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PGA Humana Challenge 2015 – DraftKings Strategy – Daily Fantasy Golf – UPDATE 2!

PGA Humana Challenge 2015 – DraftKings Strategy – Daily Fantasy Golf

It’s Wednesday, not even noon yet, I’m hungry, I have a pile of papers stacked on my desk that need attending to, I have barf on my shirt, and my dog ‘Oscar’ died, yet all I can think about is daily fantasy golf.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the dog anyway. We never really liked each other. I resented him because all he did was eat and I’d have to take him for long walks in the freezing cold and he resented me from buying him and taking him away from his mother and siblings. I can’t say I blame him, but he didn’t have to be an asshole about it for his whole life.

Enough about Oscar, lets get back to our daily fantasy golf strategy on DraftKings for the Humana Challenge 2015.

So the one thing we should remember this week is that all golfers will get to play 3 rounds, so whereas we want all our golfers to make the cut, if they don’t this week, it won’t hurt you as much. So you can take your chances and be risky this week with some cheap players. I think its conceivable that someone can win this week with not having all their players make the cut.

I’m going to be using a core group of players this week as 50% plays and then fill in my rosters from there. My 50% plays are Zach Johnson, Tim Clark, Webb Simpson, Daniel Summerhays, Pat Perez, and Matt Jones. Then everyone fills in space. UPDATE!!! Tim Clark has withdrawn and I will update accordingly. Stay Tuned! In the absence of Clark, I’ve added some extra Todd, Na, Howell, Kelly, and Guthrie.

I’ve also reduced Molinari to !0% and Jones to 33%. I started to love Na and Todd a bit more and added them while shifting other players around but keeping same percentages. Some tickets had extra money so I was able to do so.

Here’s a list of all the golfers I will be using (clearing my throat):

Ryan Palmer – He’ll have around 33% representation on my tickets. He’s playing very well, has played well at this tournament in the past and plays well on the west coast. He’s really coming into his own right now and is very close to a big breakthrough in a Major. His game is at that level. When his putter gets on a roll, he just doesn’t miss. It’s happening more often these days.

Keegan Bradley – He has a solid history at this course and plays well on the west coast. Plays well in the same types of tournaments that Patrick Reed does and he’s the favourite to win this thing. He can bomb it and he can putt. He’s just an all around good player and not priced too high for me here. Will be on 33% of my tickets.

Chris Kirk – I’ll be taking Kirk once as a cover my ass in the $11,000 range. I like him because I think people will be off of him this week, as he didn’t come through during the Sony. He’s my little sprinkle differentiator.

Zach Johnson – He’s on 50% of my tickets. He’s just solid and has a great record at this tournament. Zach dominates the early part of the season, before the courses get really long, and he doesn’t come back to playing solid golf, like clock work, at the John Deere.

Webb Simpson – After round 1 from last week, I was kicking myself for not taking him. His price moved up this week and this week I’m going to take him. I just think he’s a discount to everyone priced above him. He has just as much and maybe even more ability than anyone in this tournament. In just under half his tournaments last year, he was top 10. He plays great on the west coast and if you look at his missed cuts last year, they were the Majors, TPC and the Barclays. Top Top Courses and Players. Book Him. 50% of my tickets.

Brandt Snedeker – He’s on 33% of my tickets. When he’s at his best he’s one of the better players on tour. he’s a real workhorse. He’s on the comeback trail and playing very well. He likes the same kind of tournaments that Zach Johnson does and he’s at a discount to the top names here. He’s had 2 top 10’s at this tournament in 6 tries. That’s good enough for me.

Charley Hoffman – Has a great record at this tournament. Plays very well on the west coast. He was a rock to make the cut for most of 2014, until he hit a little snag, but got back on the horse with a win in the fall and seems to have righted his ship. He’s on 33% of my teams.

WITHDRAWN!! Tim Clark – He’s on 50% of my teams. He played well last week but had a horrible final round, and I think he bounces back here. He has very few courses he plays well on and this is one of them. He’s got 3 top 5’s in 5 tries here. You’d be crazy not to have him in my opinion. But I’m crazy.

Brendon Todd – I have a man crush on Todd, so I’ve thrown him on one of my teams. He was 6th here last year and there’s no reason to believe that he can’t win here. He can putt like a mofo. LIKE A BOSS!

Charles Howell 3 – I threw him on 20% of my tickets because of his consistency. He really likes making his money in the early part of the year and on the west coast/Florida season. He may not be a winner, but he makes cuts and has plenty of top 10 potential.

Kevin Na – He’s on 20% of my tickets. Why? Man Crush. He’s had a mixed history here with high finishes and missed cuts, but because the cut is after day 3, I have no problem rolling him here. He’s cheaper than average and that puts him in the range of fitting in nicely on my teams when that price range is needed.

Jerry Kelly – When I ride Jerry Kelly, I ride Jerry Kelly hard. Well, Kinda. This week he’s on 20% of my tickets. He’s coming off a very strong Sony and I had him there. I’ve actually had him all over my tickets since the summer of 2014. He’s just very reliable with upside. His price is very attractive too. When I make my cash game ticket, I’d be nutso nut to have him on it at this price.

Daniel Summerhays – Oh hi there Daniel Summerhays, nice to see you once again. Yes, I am flirting with you. Why? Because you are one of my favourite non-household name cut makers on the PGA Tour and it seems like I can always count on you. The bonus is that you’re really coming into your own and making noises these days. I smell breakthrough on the horizon. You’ve finished 11th here before and have never missed the cut? Sign me up, stud muffin. On 50% of my tickets.

Francesco Molinari – Ciao Bella! Your first tournament as a full fledged PGA member was a success. Four rounds in the 60’s and 37th place. You strike the ball so super sweetly every single time. You’ll have many birdie opportunities this week and I cannot wait. UPDATE! I’ve reduced him to 10% of my tickets.

Pat Perez – He’s on 50% of my tickets. Pat Perez is a former winner, who is playing pretty good golf these days, and loves the west coast. He’s a west coast guy and I’m gonna roll with him.

Matt Jones – Am I crazy for taking Matt Jones on 50% of my tickets? Yes! I’m not going to argue with his record. 5 of 5 cuts here with 29th place or better, a 13th and an 8th. He seems to play well on the west coast tour and he’s $6100. Try and find a guy with this course history at that price. Not easy. UPDATE! I’ve reduced him to 33% of my tickets

Blayne Barber – He’s on 1 of my tickets as I believe he loves short courses and already has 2 top 10’s in his short career. He’s cheap and I’m willing to take one flier on him.

Luke Guthrie – He’s $5000 and on 33% of my tickets. He’s 2 for 2 in cuts here and plays well on the west coast in his short career. Due to the 3 round guarantee before the cut, taking him makes it easier on my stomach. He’s my longshot of the week and I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

So those are my guys this week. I doubt anything is going to change from right now until tomorrow, not even my underpants. Take that!


3 thoughts on “PGA Humana Challenge 2015 – DraftKings Strategy – Daily Fantasy Golf – UPDATE 2!”

  1. Great read! Think reed and palmer are top dogs. Forgot to ask in the other thread is are the freerolls still going on draftkings? Thanks!

      1. Thanks so much! Also thanks for the Tim Clark update! I have him a bunch…..that would if sucked!

        I have a tool idea for your new website….how about email alerts for tournament UPDATES like what happen with Tim clark. Kinda like what they do for nba,mlb ect….just a thought.

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