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PGA Farmers Insurance Open 2015 – DraftKings Tiered Picks – Daily Fantasy Golf

PGA Farmers Insurance Open 2015 – DraftKings Tiered Picks – Daily Fantasy Golf

Did everyone win money last week? I’m currently bathing in some $100 bills at the moment. Our picks last week were pretty spot on. Yes, I’m tooting my own horn. Why? Because I’m an asshole. I was on my way to winning the 75k at Draftkings until Martin Laird, whom was brilliant all week, decided to three putt and then shank one into the water on his last two holes. I ended up finishing in third. How did this happen? It’s because I got cocky. I declared victory and then the gods of fantasy threw a lighting bolt down from space and put me in my rightful place. I could blame Martin Laird, but I really have no one to blame but myself. Lesson learned…… for the 500th time. Maybe this time I’ll listen. Maybe it will be this week, but probably not.

Do you know what also might happen this week, but probably not? Tiger Woods making the cut. We are in Tigers House, at Torrey Pines, and I still don’t think he has a shot in hell. His swing is fucked and it’s getting into his head. He’s second guessing himself and it’s something he’s never had to deal with before. This is Torrey Pines and it isn’t easy. At least the South course isn’t. As always, I’m going to copy and paste some information from previous posts in here to save me some time, so if you’ve already read and are mad that I’m doing it, well, too fucking bad.


This tournament is played over 2 courses, Torrey Pines North and Torrey Pines South.

  • Torrey Pines (South) is a 7,698 par-72 layout featuring four par 5s and four par 3s.
  • Torrey Pines (North) is a 7,052 par-72 layout featuring four par 5s and four par 3s.

Of these two courses, Torrey Pines South is the only course played on Saturday and Sunday. As you can see above, it’s the much longer of the two courses, so it is a must that a player take advantage on the short North course. The statistic that matters most is GIR and proximity to hole. These courses have poa annua greens and get bumpier throughout the day. This means, no putt is safe, no matter how far you are away from the hole.  It’s not known if you can be a bad putter and still play well here, but in theory, even the best putters will be missing some short ones, so it’s possible that could be an advantage for those that are flat stick challenged.

Another stat that should be looked at is Par 5 scoring, which means, length is needed. Some of the big hitters that have done well here in the past have all taken advantage of the par 5’s. It’s not a necessity, but it does help. This brings us to the next stat, all around ranking. This is a cumulative of all parts of your game. Based on players that continuously play well at Torrey Pines, their all around ranking is Top 60 or better.

So for the purposes of this picks preview for the Farmers Insurance Open 2015, we are going to look for players that fit into the TOP 60 in all of these categories: AAR, GIR, Proximity To Hole, Par 5 Scoring, and Driving Distance. However, it is a must that they be in the top 60 for All Around Ranking.


Man, all that copying and pasting made me really tired. Can someone bring me over some cobbler and ice cream? We can be best friends. It’s a great trade. Seriously, it is.

Now back to golf and Torrey Pines and The PGA Farmers Insurance Open 2015 (SEO). I think, and yes, this is my opinion, that there will be tons of cut carnage this week. Why? When looking at past history, there’s just not a ton of names that have been consistent, and the ones that have been, might not be trustworthy at the moment. Do you trust Nick Watney? He’s missed 3 of his last 4 cuts. Do you trust Phil Mickelson? Not so much. Luke Donald? He’s a shadow of his former self.

Usually my lists are long, but this week, it’s going to be much shorter. I’m going to have many top salary golfers on here, but I may not be able to roster them because I’m not so sure about any of the guys in the sub 6000 range. I’m leaning to be conservative this week. I will have some cheap guys but I may not take them come ticket time. But I’ll put them down here anyway. I got all serious there. I need to meditate now.


Jordan Spieth – He wasn’t in contention last week, but then pulled an Adam Scott Top 10 finish by sneaking up on the last day. He doesn’t fit the criteria for what I’m looking for, but he has intangibles that very few have. He’s one of the better putters around, has shot making ability, a scrambler extraordinaire and it seems like he never strings 2 bad rounds in a row. If you pay of him here, then he must finish in the top 3 spots to pay off, in my opinion. But who am i? Answer. I’m from Toronto and I’m an introvert who likes movies. Just like you.

Jason Day – He’s one of the best in the world, but doesn’t fit all of our criteria. He’s just outside on proximity to hole, ranked 62nd and he’s nowhere close on GIR. So when he sticks it close here, he makes them as he’s one of the better putters on tour. That’s why his last 2 trips were a 2nd and 9th.

Jimmy Walker – He’s as hot as anyone right now and can win any week. He fits into all 5 of our critteria categories and he’s a top putter on top of that. In his last 4 years here, he missed the cut, finished 4th, 8th, and 29th. Decisions Decisions!


Justin Rose – He fits all 5 criteria categories like Walker, but hasn’t had the same type of history.No top 10’s in 5 tries but he hasn’t been here in 3 years. However, he’s a much different golfer now. Do I have the balls to play against him?

Hideki Matsuyama – Could have easily won last week, but didn’t get the rolls at the end. He’s becoming more consistent and that’s encouraging. He fits 4 of the 5 criteria and was 16th in his first try here, which is also a bonus. You can’t go wrong with him, or at least, if he sucked, I could handle the pain.

Rickie Fowler – If he played well last week, would he be 15,000 bucks? Are we getting him at a discount here? He missed the cut last year, but he’s also been 6th, 13th, 20th and 5th. Last week was his first tournament back from a break, I think I’m going all in on this discounted star. I think I just convinced myself.


Brandt Snedeker– Next to Tiger Woods, he has the best record on this golf course. The question is, has he found the consistent form that made him one of the better players in the world, or are you taking a giant risk by paying up for his record. He putts the shit out of these greens. I will take a sliver on him.

Graham Delaet – He fits all 5 of my criteria and in his last 2 years, he’s been 2nd and 9th. He played well last week which is encouraging but injuries on course always scare me with him. I’ll have him, but just in case, only a little because i’ll throw the tv out the window if he withdraws in round 1 after 4 holes with a back injury, or neck, or whatever is the injury of the day.

Brooks Koepka – Yes he is good. Yes he can win back to back. He fits the criteria of a guy that can win here and he gets birdies, which is always fun. Even though he can win here, the one thing that scares me is the let down week. It was his first win and there will be more and he knows it, so will he be rejoicing his week and forget to practice as much? I’m throwing that out there. It happens sometimes.


Bill Haas – He made the cut last week then stunk like a pile of poo. He has a consistent history here and he’s a guy that should be able to bounce back, unless something was wrong. I’ll look into him more and update. I doubt many will be on him this week, which is a bonus if you take him.

Gary Woodland – After the missed cut, everyone might be off the Woodland train. So this is where you can take advantage. Playing in the afternoon on Friday last week was a clusterfuck and I think you can throw out his score. He has the game to play well at Torrey Pines and finished 10th here last year. He’s also made all 5 of his cuts here. Not too many in the field can say that. Love them, when others hate them – Warren Buffet. He said something like that.

Justin Thomas – He’s just so hot right now. I’ve stayed away from him and now I’m saying take him? My brother thinks he’s this years Spieth. I’m beginning to believe. He finished 10th here last year and there’s no reason to believe that he can’t win this one. Are we buying high?

Marc Leishman – He fits 4 of my 5 criteria and has an excellent track record here. He’s been 2nd, cut, 52nd, 9th, 2nd, 26th. So why am i hesitating? Since mid August of 2014 until now, nothing about his form excites me. I won’t knock you for taking him, but this may be a guy to play against because I think he’ll be very highly owned.


Billy Horschel – I made a wager on one of the many betting sites at long odds that Billy Horschel would win the US Open this year. I think he’s that type of player. Hits it pretty long, solid greens in regulation kinda guy. He hits 4 of my 5 criteria and in his last 2 trips here, he’s been 23rd and 39th.  His missed cuts were from his first 2 seasons, so i’m tossing them. He hasn’t been lights out lately, but i like his consistency and his price has come back to earth.

Keegan Bradley – He has 3 top 25’s in 4 tries over this course. He’s a Ryder Cup player sitting right at the average price. He finished 17th last week but was never really involved after day 1. He rarely misses cuts that aren’t the Majors or the TPC, so I think you must consider him a little bit of a deal, with upside.


Brendan Steele – Last weeks darling pick that was 30% owned everywhere. I stayed away. I was indifferent to his 26th. However, I’m sure many were disappointed. Here’s a guy that hits three of my 5 criteria but is just on the outskirts of the other 2, plus he has 3 top 28’s in 4 tries here. He has pretty good form, cut making form and he’s below the average price. He has upside.

Paul Casey – Of all the guys on my criteria list that really just missed all 5 of my criteria, Paul Casey was the most interesting. He only hit 3 but was so close to all 5. 65th’s in GIR and distance. He played here a long time ago and was 22nd. He also made the cut at the US Open at Torrey Pines. He missed the cut at the Humana by a stroke but before that he was playing some decent golf. A consideration.

Pat Perez – He’s been making cuts and that’s why you would take him here. He has a long history here, with mixed results, but many of his missed cuts were earlier in his career. I might sprinkle him.


Charles Howell 3 – His shitty last day cost me the 75k at Draftkings, yet i’m still putting him on this list. I hold no grudges. He makes cuts and he does the same thing here. He has 5 top 10’s here and has never missed the cut. It’s his recent form that’s scary. He’s trending the wrong way and when he has made the cut, he’s been mediocre at best, and mostly awful after that. But at 6900, it’s tough to resist.

Seung Yul Noh – I took him last week and he made the cut, but didn’t do much else. He hit 3 of my 5 criteria and was just on the outside of the other 2. He’s made the cut 3 out of 3 times here, with a 10th and two 27th’s. His 2nd round at the Phoenix was in the afternoon and he shot a 75, but still made the cut. He took a triple bogey on a hole then bounced back. If he played the morning, he might have shot a 70. I’m hypothesizing now, and if he did, he would have finished around 15th spot. So if you look at his last 3 tournaments, one being a missed cut, the other being an 11th, he might not be in bad form. It might be half decent.

Aaron Baddeley – I can’t believe he made this list. He’s had a decent history at Torrey Pines because he can just flat out putt on these greens.  It’s the other part of his game that scare me. He showed up and played well last week, does that mean he can do it two weeks in a row? I’m struggling to find cheap players. He must be considered.  Since the fall season, his form has probably been his best in a very long long time.

Eric Compton – He’s made 2 of 3 cuts here with a 15th and 19th. It’s his putter that helps him here, however, his other categories scare me. But his history, in small sample, says if his other parts don’t suck the big one, he can play well here.


Ryo Ishikawa – 7th, missed cut and 13th. Now, do you trust him? He’s missed his first 2 cuts of the year. But again, it’s hard to find cheap guys this week, in my opinion. Do you trust him? He’s a snappy dresser.


Jhonny Vegas – Yes, I always have Johnny Vegas on my lists. He’s dirt cheap. And if I want an expensive guy, I’ll have to take a flier on a really cheap guy. Why Jhonny again? He hits it long, he scores on par 5’s and is fairly accurate off the tee for a guy his length. His proximity to the hole is terrible but tee to green, he’s pretty good. Yes, the greens are smaller here, so his GIR might not be so great, but he’s made 3 of 4 cuts here and finished 3rd once. I just want him to make the cut. That’s all I ask.

That took forever. It’s late and I  must go to bed. i’ll end this tomorrow with some deep thought that will just annoy you.

I forgot to post after I fell asleep. Geez!

I’ll be back to make updates on this post as I always change my mind

Good Luck All!

PGA Humana Challenge 2015 – Daily Fantasy Golf – Tiered Picks DraftKings – UPDATED!!

PGA Humana Challenge 2015 – Daily Fantasy Golf – Tiered Picks DraftKings

* The Updates are below and marked UPDATED!!!!!

Let us Recap last week, before we begin this week’s write up on the PGA Humana Challenge 2015 for Fantasy and Daily Fantasy Golf and everything in between, which is tons of really cool stuff.


Jimmy Walker kicked some serious tail this week. He must be on your mind every week and at this point, he should be considered one of the best in the world. The other craziness of Robert Allenby being kidnapped and robbed? I think there is more to this story that we don’t know, or at least I’m hoping. Like some crazy stuff involving cults, vampires, and prostitutes. But lets get back on track. I played in 10 tournaments and cashed 6, and I won my 50/50’s, so I had a profitable week. At one point on Saturday, one of my tickets was in 9th place and it all went downhill from there. Many of my tickets were in really good spots but my guys just didn’t score the rest of the way. So I didn’t have a high finish, but I did still have 6 cashes. The trio of Leishman, Clark and Howell, were all in good spots mid Saturday, but then nada. Since they were a focal point on all my tickets or at least 1, I needed one of them to be top 5. It looked like Clark, but then Zilch. We had a good strategy, the balls just didn’t bounce our way in the end.

Real Conversation With My Mom Today

MOM: Did you watch football yesterday?

ME: No. I watched Golf. I love Fantasy Golf. It’s Totes Amazing.

MOM: Why didn’t you watch football?

ME: You don’t understand me and you’ve never understood me, MOTHER!

End of Real Conversation With My Mom Today

Now let’s cut and paste from my previous preview to get a handle on these courses. I’m lazy!!!!

Beginning of copy and past begins here!

They play 3 different courses for this tournament in Palm Springs, California.

PGA West – Palmer Private 6,930 yard par 72 will sever as the host course and final-round competition will take place here.

PGA West – Nicklaus Private 6,951 yard par 72 will be one of three courses utilized in the first three rounds.

La Quinta Country Club 7,060 par 72 will be the third course, and will host action during the first three rounds.

As you can see these courses are all very, very, very, short. In the history of this tournament, many short and accurate hitters have won over this terrain: Pat Perez, Mark Wilson, Brian Gay, DJ Trahan, Chad Campbell, Mike Weir, Justin Leonard, and Kenny Perry.

This doesn’t mean big hitters won’t do well, of course they can play well here. They’ll have some really short irons into the greens. I’m just saying, of the many tournaments of the year, this one evens out the playing field a little for the accurate and short to mid range players.

Copy and Paste Ends Here! Plagiarizing myself is over!


Now onto the Tiered Picks For DraftKings. The reason you probably came here. Screw you guys. I’m flowing.



Patrick Reed – He’s ridiculously expensive this week and I’m mentioning him because he was the winner here last year and he won 2 weeks ago. I will not be touching him this week, but I thought I’d just do a shout out to this dickhead.

Matt Kuchar – He’s also really expensive this week. The Kuch always has to be respected. He comes to play every week. He’s had a couple high finishes at this tournament and is pretty much a guarantee to be top 25. So if that’s what you’re going for, his consistency, then have him on your team. I will not. So Tier 1 is for guys I’m not touching.


Ryan Palmer – He’s had 4 top 10 finishes here, 3 in the last 4 years. He’s missed the cut here a few times but I don’t think that matters. He’s coming into this tournament playing very well. He had a hot end of the season and he’s stayed hot this off season. When his putter is on, it’s on. I will have him somewhere.

Phil Mickelson – He’s a former winner and must be respected for that reason. Personally, I think Phil will have a big bounce back year. He’s Phil Mickelson. You kind of want to take the wait and see approach with him, but because I think many will stay away, I may take him on 1 ticket as a differentiator. Why? Cause he’s Phil Mickelson.

Chris Kirk – Last week was looking good and then boom, horrid 3rd round. He’s had 1 top 10 over this course, and I think people will have a sour taste in their mouths from last week. I’m not going to go ape shit and have him all over my tickets like last week, but I might have him once. The Tier 2 guys are expensive and I may mix and match.

Bill Haas – I love Bill Haas. He’s just a very consistent golfer. Same thing at this course too. He’s a former winner with 3 top 10’s in 10 chances. I think many people will love him this week and that may be the reason I stay away.

Keegan Bradley – I’m a Keegan Bradley fan. Man crush? Maybe. He’s had 2 top 18’s here and 1 top ten. I will use him like the others here and have a small representation. He and Patrick Reed play well on the same types of courses, so of all these guys, I will lean to him the most.

* Note: Tier 2 players are still very expensive and you’ll need to find players you like in the low end to make them fit on your teams. I’m having trouble finding low end guys I really love this week, so this level of player may need to take a backseat. Note over. Go about your day. Go on! Get!


Zach Johnson – He’s placed 3rd, 23rd, and 8th in his 3 tries here. He had an uneventful week in Hawaii and lets hope others sour on him. Take guys when others hate them. A high end horse for the course. Of all the expensive guys, he will probably be my most played player.


Ryan Moore – If you like Zach Johnson, then you must like golfers with similar games, and that brings us to Ryan Moore. If you look at his history here, he’s not consistent, however, he does have 2 top 10’s and he’s not the same golfer as he once was. He’s become very consistent over the last year and half and I think you can rely on him here. He’s going to be represented hard with me. I hope he can handle my pressure as I yell at him through my TV.

Webb Simpson – I was kicking myself last week when Webb Simpson started off with an 8 under par. He then trailed off, but when he’s on, he’s just really good. He can go low and will show up on  at least 1 ticket for me because I don’t want to feel like an ass if he’s all over this course and fucking it into submission. He’s a dirty boy. Very dirty.

Brendon Todd – He barely made the cut last week with a birdie on the 18th but then managed to have a half decent weekend. He’s 2 for 2 in cuts here and a top 10. I put him into the Zach Johnson category but this guy is a better putter. Short course only helps him and hopefully people will forget about him. He’ll be on my teams.

Charley Hoffman – He’s a former winner with 4 top 10’s in 8 tries. He’s got his game back on track and should have major representation on your teams. Yes, he’s had many missed cuts here, but I think you must forget about it and go. He likes it here, a lot.

Brandt Snedeker – OH Sneds! He falls into the Zach Johnson category for me. I love Sneds. He’s hard not to cheer for. He’s had 2 top 10’s in 6 tries here but the thing I like about him most this week is that he’s on the comeback trail and has something to prove. In his fall events, he had 2 top 10’s and he played the Franklin Templeton in December so he’s not cold. One of the best putters around. He’ll be highly represented for me.


Tim Clark – He was in prime position last week and faltered on the last 2 days. But he still had a strong showing. He’s had 3 top 5’s in 5 tries at this tournament. He’s cheaper than last week and I think a must take.


Charles Howell 3 – I’ve added Charles Howell The Third because he’s just very consistent. He makes a lot of his money during the first part of the year and plays well on all of the west coast courses, especially the California Courses. He’s at the average salary and I’ll be adding him to my teams. Sometimes he has a bad round, but this being a guaranteed 3 rounds, I have confidence that 1 of them will be low and he’ll make the cut.


Kevin Na – He’s had a very inconsistent history here, but he has had 2 top 10’s. He’s Zach Johnson Lite to me and he has a legit shot to win here. Kevin Na has a high birdie rate per round and if he can avoid some blow up holes, he’ll be around. One of the better putters on tour.

Justin Thomas – When I wrote him up in my preview, he hadn’t had a big round yet, then BANG! He’s now 7900 instead of being in the 5000 range. Do I still roster him at this price? I’m not sure yet.

Jerry Kelly – He’s had a solid history over these courses, not spectacular, but solid. He’s just playing good golf at this point of his career. He’s not long, which doesn’t matter here and the rest of his game is pretty good. He’s in a renaissance and he’s not expensive at all.

Francesco Molinari – YES! I have a man crush on Molinari. He’s one of the best ball strikers in the world and he played pretty well out of the chute last week in Hawaii. I’m taking him here because I think his irons take him through the cut and if he can get a hot putter somehow, he can contend. At the Sony, all 4 rounds were in the 60’s. I LOVE HIM!

Daniel Summerhays – He’s made all three cuts over the terrain in Palm Springs with his best being an 11th. These courses really suit his game and I think he can finish very high here. He’s just a very consistent guy. At this low 7000 buck level, he’s a guy I want to have on my team. Great odds at making the cut with some upside due to the course suiting his game. He can win here.


Pat Perez – I liked him last week and he did finish 17th. He’s sub 7000 again and he’s a former winner here. His other performances weren’t all high finishes but I’m going to block that out and remember his 14th place and his win. He’s a cut maker with some upside. He’s also a good guy and easy to cheer for, if any of you care about that stuff.

Brian Stuard – The past two tournaments that he’s had great history at, he flat out sucked. Here’s another one with strong finishes. If we don’t take him and he does well, will we feel stupid?

Cameron Tringale – I’m big time on the fence with this guy. He’s never missed the cut here but there’s something about him that I don’t fully trust yet. He made it all the way to the Tour Championship this year so I know he has game, but he’s just so frustrating. Maybe a sprinkle.

Jeff Overton – The only thing I have to say is that he’s never missed a cut here and he seems to be playing some very consistent golf.  Like Tringale, maybe a sprinkle.

David Toms – He started playing really good golf at the end of last year and he carried it into the fall season. He’s had a solid if unspectacular history at this tournament with a couple of top 10’s in 14 tries. A cut making kinda guy.

Matt Jones – He’s had 5 starts at this tournament with his highest finish being an 8th, and he’s never finished outside the top 30. If you need a cut maker that’s cheap this week, Matt Jones may be the way to go. His last 2 weeks of golf were a strong Hyundai and a made cut at the Sony, but with a poor weekend.


Luke Guthrie – He’s had an 18th and 27th at this tournament in his 2 short years as a pro. He’s a cheap flier to make the cut.

Stewart Cink – He’s a cut maker with a solid history on these courses. Sometimes he’ll surprise with some upside and in level 8 here, that’s all you can ask for.

Blayne Barber – A rookie who likes short courses. Already has 2 top 10’s in his short career. Everyone is talking about Justin Thomas and Tony Finau, even Nick Taylor’s win, but here’s a guy that can play. He was set up nicely to have a good weekend last week, but faltered. A nice young guy with upside. I sound like a pedophile. Hello Children!!!


Fabian Gomez – He’s made the cut here twice in 2 tries and he plays well on short courses. A nice sub 5000 option to make the cut for your team.

Johnattan Vegas – He’s won here before. Hard to trust but he’s won here before. Which one will you take? I’m still thinking about it.

Justin Leonard – 5 top 10’s in 15 tries, including a win over these tracks. His current form is nothing to be excited about and is what scares me the most. Do we take the chance on him?

So this brings and end to this most amazing tiered Draftkings report. I’ll be putting out some more fantasy posts in the upcoming days for your Golf Channel and Yahoo fantasy needs. There were also be a strategy post too.

Remember to always check back here for UPDATES! Sometimes I change my mind on things or I get my head out of my ass and take guys off this list. So alway make sure to come back.

Also, sign up to my newsletter. It gets you into a weekly FreeRoll and you can win $15 bucks. That means you can go to the movies by yourself and not get any food. Unless it was 1983, then you’d get large everything and be the king of the theatre while watching Trading Places.









Sony Open Hawaii 2015 – Strategy – DraftKings – UPDATE

Creating tickets for the Sony Open 2015 has been interesting so far. There are so many players that I want to take or that I don’t want to leave off my tickets at all. It’s hard to find room without making a million tickets.

So first things first. What should the strategy be? I will not be keying in on one player for every ticket, but I will be mixing and matching from my core plays from every level.

In Level one, I have Jimmy Walker, Matt Kuchar, Chris Kirk, possibly Jason Day because I think no one will take him, and Russell Henley. They will all be represented once, but Kirk and Walker might get on 2 or 3 of my tickets.

In Level two, I have Tim Clark, Charles Howell 3, and Marc Leishman. These three characters all show up on one ticket and then i have tickets with only one of them, but they are around and used often. If i make a cash game ticket, which is rare, I will use these guys. UPDATE – I’ve added a dash of Ryan Palmer to this level. His non PGA work recently is pretty good and he’s a former winner. I also added Brendon Todd to this level as I had too much exposure to Leishman on my tickets.

In Level three,  I have Kevin Na, Jerry Kelly, and Francesco Molinari. Of these 3, i’m using Kelly and Na the most, with a little sprinkle of Molinari. I think Na is just as good as some 10,000 buck players and this course is for him. Jerry Kelly misses the cut sometimes, but when he doesn’t here, he’s amazing.

In Level four, I have Chris Stroud and Kevin Streelman. I will be using them, at most twice.

In Level five, I have Brian Stuard, David Hearn, Matt Every and Pat Perez. Matt Every has the least exposure, but possibly will show up twice. I’m looking for Stuard and Hearn to be around 33% each, and Pat Perez might get up to 40-50%. I’m thinking of shaving him down to 33% just in case though.

In level six, I have Daniel Summerhays and Fabian Gomez who show up once each.

In level seven, I have JJ Henry. He represents whenever I get a big guy or guys on tickets. Call me crazy, but he’s on many tickets.

So those are all my levels of players that I’m picking from. I went for guys with cut making history, even when I went with the low end guys. Most, if not all are accurate players off the tee and not very long. I think the Leishman, Clark and Howell section will be very highly owned and I hope to differentiate myself with my level 3 and 4 players. I feel that my level 5 players could be highly owned, which leaves my level 6 and 7 guys to make the difference for me. But really, I just want my level 6 and 7 guys to make the cut at a cheap price.

So that’s my strategy this week and I think it’s going to be a crazy week if there is no wind. Birdies birdies birdies.

Good Luck To All!

Best Value Plays Under $7k – Draft Kings – NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball

Sorry it’s so late ….caught up in Breeders Cup.

Mavs Vs.Pelicans

  • Tyreke Evans $6,600  – He’s a stat filler who gets minutes. I also like Ryan Anderson at $6,100 for the same reason.
  • On the Mavs I have nothing clever.

Raps Vs. Magic

Nothing here…except having watched a lot of Raptor games, I know big men give us trouble.

  • Magic Centre Vucevic is $8,400 but should earn it. I can’t believe I just recommended this.

Heat Vs,76ers

  • Norris Cole at $4,700 will get his shots and produces enough that he will remain on the floor.
  • Tony Wroten is still cheap. He is $6,500 and will play heavy minutes on a bad team … that equals stats even if they are garbage ones.
  • Hollis Thompson is $3,900 and like him for the same reasons though not as much.

Pacers Vs. Hawks

Nothing here

Nets Vs. Pistons

  • Jarret Jack is going to play and seems to be part of a seven man rotation. Love that. Stats for $4,500.
  • Butler $4100 …he used to be good but now only needed to be ordinary and should play over 22 minutes.
  • Butler is dicey after thinking about it.

Celts Vs. Rockets

  • Jeff Green is $6,300 and against Houston in what should be a high scoring game i like him.
  • Avery Bradley is a super sleeper for the same reason as above. For $4,400 he may be worth a flier.
  • Trevor Ariza $6,200. Solid professional and consistent
  • Terrence Jones is $6,000 in a game that could get statistically stupid.

Chi Vs. Minny

  • Rose and Taj are banged up a little and its the second night of a back to back. After ahard fought battle with Lebron it means more minutes for …
  • Mike Dunleavy at $3,400….big upside
  • Aaron Brooks will also see increased minutes tonight and he is $3,600. And he can score in bunches.

Okc Vs. Denver

My play of the day …Ty Lawson and he is pictured above btw.

  • Ty Lawspn at $6,800 after a bad starts seems dangerously low.  Now he plays a depleted Okc roster.
  • Wilson Chandler against this roster can surely contribute at $4,200. Ive seen him do it.
  • Sebastian Telfair is forced to play a lot tonight (see injury report for Okc). $5,500 …tempting.
  • Depleted lineup more minutes for Perry Jones. $5,300….worthy of consideration based on circumstances.


Phoenix Vs. Utah

Nothing here except I believe Bledsoe bounces back with a big game vs a bad team. He is $7,200

Lakers  Vs. Warriors

With a blowout possible nothing is certain in this game. Nothing to say here.








Shriners Hospital Open 2014 – PGA Tour Fantasy Golf Picks – Horses For Courses

I’ve been up all night compiling a spreadsheet for your viewing pleasure. A fantasy golf picks version of the Shriners Hospital Open 2014, from Summerlin in Nevada.

The spread sheet below is a compilation of every player playing in this weeks tournament with a minimum of 3 starts over the terrain.  It’s a long spreadsheet. Enjoy. We will discuss more at the bottom of the spreadsheet. AKA, when you’re done reading it.

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Cuts Made










Brendan Steele

3 3 100% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 2 67%

Josh Teater

4 4 100% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 2 50%

Kevin Streelman

4 4 100% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 3 75%

Aaron Baddeley

4 4 100% 0 0% 0 0% 1 25% 2 50%

Jhonattan Vegas

3 3 100% 0 0% 1 33% 1 33% 1 33%

Robert Garrigus

8 8 100% 0 0% 1 13% 1 13% 4 50%

Jason Bohn

5 5 100% 0 0% 1 20% 2 40% 4 80%

Spencer Levin

4 4 100% 0 0% 2 50% 2 50% 2 50%

Carl Pettersson

5 5 100% 0 0% 2 40% 2 40% 3 60%

George McNeill

7 7 100% 1 14% 2 29% 2 29% 4 57%

Vijay Singh

5 5 100% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 2 40%

Ben Crane

10 10 100% 0 0% 1 10% 2 20% 6 60%

Chad Campbell

11 10 91% 0 0% 2 18% 2 18% 4 36%

Stewart Cink

9 8 89% 0 0% 1 11% 1 11% 6 67%

Daniel Chopra

8 7 88% 0 0% 1 13% 1 13% 3 38%

Kevin Na

8 7 88% 1 13% 1 13% 1 13% 5 63%

Ryan Moore

8 7 88% 1 13% 1 13% 3 38% 5 63%

Dean Wilson

8 7 88% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 2 25%

Kevin Stadler

7 6 86% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 1 14%

Briny Baird

7 6 86% 0 0% 0 0% 1 14% 2 29%

Will MacKenzie

7 6 86% 0 0% 0 0% 1 14% 2 29%

Davis Love III

21 18 86% 1 5% 5 24% 7 33% 12 57%

J.J. Henry

6 5 83% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 1 17%

Jason Gore

6 5 83% 0 0% 0 0% 1 17% 2 33%

Chris Stroud

5 4 80% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 3 60%

Marc Turnesa

5 4 80% 1 20% 1 20% 1 20% 1 20%

Martin Laird

5 4 80% 1 20% 2 40% 2 40% 2 40%

Nick Watney

9 7 78% 0 0% 1 11% 4 44% 4 44%

Mathew Goggin

9 7 78% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 4 44%

Mark Wilson

9 7 78% 0 0% 0 0% 1 11% 6 67%

Jonathan Byrd

9 7 78% 1 11% 1 11% 1 11% 2 22%

Nicholas Thompson

4 3 75% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0%

Cameron Tringale

4 3 75% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 1 25%

Bill Haas

4 3 75% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 3 75%

Andres Romero

4 3 75% 0 0% 0 0% 1 25% 1 25%

Scott Piercy

8 6 75% 0 0% 0 0% 2 25% 3 38%

Bo Van Pelt

8 6 75% 0 0% 1 13% 1 13% 3 38%

Bob May

8 6 75% 0 0% 1 13% 1 13% 5 63%

Stuart Appleby

11 8 73% 1 9% 2 18% 2 18% 4 36%

John Merrick

7 5 71% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0%

Jeff Overton

7 5 71% 0 0% 0 0% 1 14% 3 43%

David Toms

7 5 71% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 1 14%

Mike Weir

7 5 71% 0 0% 0 0% 2 29% 4 57%

Tim Petrovic

10 7 70% 0 0% 0 0% 2 20% 4 40%

Harrison Frazar

10 7 70% 0 0% 2 20% 2 20% 4 40%

Alex Prugh

3 2 67% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0%

Ben Curtis

3 2 67% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0%

Colt Knost

3 2 67% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 1 33%

Daniel Summerhays

3 2 67% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 1 33%

Lucas Glover

3 2 67% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 1 33%

William McGirt

3 2 67% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 1 33%

Ricky Barnes

6 4 67% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 1 17%

Webb Simpson

3 2 67% 1 33% 2 67% 2 67% 2 67%

John Senden

6 4 67% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 2 33%

Robert Allenby

9 6 67% 0 0% 0 0% 1 11% 2 22%

Charles Howell III

13 8 62% 0 0% 2 15% 4 31% 7 54%

Hunter Mahan

5 3 60% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 2 40%

Brian Davis

7 4 57% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 2 29%

Brian Gay

14 8 57% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 2 14%

Charley Hoffman

9 5 56% 0 0% 2 22% 3 33% 4 44%

David Duval

11 6 55% 0 0% 0 0% 1 9% 2 18%

Jerry Kelly

11 6 55% 0 0% 0 0% 1 9% 3 27%

Eric Axley

4 2 50% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0%

Geoff Ogilvy

6 3 50% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 1 17%

Greg Owen

6 3 50% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 1 17%

Alex Cejka

8 4 50% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 1 13%

James Driscoll

8 4 50% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 2 25%

Pat Perez

8 4 50% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 3 38%

Freddie Jacobson

4 2 50% 0 0% 0 0% 1 25% 2 50%

Ryan Palmer

8 4 50% 0 0% 0 0% 1 13% 2 25%

David Hearn

4 2 50% 0 0% 1 25% 1 25% 1 25%

Matt Kuchar

4 2 50% 0 0% 1 25% 2 50% 2 50%

Rory Sabbatini

11 5 45% 0 0% 2 18% 3 27% 3 27%

Chez Reavie

5 2 40% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0%

Jimmy Walker

5 2 40% 0 0% 0 0% 1 20% 2 40%

Brendon De Jonge

5 2 40% 0 0% 1 20% 1 20% 1 20%

Heath Slocum

5 2 40% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 1 20%

Troy Matteson

8 3 38% 1 13% 2 25% 2 25% 2 25%

Kevin Kisner

3 1 33% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0%


What a mixed bag of players. There’s every skill set imaginable up at the top of this list. Obviously, every week comes down to having a hot putter. The one thing about this course, the air is thin, so the ball travels far, even for the short guys and length off the tee isn’t a big deal. This tournament, always has extremely low scores, so we’re looking for greens in regulation type players on this list.

To me, the most interesting guy on the spreadsheet is George Mcneill. He’s not a top player, but this isn’t a top field. He’s accurate off the tee and into the greens. He’s also one of the better putters on tour. Like Na and Moore, 2 former winners of this event, he’s top 40 in strokes gained tee to green. His greens in regulation between 125-175 yards is also a top 30 rank on tour. He’ll have a lot of those shots this week.

I’ve only gone back 5 years, but every winner of this tournament, during the year they won, was in the top 40 of strokes gained tee to green. Chad Campbell who has made 10/11 cuts here, is an annual mainstay at the top of strokes gained tee to green rankings.

So for our future reports on this tournament, that will be a big stat we’ll be basing our selections from, plus form, as well as a little putting. You can’t predict what putter will get hot but hopefully we can avoid the really bad ones. Our goal is to have all our guys make the cut and starting off with strokes gained tee to green is the beginning.

So what did you see in this spreadsheet? Comment below!! We love comments. Even mean ones! We love trolls! We are trolls!

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Top 6 Players That Will Never Make a Comeback On The PGA Tour 2014 -2015

Everyone loves a comeback but not everyone has the ability to do so. Here’s our Top 6 PGA TOUR Players that will NOT be making a PGA Tour comeback for the 2014 – 2015 season, as compiled by our trustworthy field reporter extra-ordinaire, Top Weekly.

Mike Weir
The courses get longer and he gets longer in the tooth. This one hurts as I am Canadian and Mike is a legend.
Aaron Baddeley 
I feel for him. Im afraid he has stopped believing in himself. I just can’t see a turnaround. To say his form is way off is too generous.
Stewart Cink
Zero top tens last year. He makes the cut, but that’s about it. A year older and an inability to get the putter going. He can’t string together low rounds. Not a good formula for trying to beat the best in the world.
Ian Poulter
No doubt this man can putt. That’s not the problem. The problem is everything else. His year was atrocious. one top ten. Barely any top 25’s. Usually Ryder Cup is his saving grace for this chest thumper, but he looked pedestrian at best. In his current form there will be no comeback. However, we love him and will be rooting for him.
Ricky Barnes
Comebacks are usually meant for guys that actually made it, but Barnes has always been this ball of potential. My brother and I have been waiting for ever….still waiting. Defintiley rooting for him but he’s up against it.
Lee Westwood
Two years ago he moved he and his family from Britain to Florida, with hopes to improve his chances in getting his coveted major championship. This decision was made when Lee was near the top of the golfing mountain. We thought it was awesome because he had hit rock bottom and on his own built himself back up. Now he wanted more. Turns out he got worse. He has clearly gained weight at the fancy palm beach steakhouses and his form is now light years from where it was two years ago. At his age, regaining the confidence and form is out of the question against a tour full of young talent.

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Daily Fantasy Golf – Frys.com Open 2014 – Picks – UPDATED

It’s the Frys.com Open from beautiful Napa Valley, California. There’s a few bigger than normal names playing this year, which presents some interesting strategy. The Frys.com course is played at Napa in California. UPDATE It’s never been played but it’s short, tree lined, with strategic bunkers, big greens and some water. We’re going for players that are accurate off the tee first and foremost

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Jimmy Walker

The defending champion.  He’s very well rounded in all facets of his game. He’s coming off a very impressive Ryder Cup. In our opinion, he carried Rickie Fowler in a couple of their team competitions.

Matt Kuchar

He’s one of the best in the world and in a field that lacks some big names, Matt Kuchar should have an easy time finishing in the Top 10 as he finished in the Top 10 in 11/24 tournaments last year.

Brooks Koepka

He’s an American that played in Europe. He’s now on the PGA Tour and this guy likes making birdies. He finished 4th at the U.S. Open, 15th at the PGA Championship and 3rd at this event last year. We like his aggressiveness.

Billy Hurley

Not very long off the tee, but here it shouldn’t matter. He’s 7th in driving accuracy. These are the tournaments he cashes cheques in.

Scott Brown

Brown has a nice skill set. His best skill is 26th in driving accuracy. For a guy who hits it 287, that’s pretty darn good. He’s a half decent putter and he was one of my favorite guys to play late in the second half of the season. I think he can win.

Adam Hadwin

Meet Adam Hadwin, the number 1 graduate from the web.com tour and new full time PGA player. His last month on the web.com tour has been a 2nd, missed cut, 1st, both and 7th. He hits the ball 297 plus yards and finished 11th over this course in 2011. Our deep dark horse.

Graham DeLaet

One of the longest hitters on tour and a guy considered one of the best without a tour victory. He was inconsistent towards the end of the year, trading high finishes with missed cuts, but we think the few weeks rest will have done him good. He’s not the best putter, but we think he’ll have such a high Greens in Regulation, that he won’t have to be. Finished tied for 6th here in his lone try in 2010.

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Daily Fantasy Football Picks – Quest For $1000 – Day 17 A – DraftKings Picks

We’re on a nice roll and we’re going to play over a couple of sites this week. So far our Warren Buffet  Daily Fantasy Football inspired strategy is paying off and we’re going to up our dollar values this week by 2 bucks. Our win tonight brings our grand bankroll total to $24.70. Up 124%

This week we’re going to play 3 $1 50/50 tickets on DraftKings for our daily fantasy football bankroll special.

There was a lot of value this week on DraftKings and we think you should create a lineup right now by clicking HERE.

At QB this week, we felt the price on Phillip Rivers was just too low. He has a great matchup against a team that defends the run well but not the pass. That will suit the Chargers and Rivers just fine as they can’t run the ball well anyway. He’ll be throwing all day.

For our RB’s, we’ve gone with Le’Veon Bell and Rashard Jennings. Both have games against bad run defences, with Jennings being a very nice value and Bell being a consistent performer.

At WR,  we have Benjamin, Brown and Hawkins. All we want from these guys are catches and yards. Benjamin and Hawkins were just too cheap to pass up for the amount of targets they get. They can easily reach 3 points per thousand without a touchdown, Benjamin having upside beyond that. With Antonio Brown, we went with him versus the worst defence in the NFL. He’s our safest play this week.

At TE, We’re taking Jimmy Graham. His year has been disappointing so far, even last week he didn’t even get points until garbage time, but he’s got a great matchup this week and New Orleans is at home. Very high floor and upside galore. If New Orleans wants to get back on track, they must go Jimmy Graham early and often.

For our Flex, we need someone cheap and we found Chris Ivory. He’s just way too cheap. He seems to do the same thing every week and that means he’ll reach the 3 points per thousand bucks without the need of a touchdown. A guy this cheap with his opportunity has little downside.

Team Defense this week, we’re taking the Chargers. They’re cheap, and we don’t want to spend a lot of money on our defence, as always. They are playing a really bad offence in Tampa Bay, whom is just coming off a huge upset in Pittsburgh. I look for Tampa to have a big let down after that high and the Chargers to be the biggest beneficiary.

Pos Player FPPG  
QB Philip Rivers 22.0 swap out
RB Le’Veon Bell 22.0 swap out
RB Rashad Jennings 16.6 swap out
WR Kelvin Benjamin 18.7 swap out
WR Antonio Brown 27.3 swap out
WR Andrew Hawkins 15.1 swap out
TE Jimmy Graham 21.5 swap out
FLEX Chris Ivory 14.1 swap out
DST Chargers 8.0 swap out

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Daily Fantasy Baseball – Quest For $1000 – Day 13 – DraftKings – UPDATED

Last night we had another winner thanks to the stellar performance of Jake Arrieta. He carried us to a victory on his back. This brings our new total to $17.80. We started this with a lot of back and forth, wins and losses and we’re now on a nice streak.

We’re only going to play $1 tonight of our bankroll. It’s a 50/50 on DraftKings. We’ll be playing more lineups this weekend for football and I want the extra wiggle room in our bankroll just in case. Below is our lineup for tonight and I’ll update it if there are any roster changes. Good luck to all playing daily fantasy baseball. I hope you like our daily fantasy picks tonight. Pitching was expensive today so I went with some of the relative cheaper guys with some of the same potential. I found it hard to stack any team, so I just looked for lefty righty matchups today against mediocre or unproven pitching.

UPDATE – I’ve altered my lineup due to the REDS sitting all their stars. I’m taking Hendriks as a low cost with upside tonight and moving some stronger hitters into my lineup. The new roster is below the old one.

Pos Player FPPG
P F. Liriano P 17.0 swap out
P Jeff Samardzija P 17.6 swap out
C Caleb Joseph 4.9 swap out
1B Lucas Duda 7.4 swap out
2B Ben Zobrist 7.4 swap out
3B Josh Donaldson 8.5 swap out
SS A. Simmons 5.3 swap out
OF Adam Eaton 7.5 swap out
OF Jason Heyward 7.5 swap out
OF Austin Jackson 6.6 swap out



P Kyle Hendricks P 14.4 swap out
P F. Liriano P 17.0 swap out
C Yan Gomes 6.8 swap out
1B Lucas Duda 7.4 swap out
2B Neil Walker 7.7 swap out
3B Josh Donaldson 8.5 swap out
SS Jose Reyes 8.3 swap out
OF Adam Eaton 7.6 swap out
OF Jason Heyward 7.5 swap out
OF Austin Jackson 6.7 swap out

Quest For $1000 – Day 11 – DraftKings

It was a tale of 2 weekends for our questing. On one hand, our golf picks weren’t so hot. On a normal week, having 3 of the top 4 finishers would be fine, but in a field of 29 players, not so much. You had to call your 3 cheap players correctly and we did not. Besides Tringale, none of our other cheap players came to play.

On the brightside, with one night left to go, our football tickets were lights out. It’s an impossibility that we get knocked out of any our positions as we still have 1 player to go and we are sitting far ahead of our opponents in our head to heads as they are drawing dead with no one left to play, and we have the possibility of finishing 1st in our triple up as only 1 team ahead of us has a player going tonight.

It’s safe to say that with all our ticket action that our new total is $16.90.  We started the weekend with $15.50. I haven’t been playing a lot of baseball lately but I’m ready to take a shot tonight. We’re ponying up $3 tonight over 3 contests. 2x $1 50/50’s and 1 x triple up. My lineup for DraftKings daily fantasy baseball is below. I didn’t take an elite pitcher and opted for 2 solid guys so I could load up on the Rockies game. My roster will change if anyone is not in the lineup and I will post an update. I took Shoemaker because his last 2 starts only yielded 2k’s each and I think he’s due for a 6 or 7 K performance. I’m also expecting the same rebound from Mchugh, whose been a terrific pitcher this season.

P Collin McHugh P 20.1 swap out
P Matt Shoemaker P 15.8 swap out
C Brayan Pena 4.3 swap out
1B Billy Butler 6.0 swap out
2B Dee Gordon 8.5 swap out
3B Nick Castellanos 6.1 swap out
SS Hanley Ramirez 7.7 swap out
OF Charlie Blackmon 7.8 swap out
OF Corey Dickerson 7.8 swap out
OF Matt Kemp 7.7 swap out