Matt Haines 1989–
United States Paul Haley II 1988–
England Jeff Hall 1957–
United States Walter Hall 1947–
United States Gary Hallberg 1958–
Canada Dan Halldorson 1952–
United States Jim Hallet 1960–
Japan Harumitsu Hamano 1957–
United States Bob Hamilton 1916–1990
United States Todd Hamilton 1965–
United States Donnie Hammond 1957–
United States Phil Hancock 1953–
United States Kirk Hanefeld 1956–
Sweden Chris Hanell 1973–
Denmark Anders Hansen 1970–
Denmark Anders Schmidt Hansen 1978–
Denmark JB Hansen 1990–
Denmark Søren Hansen 1974–
Sweden Peter Hanson 1977–
Japan Mitsuo Harada 1964–
United States Chick Harbert 1915–1992
South Africa Justin Harding 1986–
United States Bob Harlow HoF 1899–1954
United States Brian Harman 1987–
United States Butch Harmon 1943–
United States Claude Harmon 1916–1989
United States Dick Harmon 1947–2006
United States Matt Harmon 1985–
United States Paul Harney 1929–2011
United States Chandler Harper 1914–2004
Republic of Ireland Pádraig Harrington 1971–
Australia Jack Harris 1922–2014
United States John Harris 1952–
United States Labron Harris 1908–1995
United States Labron Harris, Jr. 1941–
United States E.J. “Dutch” Harrison 1910–1982
United States Dick Hart 1935–2013
United States Dudley Hart 1968–
United States Jeff Hart 1960–
Denmark Andreas Hartø 1988–
Australia Mike Harwood 1959–
Japan Katsuji Hasegawa 1946–
United States Steve Haskins 1958–
Egypt Hassan Hassanein 1916–1957
United States Morris Hatalsky 1951–
England Arthur Havers 1898–1980
France Grégory Havret 1976–
South Africa Jeff Hawkes 1953–
United States Fred Hawkins 1923–
England John Hawksworth 1961–
Scotland Alex Hay 1933–2011
Japan Yoshiro Hayashi 1922–2012
South Africa Dale Hayes 1952–
United States J. P. Hayes 1965–
United States Mark Hayes 1949–
United States Clayton Heafner 1914–1960
United States Vance Heafner 1954–2012
United States Jerry Heard 1947–
Canada David Hearn 1979–
England James Heath 1983–
France Benjamin Hebert 1987–
United States Jay Hebert 1923–1997
United States Lionel Hebert 1928–2000
Sweden Peter Hedblom 1970–
Canada Wes Heffernan 1977–
United States Mike Heinen 1967–
United States Bob Heintz 1970–
Australia Scott Hend 1973–
Scotland Scott Henderson 1969–
United States Matt Hendrix 1981–
New Zealand Michael Hendry 1979–
Sweden Fredrik Henge 1974–
United States Nolan Henke 1964–
United States Russell Henley 1989–
South Africa Allan Henning 1944–
South Africa Harold Henning 1934–2004
United States Brian Henninger 1962–
Sweden Oskar Henningsson 1985–
United States Bunky Henry 1944–
United States J. J. Henry 1975–
Scotland Scott Henry 1987–
Australia Mark Hensby 1971–
United States Berry Henson 1979–
England James Hepworth 1975–
Scotland Fred Herd 1874–1954
Scotland Sandy Herd 1868–1944
United States Jim Herman 1977–
Colombia Eduardo Herrera 1965–
United States Fred Herreshoff 1888–1920
United States Tim Herron 1970–
United States Justin Hicks 1974–
United States Ryan Hietala 1973–
Japan Go Higaki 1976–
Japan Shigemasa Higaki 1971–
Japan Satoshi Higashi 1960–
Australia Jake Higginbottom 1993–
Republic of Ireland David Higgins 1972–
England Marcus Higley 1974–
United States Dave Hill 1937–2011
United States Jason Hill 1971–
United States Mike Hill 1939–
England Harold Hilton HoF 1869–1942
England Patrick Hine 1932–
United States Jimmy Hines 1903–1986
United States Lon Hinkle 1949–
United States Larry Hinson 1944–
Japan Takenori Hiraishi 1960–
Japan Tetsuji Hiratsuka 1971–
Japan Satoru Hirota 1973–
United States Babe Hiskey 1938–
England Jimmy Hitchcock 1930–
Sweden Gabriel Hjertstedt 1971–
Canada Glen Hnatiuk 1965–
South Korea SK Ho 1973–
South Africa Justin Hobday 1963–
South Africa Simon Hobday 1940–
United States Scott Hoch 1955–
Northern Ireland Michael Hoey 1979–
United States Charley Hoffman 1976–
United States Morgan Hoffmann 1989–
United States Ben Hogan HoF 1912–1997
United States Tony Holguin 1926–2009
United States Mike Holland 1956–
United States J. B. Holmes 1982–
United States Bud Holscher c.1931–
United States Jim Holtgrieve 1947–
Canada Wilf Homenuik 1935–
United States Bob Hope HoF 1903–2003
United States P. H. Horgan III 1960–
South Africa Keith Horne 1971–
England Reg Horne 1908–
United States Billy Horschel 1986–
England David Horsey 1985–
Spain Antonio Hortal 1988–
England Tommy Horton 1941–
Japan Hidemasa Hoshino 1977–
Japan Kazuhiko Hosokawa 1970–
Spain Domingo Hospital 1958–
United States Beau Hossler 1995–
Wales Garry Houston 1971–
Scotland Barclay Howard 1953–2008
United States Charles Howell III 1979–
England David Howell 1975–
United States Ryan Howison 1966–
Taiwan Hsieh Min-Nan * 1940–
Taiwan Hsieh Yung-yo * 1934–
Taiwan Hsu Sheng-san c.1942–
England John Hudson 1945–
Wales Brian Huggett 1936–
Australia Bradley Hughes 1967–
South Africa Jean Hugo 1975–
United States John Huh 1990–
Scotland David Huish 1944–
Netherlands Daan Huizing 1990–
United States Mike Hulbert 1958–
Denmark Jeppe Huldahl 1982–
United States Ed Humenik 1959–
England Warren Humphreys 1952–
England Bernard Hunt 1930–2013
England Guy Hunt 1947–
Scotland Adam Hunter 1963–2011
United States Robert Hunter 1886–1971
Scotland United States Willie Hunter 1892–1968
England Simon D. Hurley 1963–
United States Billy Hurley III 1978–
Pakistan Taimur Hussain 1974–
United States Arthur Hussey 1882–1915
United States John Huston 1961–
Zimbabwe South Africa Ian Hutchings 1968–
Zimbabwe South Africa Denis Hutchinson 1932–
Scotland United States Jock Hutchison HoF 1884–1977
England Sam Hutsby 1988–
South Korea Hwang Inn-choon 1974–
South Korea Hwang Jung-gon 1992–
United States Bill Hyndman 1915–2001

* Hsieh is his family name.


Japan Tatsuhiko Ichihara 1978–
Japan Kōki Idoki 1961–
Japan Yuji Igarashi 1968–
Japan Yuta Ikeda 1985–
New Zealand Bradley Iles 1983–
Finland Mikko Ilonen 1979–
Japan Ryuji Imada 1976–
Japan Katsumune Imai 1956–
Japan Yasuharu Imano 1973–
South Africa Trevor Immelman 1979–
United States Joe Inman 1947–
United States John Inman 1962–
Japan Kouichi Inoue 1946–
Japan Makoto Inoue 1956–
Japan Tsutomu Irie 1948–
United States Hale Irwin HoF 1945–
United States Tripp Isenhour 1968–
United States David Ishii 1955–
Japan Hiroshi Ishii 1941–2006
Japan Ryo Ishikawa 1991–
Japan Yoshiyuki Isomura 1955–
Japan Eiichi Itai 1951–
United States Don Iverson 1945–
Japan Yoshihisa Iwashita 1949–
Japan Toshimitsu Izawa 1968–
Japan Pete Izumikawa 1956–


England Tony Jacklin HoF 1944–
United States David Jackson 1964–
England John Jacobs HoF 1925–
United States John Jacobs 1945–
United States Tommy Jacobs 1935–
United States Gary Jacobsen c.1953–
United States Peter Jacobsen 1954–
Sweden Fredrik Jacobson 1974–
France Raphaël Jacquelin 1974–
United States Barry Jaeckel 1949–
England David Jagger 1949–
South Africa Derek James 1960–
England Lee S. James 1973–
England Mark James 1953–
United States Jim Jamieson 1943–
Scotland Scott Jamieson 1983–
Thailand Atiwit Janewattananond 1995–
South Korea Jang Ik-jae 1973–
United States Don January 1929–
United States Lee Janzen 1964–
United States Dan Jenkins HoF 1929–
United States Tom Jenkins 1947–
South Korea Jin Jeong 1990–
Sweden Steven Jeppesen 1984–
United States Joe Jimenez 1926–2007
Spain Miguel Ángel Jiménez 1964–
England Nick Job 1949–
United States Brandt Jobe 1965–
Norway Eirik Tage Johansen 1982–
Sweden Per-Ulrik Johansson 1966–
United States Andrew Johnson 1972–
United States Dustin Johnson 1984–
United States Eric Johnson 1962–
United States Harrison R. Johnston 1896–1969
United States Howie Johnson 1925–
United States Kevin Johnson 1967–
United States Mark Johnson 1954–
Wales Richard Johnson 1972–
Sweden Richard S. Johnson 1976–
United States Tom Johnson 1981–
United States Zach Johnson 1976–
Scotland Canada Al Johnston c.1935–
England Andrew Johnston 1989–
United States Bill Johnston 1925–
Zimbabwe Tony Johnstone 1956–
United States Bobby Jones HoF 1902–1971
Australia Brendan Jones 1975–
Australia Brian Jones 1951–
Northern Ireland David Jones 1947–
United States Gene Jones 1957–
United States Grier Jones 1946–
United States Kent Jones 1967–
Australia Matt Jones 1980–
United States Orus Jones 1867–1963
United States Robert Trent Jones HoF 1906–2000
United States Steve Jones 1958–
Sweden Michael Jonzon 1972–
United States Mike Joyce 1939–
United States Jeff Julian 1961–2004
Thailand Pariya Junhasavasdikul 1984–
Argentina José Jurado 1899–1971
United States Steve Jurgensen 1961–


Japan Shintaro Kai 1981–
Japan Toshimitsu Kai 1956–
Japan Takeshi Kajikawa 1971–
Finland Roope Kakko 1982–
France Alexandre Kaleka 1987–
Japan Takashi Kamiyama 1973–
United States Brian Kamm 1961–
South Africa James Kamte 1982–
Zimbabwe Nasho Kamungeremu c.1973–2007
United States Craig Kanada 1968–
Japan Seiichi Kanai 1940–
Japan Kazuo Kanayama 1952–
Japan Yoshinori Kaneko 1961–
Japan Akio Kanemoto 1968–
Japan Takashi Kanemoto 1970–
United States Anthony Kang 1972–
South Korea Kang Sung-hoon * 1987–
South Korea Kang Wook-soon * 1966–
South Africa Richard Kaplan 1962–
India Shiv Kapur 1982–
Finland Toni Karjalainen 1979–
United States Richie Karl 1944–
Sweden Rikard Karlberg 1986–
Sweden Robert Karlsson 1969–
South Africa Peter Karmis 1981–
Japan Hideki Kase 1959–
United States Monty Kaser 1941–2009
Japan Shingo Katayama 1973–
Japan Toshiharu Kawada 1947–
Japan Ryoken Kawagishi 1966–
Japan Nozomi Kawahara 1970–
Japan Hiroo Kawai 1971–
Japan Masahiro Kawamura 1993–
Japan Masayuki Kawamura 1967–
Japan Koichiro Kawano 1981–
United States Jonathan Kaye 1970–
Germany Martin Kaymer 1984–
United States Herman Keiser 1914–2003
United States Al Kelley 1935–
United States Jerry Kelly 1966–
United States John Kelly 1984–
United States Troy Kelly 1978–
United States Skip Kendall 1964–
Australia Brad Kennedy 1974–
United States Darrell Kestner 1953–
India Rashid Khan 1991–
England Simon Khan 1972–
Scotland Tom Kidd 18??–1884
United States Jack Kiefer 1940–1999
Germany Maximilian Kieffer 1990–
Japan Jun Kikuchi 1973–
Japan Shoji Kikuchi 1944–
United States J. J. Killeen 1981–
United States Anthony Kim 1985–
South Korea Kim Bi-o ** 1990–
South Korea Kim Hyung-sung ** 1980–
South Korea Jong-Duck Kim 1961–
South Korea Kim Kyung-tae ** 1986–
South Korea Kim Meen-whee ** 1992–
United States Michael Kim 1993–
United States John Kimbell 1969–
Japan Masanobu Kimura 1960–
England Michael King 1950–
England Sam King 1911–2003
South Africa James Kingston 1965–
Republic of Ireland Jimmy Kinsella 1939–
United States Chris Kirk 1985–
Australia United States Joe Kirkwood, Sr. 1897–1970
Australia United States Joe Kirkwood, Jr. 1920–
Scotland Hugh Kirkaldy 1865–1894
United States Kevin Kisner 1984–
United States Tom Kite HoF 1949–
Japan Mitsuhiro Kitta 1942–
Japan Tadashi Kitta 1934–2003
Denmark Søren Kjeldsen 1975–
United States Jeff Klauk 1977–
United States Willie Klein 1901–1957
United States Dick Knight 1929–1991
United States Colt Knost 1985–
United States Kenny Knox 1956–
Scotland Russell Knox 1985–
United States Jason Knutzon 1976–
Japan Fujio Kobayashi 1944–
Japan Masanori Kobayashi 1976–
United States Gary Koch 1952–
United States Chuck Kocsis 1913–2006
Japan Satoshi Kodaira 1989–
United States Brooks Koepka 1990–
Norway Espen Kofstad 1987–
United States Ben Kohles 1990–
United States Jason Kokrak 1985–
Japan Tomohiro Kondo 1977–
Japan Takaaki Kono 1940–2010
Finland Mikko Korhonen 1980–
Canada George Knudson 1937–1989
United States Greg Kraft 1964–
United States Kelly Kraft 1988–
United States Billy Kratzert 1952–
United States Cliff Kresge 1968–
United States Ted Kroll 1919–2002
South Africa Jbe’ Kruger 1986–
Japan Kenichi Kuboya 1972–
United States Matt Kuchar 1978–
United States Hank Kuehne 1975–
United States Trip Kuehne 1972–
Australia Rick Kulacz 1985–
India Chiragh Kumar 1983–
United States Gene Kunes 1909–1965
Japan Masahiro Kuramoto 1955–
Taiwan Kuo Chie-Hsiung 1940–
Japan Takashi Kurihara 1947–
Japan Masaji Kusakabe 1946–
Japan Mitsutaka Kusakabe 1968–
Japan Katsunori Kuwabara 1969–
Japan Shoichi Kuwabara 1969–
Burma Kyi Hla Han ^ 1961–

* Kang is the family name.
** Kim is the family name.
^ Kyi is from Myanmar, and so is sorted by his first listed name.


United States Doug LaBelle II 1975–
Australia Bronson La’Cassie 1983–
England Arthur Lacey 1904–1979
Netherlands Maarten Lafeber 1974–
United States Ky Laffoon 1908–1984
India Anirban Lahiri 1987–
Scotland Johnny Laidlay 1860–1940
Scotland Martin Laird 1982–
Singapore Lam Chih Bing 1976–
United States Derek Lamely 1980–
United States Neal Lancaster 1962–
United States Robert Landers 1944–
United States Ralph Landrum 1957–
England Barry Lane 1960–
New Zealand Matthew Lane 1968–
Germany Bernhard Langer HoF 1957–
United States Franklin Langham 1968–
United States Scott Langley 1989–
Sweden Mats Lanner 1961–
United States Larry Laoretti 1939–
Spain José Manuel Lara 1977–
United States Allen Lard 1866–1946
Spain Pablo Larrazábal 1983–
Norway Jan-Are Larsen 1976–
Philippines Antonio Lascuña 1970–
Scotland Paul Lawrie 1969–
Republic of Ireland Peter Lawrie 1974–
Australia Scott Laycock 1971–
Australia Stephen Leaney 1969–
Sierra Leone James Lebbie 1988–
Argentina Jorge Ledesma 1932–2001
Scotland Craig Lee 1977–
South Korea New Zealand Danny Lee 1990–
England Daren Lee 1965–
South Korea Lee Dong-hwan ^ 1987–
United States Han Lee 1977–
South Korea Lee Kyoung-Hoon ^ 1991–
United States Richard H. Lee 1987–
Canada Richard T. Lee 1990–
England Robert Lee 1961–
South Korea Lee Sung ^ 1980–
England Arthur Lees 1908–1992
Canada Ian Leggatt 1965–
India A.S. Lehal 1981–
United States Tom Lehman 1959–
Australia Marc Leishman 1983–
United States Tony Lema 1934–1966
United States Justin Leonard 1972–
Canada Stan Leonard 1915–2005
Malaysia Ben Leong 1986–
Canada James Lepp 1983–
United States Michael Letzig 1980–
South Africa Gavan Levenson 1953–
France Thomas Levet 1968–
United States Wayne Levi 1952–
United States Spencer Levin 1984–
France Alexander Levy 1990–
United States Bob Lewis 1944–
United States J. L. Lewis 1960–
England Tom Lewis 1991–
England Steve Lewton 1983–
China Li Chao 1980–
China Liang Wen-Chong 1978–
United States Frank Lickliter 1969–
South Africa Brett Liddle 1970–
United States Bruce Lietzke 1951–
Portugal France José-Filipe Lima 1981–
Taiwan Lin Keng-chi * 1966–
Taiwan Lin Wen-tang * 1974–
South Africa Bobby Lincoln 1953–
United States Pat Lindsey 1952–
Sweden David Lingmerth 1987–
United States Spain Pedro Linhart 1962–
United States David Lipsky 1988–
United States Luke List 1985–
New Zealand John Lister 1947–
Scotland Euan Little 1976–
United States Lawson Little HoF 1910–1968
England Sam Little 1975–
United States Gene Littler HoF 1930–
Wales David Llewellyn 1951–
England Joe Lloyd 1864–????
United States Edward Loar 1977–
South Africa Bobby Locke HoF 1917–1987
England Gary Lockerbie 1982–
United States Bill Loeffler 1956–
United States Bob Lohr 1960–
England Jonathan Lomas 1968–
Australia Peter Lonard 1967–
New Zealand Michael Long 1968–
Scotland Bill Longmuir 1953–
France Michael Lorenzo-Vera 1985–
United States Lyn Lott 1950–
United States Dick Lotz 1942–
United States Andrew Loupe 1988–
United States Tim Loustalot 1965–
United States Davis Love III 1964–
United States Jamie Lovemark 1988–
United States Eddie Lowery 1903–1984
United States Steve Lowery 1960–
Republic of Ireland Shane Lowry 1987–
Taiwan Lu Chien-soon 1959–
Taiwan Lu Hsi-chuen 19??–
Taiwan Lu Liang-Huan 1936–
Taiwan Lu Wei-chih 1979–
Taiwan Lu Wen-teh 1963–
England Percy Lucas 1916–1998
France Jean-François Lucquin 1978–
Spain Santiago Luna 1962–
United States Bill Lunde 1975–
Netherlands Joost Luiten 1986–
Sweden Mikael Lundberg 1973–
United States Bob Lunn 1945–
United States Mark Lye 1952–
Australia Jarrod Lyle 1981–
Scotland Sandy Lyle HoF 1958–
England David Lynn 1973–
Canada George Lyon 1858–1938

^ Lee is his family name.
* Lin is his family name.


United States Charles B. Macdonald HoF 1855–1939
Scotland Willie Macfarlane 1890–1961
Australia Roger Mackay 1956–2002
England Alister MacKenzie HoF 1870–1934
England Malcolm MacKenzie 1961–
United States Will MacKenzie 1974–
Australia Bryden Macpherson 1990–
Denmark Morten Ørum Madsen 1988–
Japan Shinsaku Maeda 1952–
United States Andrew Magee 1962–
United States Jeff Maggert 1964–
United States John Maginnes 1968–
United States John Mahaffey 1948–
United States Hunter Mahan 1982–
Japan Kiyoshi Maita 1959–
United States Ted Makalena 1934–1968
Japan Hiroshi Makino 1956–
United States John Mallinger 1979–
United States Bill Mallon 1952–
United States Peter Malnati 1987–
United States Roger Maltbie 1951–
Singapore Mardan Mamat 1967–
Italy Matteo Manassero 1993–
United States Tony Manero 1905–1989
United States Lloyd Mangrum HoF 1914–1973
United States Ray Mangrum 1910–1975
Wales Stuart Manley 1979–
United States Bob Mann 1951–
Italy Massimo Mannelli 1956–
United States Steve Marino 1980–
United States Dave Marr 1933–1997
England David Marsh 19??–
Australia Graham Marsh 1944–
England Andrew Marshall 1973–
United States Fred Marti 1940–
United States Ben Martin 1987–
Scotland Bob Martin 1848–1917
United States Casey Martin 1972–
United States Doug Martin 1966–
Republic of Ireland Jimmy Martin 1924–2000
Spain Miguel Ángel Martín 1962–
Spain Pablo Martín 1986–
Paraguay Pedro Martínez 1963–
United States Billy Martindale 1938–
Japan Daisuke Maruyama 1971–
Japan Shigeki Maruyama 1969–
Japan Tomohiro Maruyama 1958–
South Africa John Mashego 1951–
England Ben Mason 1977–
England Carl Mason 1953–
United States James Mason 1951–
United States Don Massengale 1937–2007
United States Rik Massengale 1947–
France Arnaud Massy 1877–1950
United States Dick Mast 1951–
Japan Mitsuhiko Masuda 1937–
Japan Nobuhiro Masuda 1973–
United States David Mathis 1974–
Japan Hajime Matsui 1954–
Japan Michio Matsumura 1983–
Japan Hideki Matsuyama 1992–
United States Troy Matteson 1979–
United States Len Mattiace 1967–
United States Billy Maxwell 1929–
United States John Maxwell 1871–1906
United States Bob May 1968–
Northern Ireland Gareth Maybin 1980–
United States Dick Mayer 1924–1989
United States Billy Mayfair 1966–
United States Shelley Mayfield 1924–2010
Scotland Stephen McAllister 1962–
Scotland Andrew McArthur 1979–
United States Rives McBee 1938–
United States Blaine McCallister 1958–
United States Bob McCallister 1934–
United States Scott McCarron 1965–
United States Gary McCord 1948–
United States Mark McCormack HoF 1930–2003
United States Mike McCullough 1945–
United States Mark McCumber 1951–
United States John McDermott 1891–1971
Republic of Ireland United States Joe McDermott 1940–
Northern Ireland Graeme McDowell 1979–
England Peter McEvoy 1953–
England Richard McEvoy 1979–
England Ross McFarlane 1961–
Republic of Ireland Michael McGeady 1978–
United States Jerry McGee 1943–
Republic of Ireland Paul McGinley 1966–
United States Tom McGinnis 1947–
United States William McGirt 1979–
United States Jim McGovern 1965–
United States Jack McGowan 1930–2001
United States Pat McGowan 1954–
England Ross McGowan 1982–
Republic of Ireland Damien McGrane 1971–
South Africa Doug McGuigan 1970–
Northern Ireland Rory McIlroy 1989–
Australia Leigh McKechnie 1973–
United States Rob McKelvey 1969–
Australia David McKenzie 1967–
United States Burt McKinnie 1879–1946
United States Parker McLachlin 1979–
South Africa Andrew McLardy 1974–
United States George McLean 1893–1951
Australia James McLean 1978–
England Michael McLean 1963–
Scotland Jamie McLeary 1981–
United States Mac McLendon 1945–
Scotland United States Fred McLeod 1882–1976
United States John McMullin c.1935–
United States Tom McNamara 1882–
United States George McNeill 1975–
Zimbabwe Republic of Ireland Mark McNulty 1953–
Canada Matt McQuillan 1981–
United States Spike McRoy 1968–
United States Harold “Jug” McSpaden 1908–1996
Australia Peter McWhinney 1956–
United States Rocco Mediate 1962–
Sweden Adam Mednick 1966–
United States Bill Mehlhorn 1898–1989
Germany Nicolas Meitinger 1984–
United States Steve Melnyk 1947–
United States Al Mengert 1928–
United States Bob Menne 1942–
United States John Merrick 1982–
United States Troy Merritt 1985–
United States Dick Metz 1908–1993
Japan Hajime Meshiai 1954–
United States Shaun Micheel 1969–
United States Phil Mickelson HoF 1970–
United States Cary Middlecoff HoF 1921–1998
Spain Ángel Miguel 1929–2009
Spain Sebastián Miguel 1931–2006
Japan Norio Mikami 1947–
Australia Matthew Millar 1976–
United States Allen Miller 1948–
United States Andy Miller 1978–
United States Johnny Miller HoF 1947–
United States Lindy Miller 1956–
Scotland Mike Miller 1951–
United States Zack Miller 1984–
Canada Jon Mills 1978–
Philippines Frankie Miñoza 1959–
England Abe Mitchell 1887–1947
United States Bobby Mitchell 1943–
United States Jeff Mitchell 1954–
England Peter Mitchell 1958–
Japan Tatsuya Mitsuhashi 1973–
Japan Katsumasa Miyamoto 1972–
Japan Shozo Miyamoto 1940–
Japan Yasuhiro Miyamoto 1948–
Japan Hirofumi Miyase 1971–
Japan Kiyoshi Miyazato 1977–
Japan Yūsaku Miyazato 1980–
United States Larry Mize 1958–
Japan Eiji Mizoguchi 1964–
Japan Yoshi Mizumaki 1958–
South Korea Mo Joong-kyung 1971–
England Ralph Moffitt 1932–2003
United States Bryce Molder 1979–
Argentina Florentino Molina 1938–
Argentina Mauricio Molina 1966–
Italy Edoardo Molinari 1981–
Italy Francesco Molinari 1982–
Argentina César Monasterio 1963–
Scotland Colin Montgomerie HoF 1963–
United States Eric Monti 1917–2009
England Chris Moody 1953–
United States Orville Moody 1933–2008
United States Jonathan Moore 1985–
United States Patrick Moore 1970–
United States Ryan Moore 1982–
United States Tommy Moore 1962–1998
South Africa Titch Moore 1976–
United States Gil Morgan 1946–
England John Morgan 1943–2006
England John E. Morgan 1977–
United States Walter Morgan 1941–
Japan Shigenori Mori 1958–
Republic of Ireland Colm Moriarty 1979–
France Adrien Mörk 1979–
Canada David Morland IV 1969–
United States Mike Morley 1946–
Japan Masatsugu Morofuji 1985–
Scotland Tom Morris, Jr. HoF 1851–1875
Scotland Tom Morris, Sr. HoF 1821–1908
England James Morrison 1985–
United States Andy Morse 1958–
United States John Morse 1958–
Australia Jarrod Moseley 1972–
England Ian Mosey 1951–
United States Perry Moss 1969–
England Jamie Moul 1984–
Wales Mark Mouland 1961–
United States Larry Mowry 1936–
United States Jodie Mudd 1960–
England Jimmy Mullen 1993–
South Africa Grant Muller 1970–
South Africa Garth Mulroy 1978–
India Chinnaswamy Muniyappa 1977–
Netherlands Rolf Muntz 1969–
Philippines Japan Artemio Murakami 1983–
Japan Takashi Murakami 1944–
United States Bill Murchison 1956–
Japan Kiyoshi Murota 1955–
United States Bob Murphy 1943–
Republic of Ireland Gary Murphy 1972–
United States Sean Murphy 1965–
Australia Alan Murray 1940–
England Andrew Murray 1956–
Scotland George Murray 1983–
Zambia Madalitso Muthiya 1983–
Japan Toshinori Muto 1978–


South Korea United States Kevin Na 1983–
Australia Kel Nagle HoF 1920–
Japan Tsuneyuki Nakajima 1954–
Japan Tadao Nakamura 1947–
Japan Teruo Nakamura 1952–
Japan Torakichi Nakamura 1915–2008
Japan Tōru Nakamura 1950–
United States Chris Nallen 1982–
Canada Jim Nelford 1955–
United States Byron Nelson HoF 1912–2006
United States Larry Nelson HoF 1947–
United States Dwight Nevil 1944–
United States Francis Newton 1874–1946
Australia Jack Newton 1950–
England Gilbert Nicholls 1878–1950
United States Bobby Nichols 1936–
England Mark Nichols 1965–
United States Gary Nicklaus 1969–
United States Jack Nicklaus HoF 1940–
United States Mike Nicolette 1956–
United States Lonnie Nielsen 1953–
United States Tom Nieporte 1928–
Japan Yoshimi Niizeki 1954–
Sweden Christian Nilsson 1979–
Japan Tetsu Nishikawa 1968–
Australia James Nitties 1982–
England Matthew Nixon 1989–
New Zealand Frank Nobilo 1960–
Japan Takao Nogami 1971–
South Korea Noh Seung-yul 1991–
Republic of Ireland Keith Nolan 1973–
Japan Shigeru Nonaka 1970–
Sweden Alexander Norén 1982–
Australia Greg Norman HoF 1955–
Canada Moe Norman 1929–2004
United States Gerry Norquist 1962–
Denmark Thomas Nørret 1974–
South Africa Shaun Norris 1982–
United States Tim Norris 1957–
United States Andy North 1950–
Sweden Per Nyman 1968–
Sweden Henrik Nyström 1969–


United States David Oakley 1945–2006
United States Pete Oakley 1949–
United States Arron Oberholser 1975–
England James Ockenden c.1885–
Republic of Ireland Christy O’Connor Jnr 1948–
Republic of Ireland Christy O’Connor Snr HoF 1924–
Japan Koumei Oda 1978–
Japan Ryuichi Oda 1976–
Japan Toshiaki Odate 1968–
United States Joe Ogilvie 1974–
Australia Geoff Ogilvy 1977–
Australia Brett Ogle 1964–
United States Mac O’Grady 1951–
United States David Ogrin 1957–
United States James Oh 1982–
United States Sean O’Hair 1982–
Scotland Steven O’Hara 1980–
Australia Nick O’Hern 1971–
Sweden Fredrik Ohlsson 1979–
Japan Akiyoshi Ohmachi 1958–
Japan Seiki Okuda 1960–
Sweden Mårten Olander 1971–
Spain José María Olazábal HoF 1966–
Scotland Andrew Oldcorn 1960–
Republic of Ireland John O’Leary 1949–
Denmark Thorbjørn Olesen 1989–
United States Ed Oliver 1916–1961
United States Leif Olson 1981–
Australia Peter O’Malley 1965–
United States Mark O’Meara 1957–
England Peter Oosterhuis 1948–
South Africa Louis Oosthuizen 1982–
United States Rob Oppenheim 1980–
Australia Wade Ormsby 1980–
Scotland Gary Orr 1967–
Mexico Carlos Ortiz 1991–
Japan Mamo Osanai 1970–
Republic of Ireland Denis O’Sullivan 1948–
United States Brad Ott 1969–
South Africa Hennie Otto 1976–
United States Francis Ouimet HoF 1893–1967
United States Jeff Overton 1983–
England Greg Owen 1972–
New Zealand Simon Owen 1950–
United States Charles Owens 1930–
Japan Masashi Ozaki HoF 1947–
Japan Naomichi Ozaki 1956–
Japan Tateo Ozaki 1954–


New Zealand Gareth Paddison 1980–
England Alf Padgham 1906–1966
Philippines Juvic Pagunsan 1978–
Australia Anthony Painter 1965–
England Chris Paisley 1986–
United States Arnold Palmer HoF 1929–
South Africa Ian Palmer 1957–
United States Johnny Palmer 1918–2006
United States Ryan Palmer 1976–
Australia Rod Pampling 1969–
Canada Bob Panasik 1941–
Scotland John Panton 1916–2009
United States Brinson Paolini 1991–
Australia Dimitrios Papadatos 1982–
South Africa Brenden Pappas 1970–
South Africa Deane Pappas 1967–
South Africa Sean Pappas 1966–
United States Scott Parel 1965–
Wales David Park 1974–
South Korea Park Jae-bum 1982–
Scotland Mungo Park 1835–1904
South Korea Park Sung-joon 1986–
Scotland Willie Park, Jr. HoF 1864–1925
Scotland Willie Park, Sr. HoF 1934–1903
Wales Philip Parkin 1961–
United States Sam Parks, Jr. 1909–1997
Sweden Jesper Parnevik 1965–
Australia Craig Parry 1966–
England John Parry 1986–
Australia Lucas Parsons 1969–
United States Alan Pate 1953–
United States Jerry Pate 1953–
United States Steve Pate 1961–
United States Billy Joe Patton 1922–2011
United States Chris Patton 1967–
United States Carl Paulson 1970–
United States Dennis Paulson 1962–
Italy Andrea Pavan 1989–
United States Corey Pavin 1959–
England Jim Payne 1970–
United States Eddie Pearce 1952–
New Zealand Mahal Pearce 1977–
United States Rick Pearson 1958–
United States Calvin Peete 1943–
United States Christian Pena 1968–
United States Harvey Penick HoF 1904–1995
Italy United States Toney Penna 1908–1995
United States David Peoples 1960–
England Eddie Pepperell 1991–
Australia Cameron Percy 1974–
Sri Lanka Mithun Perera 1986–
United States Pat Perez 1976–
England Philip Perkins 1904–1978
New Zealand Craig Perks 1967–
United States Tom Pernice, Jr. 1959–
England Alf Perry 1904–1974
United States Chris Perry 1981–
United States Kenny Perry 1960–
Australia Wayne Perske 1974–
United States Peter Persons 1962–
United States John Peterson 1989–
United States Matt Peterson 1967–
United States Scott Petersen 1970–
United States Tim Petrovic 1966–
Sweden Carl Pettersson 1977–
United States Mark Pfeil 1951–
Republic of Ireland Kevin Phelan 1990–
United States Mason Phelps 1885–1945
Australia Frank Phillips 19??–
England Van Phillips 1972–
United States Henry Picard HoF 1907–1997
Australia Ossie Pickworth 1918–1969
United States Scott Piercy 1978–
South Africa Brandon Pieters 1976–
Australia Terry Pilkadaris 1973–
Wales Mark Pilkington 1978–
United States Martin Piller 1985–
United States Scott Pinckney 1989–
Spain Manuel Piñero 1952–
United States Jerry Pittman 1936–
England Lionel Platts 1934–
South Africa Gary Player HoF 1935–
United States Dan Pohl 1955–
United States D. A. Points 1976–
Northern Ireland Eddie Polland 1947–
Ecuador Rafael Ponce 1963–
United States Don Pooley 1951–
Australia Daniel Popovic 1986–
England Garrick Porteous 1990–
United States Bill Porter 1959–
Australia Ewan Porter 1982–
Argentina Martin Pose 1911–1997
United States Johnny Pott 1935–
United States Ted Potter, Jr. 1983–
England Ian Poulter 1976–
United States Jimmy Powell 1935–
Australia Kieran Pratt 1988–
Thailand Prayad Marksaeng * 1966–
Australia Alistair Presnell 1979–
Australia Aron Price 1982–
Zimbabwe Nick Price HoF 1957–
Wales Phillip Price 1966–
United States Rick Price 1968–
Australia Terry Price 1960–
United States Dicky Pride 1969–
Thailand Prom Meesawat * 1984–
United States Alex Prugh 1984–
United States Dillard Pruitt 1961–
United States Ted Purdy 1973–
United States Tom Purtzer 1951–
United States Andrew Putnam 1989–
United States Michael Putnam 1983–
England Iain Pyman 1973–

*Thai, so sorted by first name.


Philippines Angelo Que 1978–
France Julien Quesne 1980–
United States Smiley Quick 1909–1979
United States Brett Quigley 1969–
United States Dana Quigley 1947–
United States Fran Quinn 1965–
United States Jeff Quinney 1978–
Spain Álvaro Quirós 1983–
Spain Juan Quirós 1956–


United States Sammy Rachels 1950–
Northern Ireland Ronan Rafferty 1964–
United States Dave Ragan 1935–
India Himmat Rai 1987–
England Glenn Ralph 1956–
Scotland Eric Ramsay 1979–
Scotland Richie Ramsay 1983–
India Jyoti Randhawa 1972–
United States Sam Randolph 1964–
United States Henry Ransom 1911–1987
Australia Noel Ratcliffe 1945–
United States Charles Raulerson 1964–
England Horace Rawlins 1874–1940
Jersey Ted Ray 1877–1943
Italy Michele Reale 1971–
United States Chez Reavie 1981–
United States Patrick Reed 1990–
Wales Dai Rees 1913–1983
United States Don Reese 1953–
United States Dean Refram 1936–1991
Mexico Victor Regalado 1948–
United States Mike Reid 1954–
United States Steve Reid 1936–
England United States Wilfrid Reid 1884–1973
United States Kyle Reifers 1983–
France Jean-François Remésy 1964–
Netherlands Taco Remkes 1984–
United States Jack Renner 1956–
United States Jim Renner 1983–
United States Johnny Revolta 1911–1991
United States Rick Rhoden 1953–
England Jim Rhodes 1946–
United States Ted Rhodes 1913–1969
England Matthew Richardson 1984–
England Steven Richardson 1966–
United States Tag Ridings 1974–
United States Fred Ridley 1952–
United States Skee Riegel 1914–2009
United States John Riegger 1963–
United States Chris Riley 1973–
Australia Wayne Riley 1962–
United States Larry Rinker 1957–
United States Lee Rinker 1960–
France Victor Riu 1985–
Spain José Rivero 1955–
Malaysia Airil Rizman 1978–
United States Clifford Roberts HoF 1894–1977
United States Loren Roberts 1955–
Scotland Allan Robertson HoF 1815–1859
United Kingdom David Robertson 1869–1937
Scotland Dean Robertson 1970–
England Jeremy Robinson 1966–
England Simon Robinson 1981–
Italy Costantino Rocca 1956–
Brazil Alexandre Rocha 1977–
England Robert Rock 1977–
England Chris Rodgers 1976–
United States Phil Rodgers 1938–
Spain Carlos Rodiles 1975–
Puerto Rico Chi-Chi Rodríguez HoF 1935–
Argentina Miguel Rodríguez 1973–
England Mark Roe 1963–
South Africa Ashley Roestoff 1963–
United States Bill Rogers 1951–
Argentina Gustavo Rojas 1967–
United States John Rollins 1975–
Argentina Andrés Romero 1981–
Argentina Eduardo Romero 1954–
South Africa Jake Roos 1980–
United States Bob Rosburg 1926–2009
United States Clarence Rose 1957–
England Justin Rose 1980–
Scotland Alec Ross 1875–1930
Scotland United States Donald Ross HoF 1872–1948
Canada Doug Roxburgh 1951–
United States Hugh Royer III 1964–
United States Hugh Royer, Jr. 1936–
United States Mason Rudolph 1934–2011
Argentina Leopoldo Ruiz 1925–
Paraguay Marco Ruiz 1974–
United States Jack Rule, Jr. 1938–
Australia Brett Rumford 1977–
United States Dave Rummells 1958–
United States Steve Runge 1968–
United States Paul Runyan HoF 1908–2002
England David A. Russell 1957–
England David J Russell 1954–
Scotland Raymond Russell 1972–
France Charles-Édouard Russo 1980–
England James Ruth 1985–
Canada Jim Rutledge 1959–
England George Ryall 1958–
Australia Mick Ryan 1897–1965
United States Charlie Rymer 1967–
South Korea Ryu Hyun-woo 1981–


Argentina Armando Saavedra 1954–
South Africa Rory Sabbatini 1976–
Scotland Sandy Saddler c.1936–
Scotland Elliot Saltman 1982–
Scotland Lloyd Saltman 1985–
Spain Álvaro Salto 1974–
United States Bryan Saltus 1971–
Sweden Jarmo Sandelin 1967–
United States Doug Sanders 1933–
United States Charles Sands 1865–1945
Portugal Ricardo Santos 1982–
United States Cesar Sanudo 1943–2011
United States Gene Sarazen HoF 1902–1999
England George Sargent 1882–1962
Japan Hisayuki Sasaki 1964–2013
Japan Nobuhito Sato 1970–
Japan Shoichi Sato 1947–
United States Gene Sauers 1962–
United States Sam Saunders 1987–
United States Daniel Sawyer 1884–1937
Netherlands Reinier Saxton 1988–
Scotland Ben Sayers 1856–1924
Italy Massimo Scarpa 1970–
United States Monte Scheinblum 1967–
United States Tom Scherrer 1970–
United States John Schlee 1939–2000
Scotland Ken Schofield HoF 1946–
United States Dave Schreyer 1966–
United States John Schroeder 1945–
United States Mike Schuchart 1962–
United States Jason Schultz 1973–
United States Ted Schulz 1959–
South Africa Charl Schwartzel 1984–
England Zane Scotland 1982–
Australia Adam Scott 1980–
Australia Craig Scott 1983–
England Michael Scott 1878–1959
Canada Richard Scott 1983–
United States Donald Sechrest 1933–2006
Sweden Ove Sellberg 1959–
Australia John Senden 1971–
Australia Peter Senior 1959–
United States Felix Serafin 1905–1966
Japan Nobuo Serizawa 1959–
India P. G. Sethi 19??–c.1981
South Africa Sewsunker Sewgolum 1930–1978
Scotland Ronnie Shade 1938–1986
Australia Bill Shankland 1907–1998
New Zealand Andrew Shaw ????–
Australia Bob Shaw 1944–
United States Tom Shaw 1938–
Australia Bob Shearer 1948–
United States Patrick Sheehan 1969–
Australia Paul Sheehan 1977–
England Andrew Sherborne 1961–
Scotland Gordon Sherry 1974–
Japan Hideto Shigenobu 1954–
Japan Kosaku Shimada 1944–
Japan Masashi Shimada 1971–
Japan Norio Shinozaki 1969–
United States John Shippen 1879–1968
Japan Ikuo Shirahama 1958–
Japan Hidezumi Shirakata 1966–
United States Wes Short, Jr. 1963–
United States Denny Shute HoF 1904–1974
Bangladesh Mohammad Siddikur 1984–
United States Dick Siderowf 1937–
United States Tom Sieckmann 1955–
Germany Marcel Siem 1980–
United States Charlie Sifford HoF 1922–
United States Jay Sigel 1943–
United States Dan Sikes 1929–1987
United States R. H. Sikes 1940–
United States Tony Sills 1955–
Portugal Daniel Silva 1966–
United States Larry Silveira 1965–
Australia Michael Sim 1984–
United States Jim Simons 1950–2005
Scotland Jack Simpson 1858–1895
United States Scott Simpson 1955–
United States Tim Simpson 1956–
United States Webb Simpson 1985–
United States Joey Sindelar 1958–
India Digvijay Singh 1972–
India Jeev Milkha Singh 1971–
India Sujjan Singh 1980–
Fiji Vijay Singh HoF 1963–
Sweden Joel Sjöholm 1985–
Sweden Patrik Sjöland 1971–
Republic of Ireland Paddy Skerritt 1926–2001
United States Sonny Skinner 1960–
England Lee Slattery 1978–
United States Heath Slocum 1974–
Netherlands Tim Sluiter 1989–
United States Jeff Sluman 1957–
New Zealand David Smail 1970–
United States Mike Small 1966–
United States Ricky Smallridge c.1958–
Scotland Alex Smith 1872–1930
United States Byron Smith 1981–
Australia Cameron Smith 1993–
United States Chris Smith 1969–
United States Horton Smith HoF 1908–1963
United States Jerry Smith 1964–
Scotland United States Macdonald Smith 1892–1949
United States Nate Smith 1983–
United States Taylor Smith 1967–2007
United States Warren Smith 1915–
Scotland Willie Smith 18??–1916
Republic of Ireland Des Smyth 1953–
United States J. C. Snead 1940–
United States Sam Snead HoF 1912–2002
United States Brandt Snedeker 1980–
United States Ed Sneed 1944–
France Anthony Snobeck 1983–
United States Joey Snyder III 1973–
United States Karsten Solheim HoF 1911–2000
Australia Vaughan Somers 1951–
Canada Ross Somerville 1903–1991
Japan Yasuo Sone 1950–
Japan Shunsuke Sonoda 1989–
Spain Ramón Sota 1938–2012
Argentina Jorge Soto 1945–2011
United States Frank Souchak 1915–2006
United States Mike Souchak 1927–2008
Argentina Adan Sowa 1954–
United States Bob Sowards 1968–
South Africa Theunis Spangenberg 1983–
Australia Craig Spence 1974–
England Jamie Spence 1963–
United States Jordan Spieth 1993–
United States Bill Spiller 1913–1988
Canada Rod Spittle 1955–
United States Mike Sposa 1969–
United States Steve Spray 1940–
United States Mike Springer 1965–
United States Craig Stadler 1953–
United States Kevin Stadler 1980–
France Gary Stal 1992–
United States Scott Stallings 1985–
United States Mike Standly 1964–
United States Paul Stankowski 1969–
Australia Ian Stanley 1948–
United States Kyle Stanley 1987–
United States Joe Stansberry 1956–
United States Chris Starkjohann 1956–
Malaysia Iain Steel 1971–
United States Brendan Steele 1983–
United States Shawn Stefani 1981–
Sweden Henrik Stenson 1976–
United States Scott Sterling 1972–
South Africa Richard Sterne 1981–
United States Earl Stewart 1921–1990
United States Payne Stewart HoF 1957–1999
Australia Tim Stewart 1965–
United States Stuart Stickney 1877–1932
Australia Matt Stieger 1991–
United States Darron Stiles 1973–
United States Ken Still 1935–
United States Dave Stockton 1941–
United States Dave Stockton, Jr. 1968–
Australia Andre Stolz 1970–
Denmark Knud Storgaard 1972–
England Graeme Storm 1978–
United States Frank Strafaci 1916–1988
United States Frank Stranahan 1922–2013
United States Curtis Strange HoF 1955–
Australia Scott Strange 1977–
Scotland Andrew Strath 1836–1868
United States Robert Streb 1987–
United States Ron Streck 1954–
United States Kevin Streelman 1978–
United States Steve Stricker 1967–
United States Will Strickler 1986–
United States Chris Stroud 1982–
Germany Sven Strüver 1967–
United States Brian Stuard 1982–
Japan Noboru Sugai 1949–
Japan Teruo Sugihara 1937–
Japan Toshikazu Sugihara 1964–
Japan Hideyo Sugimoto 1938–
South Korea Suk Jong-yul * 1968–
Wales Kyron Sullivan 1976–
United States Mike Sullivan 1955–
United States Bruce Summerhays 1944–
United States Daniel Summerhays 1983–
Spain Carl Suneson 1967–
England Steve Surry 1982–
United States David Sutherland 1966–
United States Kevin Sutherland 1964–
United States Brad Sutterfield 1969–
United States Hal Sutton 1958–
Japan Koichi Suzuki 1956–
Japan Norio Suzuki 1951–
Japan Toru Suzuki 1966–
United States Andrew Svoboda 1979–
United States Hudson Swafford 1987–
South Africa Chris Swanepoel 1984–
United States Jess Sweetser 1902–1989
Canada Warren Sye 1956–


Italy Alessandro Tadini 1973–
Scotland Frederick Guthrie Tait 1870–1900
Japan Soushi Tajima 1976–
Japan Katsunari Takahashi 1950–
Japan Mamoru Takahashi 1956–
Japan Tatsuhiko Takahashi 1956–
Japan Kazuhiro Takami 1959–
Japan Namio Takasu 1943–
Japan Tadahiro Takayama 1978–
United States Roger Tambellini 1975–
Australia Andrew Tampion 1984–
Japan Hidemichi Tanaka 1971–
Japan Takuya Taniguchi 1956–
Japan Toru Taniguchi 1968–
Japan Hideto Tanihara 1978–
New Zealand Phil Tataurangi 1971–
United States Sandy Tatum 1920–
England John Henry Taylor HoF 1871–1963
Canada Nick Taylor 1988–
United States Vaughn Taylor 1976–
United States Josh Teater 1979–
France Louis Tellier 1886–1921
United States Lance Ten Broeck 1956–
United States Peter Teravainen 1956–
South Africa Des Terblanche 1965–
United States Ralph Terry 1936–
Japan Taichi Teshima 1968–
United States Doug Tewell 1949–
Thailand Thammanoon Srirot * 1969–
Thailand Thanyakon Khrongpha * 1990–
United States Roland Thatcher 1977–
Thailand Thaworn Wiratchant * 1966–
United States Tim Thelen 1961–
Wales Dave Thomas 1934–2013
United States Dicky Thompson 1957–
United States Kyle Thompson 1979–
United States Leonard Thompson 1947–
United States Michael Thompson 1985–
United States Nicholas Thompson 1982–
United States Rocky Thompson 1939–
Canada Stanley Thompson 1894–1953
Scotland United States Jimmy Thomson 1908–1985
Australia Peter Thomson HoF 1929–
Thailand Thongchai Jaidee * 1969–
Republic of Ireland Simon Thornton 1977–
Norway Marius Thorp 1988–
United States Jim Thorpe 1949–
United States Chris Tidland 1972–
England Steven Tiley 1982–
Denmark Steen Tinning 1962–
United States Brendon Todd 1985–
United States Harry Todd 1916–1966
Canada Rick Todd 1962–
Mexico Esteban Toledo 1962–
United States Tommy Tolles 1966–
United States Peter Tomasulo 1981–
Japan Masaya Tomida 1977–
Japan Katsuyoshi Tomori 1954–
United States David Toms 1967–
Scotland Sam Torrance 1953–
United States Felice Torza 1920–1983
United States Bob Toski 1926–
Belgium Philippe Toussaint 1949–
England Peter Townsend 1946–
United States D. J. Trahan 1980–
Austria Manuel Trappel 1989–
United States Jerome Travers HoF 1887–1951
Australia United States Walter Travis HoF 1862–1927
United States Lee Trevino HoF 1939–
United States Cameron Tringale 1987–
United States Kirk Triplett 1962–
United States Ted Tryba 1967–
United States Ty Tryon 1984–
Taiwan Tsai Chi-huang 1968–
South Africa Vincent Tshabalala 1942–
Japan Yoshinobu Tsukada 1969–
United States Richard Tufts HoF 1896–1980
Philippines Celestino Tugot 1910–2010
Chile Mark Tullo 1978–
Sweden Sven Tumba 1931–2011
England Miles Tunnicliff 1968–
New Zealand Greg Turner 1963–
United States Jerod Turner 1975–
United States Jim Turnesa 1912–1971
United States Joe Turnesa 1901–1991
United States Marc Turnesa 1978–
United States Mike Turnesa 1907–2000
United States Willie Turnesa 1914–2001
United States Bob Tway 1959–
United States Kevin Tway 1988–
United States Greg Twiggs 1960–
United States Howard Twitty 1949–

*Thai, so sorted by first name.


Japan Shigeru Uchida 1937–
Thailand Udorn Duangdecha 1970–
Japan Yui Ueda 1974–
Japan Koichi Uehara 1947–
Japan Tadami Ueno 1948–
United States Peter Uihlein 1989–
United States Wally Ulrich 1921–1995
Japan Takemitsu Uranishi 1940–
United States Omar Uresti 1968–
United States Sam Urzetta 1926–2011
United States Stan Utley 1962–


Argentina Daniel Vancsik 1977–
South Africa Ulrich van den Berg 1975–
Netherlands Guido van der Valk 1980–
South Africa Dawie van der Walt 1983–
South Africa Tjaart van der Walt 1974–
France Jean van de Velde 1966–
Colombia David Vanegas 1986–
Belgium Nicolas Vanhootegem 1972–
United States Bo Van Pelt 1975–
South Africa Nico van Rensburg 1966–
South Africa Steve van Vuuren 1959–
South Africa Jaco van Zyl 1979–
Jersey Harry Vardon HoF 1870–1937
South Africa Bradford Vaughan 1975–
United States Bruce Vaughan 1956–
Wales David Vaughan 1948–
United States Vance Veazey 1965–
Venezuela Jhonattan Vegas 1984–
Spain Álvaro Velasco 1981–
United States Ken Venturi HoF 1931–2013
United States Steve Veriato 1946–
United States Scott Verplank 1964–
South Africa Bobby Verwey 1941–
Denmark Mads Vibe-Hastrup 1978–
Colombia Camilo Villegas 1982–
Colombia Manuel Villegas 1984–
United States Ellsworth Vines 1911–1994
United States George Von Elm 1901–1961
Thailand Arnond Vongvanij 1988–
Australia Norman Von Nida 1914–2007
United States Ernie Vossler 1928–2013
United States Brian Vranesh 1977–


United States Bobby Wadkins 1951–
United States Lanny Wadkins HoF 1949–
United States Fred Wadsworth 1962–
Argentina Alan Wagner 1989–
United States Johnson Wagner 1980–
New Zealand Grant Waite 1964–
England Brian Waites 1940–
England Simon Wakefield 1974–
Japan Susumu Wakita 1947–
United States Rocky Walcher 1961–
United States Duffy Waldorf 1962–
England United States Cyril Walker 1892–1948
United States Jimmy Walker 1979–
England Sam Walker 1978–
England Anthony Wall 1975–
United States Art Wall, Jr. 1923–2001
United States Frank Walsh 1902–
Australia Euan Walters 1970–
South Africa Justin Walters 1980–
Republic of Ireland Philip Walton 1962–
United States Bobby Walzel 1949–
United States Fred Wampler 1923–1985
Taiwan Wang Ter-chang * 1962–
United States Bud Ward 1913–1968
England Charlie Ward 1911–2001
United States Harvie Ward 1925–2004
United States Tom Wargo 1942–
England Paul Waring 1985–
United States Charles Warren 1975–
Australia Craig Warren 1964–
Scotland Marc Warren 1981–
Japan Tsukasa Watanabe 1957–
United States Aaron Watkins 1982–
United States Nick Watney 1981–
France Romain Wattel 1991–
United States Al Watrous 1899–1983
United States Bubba Watson 1978–
Zimbabwe Denis Watson 1955–
United States Tom Watson HoF 1949–
United States Brian Watts 1966–
England Paul Way 1962–
United States Bert Weaver 1932–
United States DeWitt Weaver 1939–
United States Drew Weaver 1987–
United States Michael Weaver 1991–
United States Gary Webb 1961–
Australia Kane Webber 1980–
England Steve Webster 1975–
United States Boo Weekley 1973–
England Harry Weetman 1920–1972
United States D. A. Weibring 1953–
United States Matt Weibring 1979–
Canada Mike Weir 1970–
United States Tom Weiskopf 1942–
England Paul Wesselingh 1961–
South Africa Roger Wessels 1961–
Sweden Leif Westerberg 1974–
United States Jack Westland 1904–1982
South Africa Wayne Westner 1961–
England Lee Westwood 1973–
England Roger Wethered 1899–1983
United States Brett Wetterich 1973–
United States Ward Wettlaufer 1935–
United States Steve Wheatcroft 1978–
England David Whelan 1961–
Scotland H. J. Whigham 1869–1954
England Charles Whitcombe 1895–1981
England Ernest Whitcombe 1890–1971
England Reg Whitcombe 1898–1957
United States Buck White 1911–
United States Edward White 1913–1999
Scotland Jack White 1873–1949
Scotland Peter Whiteford 1980–
England Tom Whitehouse 1980–
South Africa Clinton Whitelaw 1970–
United States Don Whitt c.1930–
United States Ron Whittaker 1971–
United States Jesse Whittenton 1934–2012
Australia Ivo Whitton 1893–1967
South Korea Charlie Wi 1972–
United States Mark Wiebe 1957–
United States Jim Wiechers 1944–
Austria Martin Wiegele 1978–
Austria Bernd Wiesberger 1985–
United States Terry Wilcox c.1940–
United States Will Wilcox 1986–
United States Vic Wilk 1960–
New Zealand Tim Wilkinson 1978–
England Danny Willett 1987–
England South Africa Chris Williams 1959–
United States Henry Williams, Jr. 1917–2002
United States Lee Williams 1981–
United States Jay Williamson 1967–
United States Tyler Williamson 1972–
United States Oscar F. Willing 1889–1962
United States Garrett Willis 1973–
United States Chris Wilson 1984–
United States Dean Wilson 1969–
United States John Wilson 1959–
United States Mark Wilson 1974–
England Oliver Wilson 1980–
United States Herbert Warren Wind HoF 1916–2005
United States Bo Wininger 1922–1967
United States Casey Wittenberg 1984–
England Gary Wolstenholme 1960–
England Guy Wolstenholme 1931–1984
England Chris Wood 1987–
United States Craig Wood HoF 1902–1968
United States Dan Wood 1946–
Scotland Norman Wood 1947–
United States Warren Wood 1887–1926
United States Willie Wood 1960–
United States Gary Woodland 1984–
Australia Jeff Woodland 1957–
United States Tiger Woods 1975–
Wales Ian Woosnam 1958–
United States Lew Worsham 1917–1990
United States Robert Wrenn 1959–
United States Jimmy Wright 1939–
China Wu Ashun 1985–
United States Mark Wurtz 1964–
United States Bob Wynn 1940–2005
United States Dudley Wysong 1939–1998

*Wang is his family name.




Japan Akira Yabe 1946–
Japan Kenichi Yamada 1947–
Japan Yoshitaka Yamamoto 1951–
United States Bert Yancey 1938–1994
South Korea Yang Yong-eun * 1972–
Japan Azuma Yano 1977–
Japan Haruo Yasuda 1943–
Scotland Simon Yates 1970–
Taiwan Chang-Ting Yeh 1968–
Taiwan Yeh Wei-tze 1973–
Canada Ryan Yip 1984–
Japan Kaname Yokoo 1972–
Japan Yoshikazu Yokoshima 1952–
Japan Shinichi Yokota 1972–
Japan Akihito Yokoyama 1961–
Japan Tsuyoshi Yoneyama 1965–
Japan Kimpachi Yoshimura 1952–
United States Kim Young 1955–
Japan Nobumitsu Yuhara 1957–

*Yang is his family name.


United States Bruce Zabriski 1957–
United States George Zahringer 1953–
Paraguay Fabrizio Zanotti 1983–
Argentina Julio Zapata 1976–
United States Kermit Zarley 1941–
Burma Zaw Moe 1967–
United States Walt Zembriski 1935–
China Zhang Lian-wei * 1965–
United States Larry Ziegler 1939–
United States Michael Zinni 1948–2014
Australia Matthew Zions 1978–
United States Fuzzy Zoeller 1951–
Canada Richard Zokol 1958–
United States Karl Zoller 1963–
United States Zoran Zorkic 1966–

*Zhang is his family name.